Global Attack MixTapes Vol. 2 In Stores Now

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For the first month, you get a supreme discount for supporting the Global Attack MixTape Series at the following locations:

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Some stores are a bit slower than others… no offense iTunes.  I’m sure Apple has a lot of work to do… like how to make microchips with round corners… and stuff.

Phlaymz Good Money – Artist/Producer/Engineer

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DMA Productions NYC’s Phlaymz Good Money is an upcoming Hip Hop artist and producer from Queens, NY.

He is currently working on several projects, while also scoring music for films and producing hits for other Hip Hop, R&B and Pop artists.

Phlaymz has recorded and released several songs over the past four years and is now finishing up his first full length project. When asked how he feels about gearing up for the release of his first full length project, Phlaymz replied, “All the tumblers fell into place and the right doors opened up. Things are finally coming together and I’m just ready…”

While working as an intern at Quad Recording Studios, he linked up with Sax DMA, his production partner and manager. They began as a production duo, scoring music for film projects and shopping tracks to independent artists. Sax would write songs on his guitar and Phlaymz would program the drums and synths. Sax had no idea that Phlaymz was an artist, until Phlaymz asked him to play guitar over a song he wrote called, “Get Up.” When Sax first heard Phlaymz rap, he realized then, that Phlaymz is a multi-talented individual. “I have a very critical opinion about Hip-Hop and where it has gone. Listening to Phlaymz reminds me that the true nature of unbridled Hip-Hop still exists.”

With the help of Sax, Phlaymz is currently booking shows in the NY tri-state area and working diligently to complete his freshmen release. Stay tuned for more from Phlaymz. Title and release date information have not yet been released.


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Global Attack Showcase. Aug 1st WEBSTER HALL NYC

Global Attack Showcase. Aug 1st WEBSTER HALL NYC

RedFox Da Arsonist Burned Down the Underground

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RedFox with Da Salute

RedFox with Da Salute

In the music game, some were destined to play.  RedFox Da Arsonist (a.k.a “RF”) began his life as Edward Joseph Swaby in Brownsville Brooklyn, NY, USA.  He was one of eight siblings to his West Indian parents, Prudence Walters & Edward Leonard Swaby. Growing up with a broken home, money troubles, and a harsh environment, RF learned the hard life the hard way eventually turning his talents loose as an M.C.

RedFox Da Arsonist

RedFox Da Arsonist

Hip hop was all around him in Queens where he moved to, and he felt connected through the history of the land and the family of Hip Hop superstars such as Run DMC. Even when away from his family at a group home, a guard on duty let him meet his personal friends in the game: Pee Wee Kirkland and Vinnie from Naughty By Nature. RF listened to Snoop Dogg, Wu-Tang, Master Ace, Nas, Biggie, Da Brat, Tupac, & even The Fugees to which he pulled his inspiration and began free-styling.

RF at the Graffiti Wall

RF at the Graffiti Wall

After being encouraged by a few compliments by fellow dudes at the local basketball court, RF met up with rappers Teff and Warlock to form Desert Eagles. The producer of the Crystal Lake imprint hooked them up with shows with Jadakiss and Fabulous and backstage passes and met Lil Bow Wow, Lil Romeo, & Lil Zane. In 2001, the group split up.

2004 marked a rebirth for RedFox Da Arsonist with his first solo release, “Who GOD Bless, No Man Curse” selling independently 10,000 copies. 2005 he released “The Industrial Revolution” with somewhat lesser success. In 2006, RF began an onslaught of constant shows at various clubs and venues that all led up to his 2008 album, “IR2, Corporate Conglomerate”. Things started to really pick up, and RedFox has since appeared in magazine and print, got a ringtone deal, performed at the New Jersey Music Conference, performed at Get Your Buzz Up, appeared on WebTV’s 24/7 Grind with Frankie the Boss (which is about to get picked up by Direct TV).

Red Fox Da Arsonist’ latest project is the mixtape series “Welcome To Goonsville Enemy of the State” which can be heard on Dotpiff Links: Volume 2 | Volume 3 .

South Korean Artist The Quiett Releases Follow-Up to BACK ON THE BEATS Vol.1

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The Quiett, a very well known hip-hop artist, and CEO of  llionaire Records, got his start in Korea by producing beats for some of Korea’s greatest hip-hop talent, including Tasha, Epic High and Drunken Tiger.

In 2010, The Quiet released his mixtape – BACK ON THE BEATS Mixtape Vol.1 which received critical acclaim from music lovers all across the globe.  Now the man himself is back with newly leaked tracks to his follow-up – BACK ON THE BEATS Mixtape Vol.2.


LISTEN – First Song From The Quiett’s Latest – Did It Again (feat. DOK2 & DJ Wegun)


According to Asian Hip Hop Times the track list is as follows:

01. Did It Again (feat. DOK2 & DJ Wegun)
02. ?? Quiett Stormm
03. A Master Shit (feat. ?? & DJ Wegun)
04. Welcome To The Show Remix (feat. DOK2 & Illionaire New Member)
05. ??? ??
06. ?? ? 3.5 (feat. DOK2, Paloalto & Verbal Jint)
07. Drivin’ (feat. Paloalto)
08. No More Cry (feat. B-Free, Jerry.k & junggigo)
09. Feel My Fyre
10. Grindin’
11. ???? (feat. ??)
12. Give It To ‘Em (feat. DOK2 & Illionaire New Member)
13. Friends
14. Still Shinin’ (feat. Zion.T)
15. The Inspiration Remix (feat. Crucial Star)

Check out The Quiett on Twitter!

New Artist on Global Attack Mixtapes – Madd Maxx

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"What is music without life? What is life without music?"

June 28th 1988 is when Max Jones, aka Madd Maxx was born into the heart

and birthplace of hip hop itself, The Bronx, New York. It has been said that

even as an infant he found himself nodding his head and rocking to music

before he could even speak. It was at an early age of five that Max realized

that his life without music would be incomplete. Max would always be found

listening to music from movies, television, and sure enough any radio in

sight. Moving to Fresh Meadows, Queens aka Da Maze, Max did a few talent

shows in and out of school and voluntarily performing artists songs from Run

DMC to The Notorious B.I.G. Max then realized that being in the spotlight

and rapping was something that he could do and was actually good at it.

Music was his second love, basketball being his first. After a quick move to

what seems like a whole other world to most New Yorkers, Madd Maxx moved to

New Jersey. His freshman year in high school he met Joseph Costa. Costa

showed Max the true format of a sixteen bar verse broken down into fours.

After Max’s first sixteen written to Jay-Z’s “The Bounce”, it was then that

Young Costa adopted Max into the S.C family better known as Spitten Cullahs.

Riding with S.C for shows all over NYC including two of what were hip hops

biggest clubs, Speeed and Exit and Jersey, SC was doing their thing. It was

his senior year in high school when the group broke up because of personal

issues and differences. Now Max stands alone with working with a numerous

amounts of local artist trying to get that street buzz and give people what

hip hop/rap has been missing. With beats being produced by Chedda, Max plans

to take the music industry by storm with club bangers and personal tracks to

reflect how life is outside the booth. Max lives by his own theoretic

question on music and life “what is music without life, and life without

music ?”

Check out Global Attack Mixtapes HERE

Reddfayce Attacks with Vision of Truth

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Reddfayce (red face) hailing out of Plano, Texas by way of Louisiana; born in the boot and raised in the great state of Texas. He is the M.C. that is versatile in lyrics and delivery that compliment his real life, real story-telling compositions. Reddfayce, at a young age, has been all around the United States from the East coast to the south and now in the southwest where he teamed up with his management Tru Visionz.  Together they are making major moves with an independent grind.

Reddfayce Reverb Nation

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