Wu-Tang Members Salute Raekwon

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Hood Prince Joins The Global Attack For Hawaii

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Hood Prince

Ross A.K.A Hood Prince was born and raised in Makaha/Waianae, Hawaii. He later moved to Galloway/Absecon, New Jersey which gave him the opportunity to travel all over the East Coast. After experiencing the East Coast, Hood Prince then moved back home to Hawaii.

He has performed at countless clubs all over the island of Oahu, Hawaii such as Pipeline, Black Diamond (old fashion45), Hawaiian Hut and many more. To take Hood Princes career to the next level he began to perform at bigger events such as Hot Imports Nights which was held at the Blaisdell and performed half time at the MMA fights at the Aloha Towers.

Hood Prince released his first and second mixtapes titled, “FROM MY HOOD TO YOURS” hosted by DJ CAPCOM and “MOST REQUESTED” hosted by DJ KEN. Hood Prince is affiliated with DIPSET and has dropped a group mixtape titled “WELCOME TO THE ISLANDS” hosted by A-MILLION..

Hood Prince

Hood Prince brings a combination of rhyme scheme, punchlines and a smooth laid back flow. He always looked up to Hip-Hop artist Fabolous & Cassidy. It wasn’t hard for him to create a flow and sound. Prince’s main focus when it comes to writing are word plays & metaphors, creating a strong punchline to make the listeners think. Say “Aloha” to Hood Prince on The Global Attack Mixtape Series.

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Cadillac Has Shoes For Your Car And Feet

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Cadillac Logo

Cadillac, founded in 1902, six years before GM, has always used bold imagery to associate its vehicles with a sense of luxury and fashion. The attention to quality, detail, and cutting-edge technology has been the root of the Cadillac brand. For over 100 years, Cadillac has offered a blend of performance and luxury, a demonstration of status and success, exclusivity, a feeling of importance, and a fun driving experience.

Cadillac Footwear Promo

In 2008 AL&S began producing footwear and clothing for Cadillac, keeping true to the brands’ roots by blending luxury and intelligent design to create a premium line. Cadillac has led the luxury segment by offering must-have products that are professionally marketed and delivered through a premium retail channel at affordable prices, a process that AL&S has replicated over the last 2 years with the company’s footwear line.

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Jae Junya Adds Another Twist From New Orleans

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Jae Junya

Brandon Shepard also known as “Jae Junya” was born January 24, 1987 in the city of New Orleans. Growing up in the rough streets of New Orleans at the age of 13 he used his words as his outlet for frustration. He became known on the streets as a battle rapper. Jae would battle on Canal and challenge anyone who would dare to compete.

Jae Junya Promo

He would also perform for who ever would want to listen. In 2010 he was found by CEO/Founder of First Priority Management, K. Tilton. The buzz continued to grow bigger. The year 2011 is starting off with a bang. January 10th Jae’s debut single, “Coolest Dude” aired on WXTGblogtalkradio.com, and many other online radio stations.

January 12th he performed at “Club New Orleans” and ripped the stage. The performance went so well that the owner requested him back the following week. He continues to perform in venues and creating a name for himself.

First Priority Management
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First Priority Management

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Woman Sues Diddy For $900 Billion; Accuses Him Of Knocking Down World Trade Center

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A woman has filed a lawsuit against Sean “Diddy” Combs, accusing the Hip-Hop mogul of a variety of bizarre charges, including knocking down the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

RadarOnline.com posted the outrageous lawsuit, which was filed by a woman named Valerie Joyce Wilson Turks, who accuses Diddy, his longtime girlfriend Kim Porter and LAPD victim Rodney King of being responsible for the collapse of the World Trade Center.

“[Diddy] went through Kim Porter and Rodney King and knocked down the WTC and then they all came and knocked my children down,” Turks claims in the lawsuit. “Set me up to be on disability and disabled my baby. he put my baby in a wheelchair,” the lawsuit reads.

The lawsuit also accuses Diddy, who raked in $30 million dollars in 2010, of stealing the woman’s “chip” at a Casino in Mississippi.

“Plus I won a lot of money at the casino in Mississippi and Sean P. Diddy Combs has my chip to my money. I heard he gave it to Gwen Allen to hold but she can not cash it in,” Turks complained. “I want my chip please help me. It’s well worth over 100 zillions of dollars, and my hospital keys. They put me and my baby in the hospital and broke my baby 2 legs and sexual assaulted my children and crushed us.”

The woman seeks $900 billion dollars in child support and $100 billion dollars for loss of income.

A hearing date has been set for Monday, January 31st.

In related news, Diddy has been tapped to play a detective on the updated version of the classic television show “Hawaii Five-0.” Diddy plays a New York

Detective named “Reggie Williams,” who comes to Honolulu to get even with thugs who have wronged his family.

According to reports, Diddy is currently undergoing weapons training with a Navy S.E.A.L. in preparation for the role.

SAXX leans on the Global Attack Mixtape Series!!!

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SAXX AKA Vernon McPherson, who is a composer, producer, performer, and recording artist, promotes his new single release titled, “ Lean,” from his 2ND solo album,” STATE OF HIPHOP”. The song also features Jay the Baby Boy, who is a soulful R&B artist and a member of 6.2,ENT’S Team 6.2.

Both artists are Carolina natives, with Saxx hailing from Kannapolis, North Carolina while Jay hails from Concord, North Carolina. They have joined forces to compose, produce and, ultimately, release the single, which is already receiving great reviews and much positive feedback worldwide.

Produced by Saxx and engineered by C Mc Productionz, “ Lean” is an energetic, Hip Hop/R&B club banger, and is a must-have selection for all deejays and nightclubs.

The single is in the process of receiving major radio promotion, radio airplay, and media publicity in; Europe, the United States, Canada, and Asia, along with the Blackberry Storm single release.

“ Lean” is scheduled to be broadcast on over 500 radio stations worldwide, with broadcast sources to include; XM Satellite, DMX Satellite, nationally syndicated US commercial radio programs, mix shows, hundreds of college and community radio stations, also through 1,500 club deejays and over 1,500 Internet radio stations.





SAXX and Jay the Baby Boy

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R. Kelly Set To Remake His Classic Album “12 Play”

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R. Kelly

R. Kelly

R. Kelly took a more soulful approach on his latest album Love Letter, but Kellz is ready make you “Bump N’ Grind” again with his next project. The Pied Piper of R&B is readying another sequel to his classic 12 Play.
Kellz’ 11th studio album was originally called Zodiac, but he has scrapped the title in favor of one that pays homage to his 1993 debut.
“I’ve changed the name to The Return of 12 Play: Night of the Living Dead,” he tells Interview magazine. “I think it’ll be an R&B-like thriller album, if you will.”
He had been recording the LP prior to releasing Love Letter.
“I was working on the Zodiac album, which was all, like, the bump ‘n’ grinds—I couldn’t work on it because I was so overwhelmed and overpowered and pretty much musically abducted by [the Sam Cooke days],” he explains. “So I switched and started working on Love Letter, and the next thing you know, ‘When a Woman Loves’ came out and I was like, ‘What?’ I was like, ‘Wow!’”
Love Letter debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard Charts.

Lil Wayne Announces ‘I Am Music II’ Tour Dates

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Lil Wayne Announces 'I Am Music II' Tour Dates

Lil Wayne Announces 'I Am Music II' Tour Dates

Lil Wayne after spending nearly three months in prison has announced his spring tour slated to be titled the “I AM Music II” tour.   It consists of a 24 day blaze across America starting March 18th (in Buffalo, N.Y.) and ending on May 1st in East Rutherford, N.J.

Joining Lil Wayne will have guest appearances by music artists Young Money protege Nicki Minaj, Miami rapper Rick Ross, and blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

Needless to say fans are excited about this upcoming tour, with all of its hype and special appearances its no doubt going to be another great show.

Lil Wayne’s I Am Music II tour dates:

Mar. 18: Buffalo, N.Y. (HSBC Arena)
Mar. 19: Columbus, Ohio (Nationwide Arena)
Mar. 20: Baltimore, Md. (First Mariner Arena)
Mar. 23: Hampton, Va. (Hampton Coliseum)
Mar. 24: Cleveland, Ohio (Quicken Loans Arena)
Mar. 26: Philadelphia, Pa. (Wells Fargo Center )
Mar. 27: Long Island, N.Y. (Nassau Coliseum)
Mar. 30: University Park, Pa. (Bryce Jordan Center)
Apr. 1: Chicago, Ill. (United Center )
Apr. 2: Detroit, Mich. (The Palace of Auburn Hills)
Apr. 3: Washington, D.C. (Verizon Center)
Apr. 6: Miami, Fla. (Bank Atlantic Center)
Apr. 8: Greensboro, N.C. (Greensboro Coliseum)
Apr. 9: Atlanta, Ga. (Philips Arena)
Apr. 10: St. Louis, Mo. (Scottrade Center)
Apr. 14: New Orleans, La. (New Orleans Arena)
Apr. 15: Dallas, Texas (American Airlines Arena)
Apr. 16: Houston, Texas (Toyota Center)
Apr. 19: Phoenix, Ariz. (US Airways Arena)
Apr. 23: Anaheim, Calif. (Honda Center)
Apr. 24: Oakland, Calif. (Oracle Arena )
Apr. 26: Sacramento, Calif. (ARCO Arena)
Apr. 28: Edmonton, Canada (Rexall Place)
Apr. 29: Vancouver, Canada (Rogers Arena)
May 1: East Rutherford, N.J. (Bamboozle Festival)

Juelz Santana Stuido Raided, Juelz In Hot Water

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Juelz Santana’s new year isn’t kicking off on a positive note, as news spread earlier today that the Dipset rhymer’s New Jersey studio was raided by police on Thursday (Jan. 20).

Officers entered the premises, dubbed “Santana’s World,” to find guns and drugs present. Two fully loaded 9mm handguns, several boxes of ammunition and marijuana were among the items confiscated. While the surprise visit turned up the illegal guns, Bergen County police were there to arrest Toby M. Raynor, also known as Hynief, an affiliate of the rapper’s Skull Gang set.

The 24-year-old was reportedly taken into custody after selling marijuana to undercover Gang Unit detectives. During a 10-month investigation, Raynor, 24, dealt the drugs on June 16 and July 1, 2010. Raynor is currently being held in the Bergen County Jail on $50,000 bail.

On the day of the raid, Santana was scheduled to make an appearance on MTV’s ‘RapFix Live,’ alongside Dipset members Cam’ron, Jim Jones and Freekey Zeeky. The ‘Back To The Crib’ creator was noticeably absent from the show and when host Sway questioned Cam’ron as to his whereabouts, Cam revealed Santana was suffering from an “allergic reaction.”

No word yet on whether Juelz Santana was also arrested in the raid. (The Boombox)


Yung Gwop$ uses his pen and pad as a way to communicate his deepest thoughts.

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The bigger the better! Coming straight out of the “big easy” Yung Gwop is introducing him self to the music industry as a trendy big boy.  He enters the music arena with big dreams and a vision to become one of biggest icons in rap. Yung Gwop started his pursuit in New Orleans, Louisiana where he grew up in the Lower 9th ward and relocated to Harvey, Louisiana (West bank).

Born Darryel Harrison, in 1985, he was taught at an early age to believe in himself and anything was possible.  As a young man growing up on the streets of New Orleans in a city where crime is a way of life, Yung Gwop
found time to see life vicariously through the eyes and soul those who came before him.  When others looked into a night of urban life in the city and felt hopeless and saw no way out, he looked into the same night and saw a glimpse of light at the end of a dark tunnel. Starting out writing Poetry Yung Gwop use his pen and pad as a way to communicate his deepest thoughts.

He’s Words to Paper, Lyrics to  Rhymes and Melodies to  Songs Yung Gwop Craft developed over time. Yung Gwop’s full speed drive took off in 2003 where he was giving the opportunity to open up for Lil Wayne at club “Upper Level” in Jackson MS. While studying Business Management at Jackson State, Yung Gwop also participated in many BET collage freestyle battles where he won first place in 2004. Continuing his studies at Jackson State, he also continued winning freestyle battles like the boost mobile freestyle battle in 2005 where he was offered a deal from def jam. Giving the opportunity to sign to a major label, yung gwop refuse because he wanted to see what college had in store for him.

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