A-Jilla gets on board with the Global Attack Mixtapes.

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My name is Alvin Greer Jr. aka A-Jilla. I was born in Kalamazoo MI June 7, 1986. I reside on the Westside of Grand Rapids MI. I’ve been rapping and singing since the age of 12. I have done numerous shows in numerous states. I am hoping to grow a positive reputation with my music through the strength of my own mind and voice, through my own struggles and adversities. Hip-Hop is a state of mind to me. Hopefully someone can find every message that i hide in my music, if i can touch atleast one soul out of a nation i feel my goal in life is complete. So listen and Learn!
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Toki the Toksta (Zach Treviño, vocals) and Reggie Randomizer (Regis L. Roberts, beats) craft thinking-man’s hip-hop as Something Unknown.

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From a roach-infested apartment in San Antonio, Texas, Toki the Toksta (Zach Treviño, vocals) and Reggie Randomizer (Regis L. Roberts, beats) craft thinking-man’s hip-hop as Something Unknown. Sure, you could turn off your brain and get into the groove, but Something Unknown challenges the mind and demands attention. Something Unknown goes beyond underground to give listeners everything they would want in a hip-hop group and nothing they would expect. Toki blends stories of his struggle with the “criminal justice” system and commands to the listener to move their bodies, while Reggie mixes infectious loops and an overdose of bass, presenting their audience with a taste they can’t help but acquire. “Like” Something Unknown on Facebook, listen and download tracks on SoundCloud ( HYPERLINK “http://www.soundcloud.com/reggie-randomizer” www.soundcloud.com/reggie-randomizer) and follow @SomethinUnknown on Twitter.

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Demolyrics is looking to make a Global Impact!

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Demolyrics migrated with his parents to the U.S from Dominican Republic and grew up in Chicago in the Humboldt Park area. He’s a lyricist, songwriter, singer and producer with ability to do music in both Spanish and English. He has over 10 years of recording and performing experience and his music has substance. Demolyrics can write a song to any tempo, style or subject, and currently promotes his music online and have had a huge andoverwhelming response from an increasing fan base, especially on Myspace which he’s surpassed the 500,000 mark independently.Demolyrics has been compared to Artists such as Nas, Drake, Wyclef,jay Z and other big names, and says, “I don’t think I sound like anyone out there but I think that’s a good thing. I have what many lack, variety and substance”.
FACEBOOK > http://www.facebook.com/demolyrics
FACEBOOK FAN PAGE > http://tinyurl.com/3fool44
TWITTER > http://www.twitter.com/demolyrics
REVERBNATION > http://www.reverbnation.com/demolyrics
MYSPACE > http://www.myspace.com/DEMOLYRICS
YOUTUBE > http://www.youtube.com/DEMOSBIZ

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Q&A-Kyle Harrison (Professional Athlete)

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What is you life long philosophy?

Finish Strong..as an athlete, in anything you do, you want to finish stronger than you started, and it certainly applys to everyday life.

If you had to pick another career other than the one you are most known for, what would it be, and why?

I certainly would have loved to give hoops a shot. I still play basketball3-5 times a week and would love to get an opportunity to compete against some elite hoopers to see where I’d stack up athletically I enjoy writing as well (was my major) and I’ve been fortunate enough to write for ESPN on college lacrosse for the past few years, so I could certainly see myself pursuing that if I wasn’t playing.

What is your ideal Sunday afternoon?

It all depends on where I am! But, ideally, I’d wake up, and watch NBA and NFL games all day long! But, I’m usually on the road somewhere for Nike, STX, Playmaker or LXM, so my Sundays usually involve working out and being on a lacrosse field!

What are you most passionate about?

Thats a tough question man…as an lacrosse player, I’m certainly most passionate about spreading this game, and giving back to this sport as it’s done a lot for me and it’s important to recognize that. From getting me into college, to opening up a lot of doors professionally, I owe a lot to this sport, and it’s something I take very seriously. As an athlete, I’m most passionate about improving and reaching my potential as a player. I still learn things from watching film of Jay Jalbert, AJ Haugen, and tons of other guys.

Your are one of the most celebrated champions in the sport of lacrosse and recently have been able to be a big part for the expansion of Lacrosse worldwide as the fastest growing sports in the world. What so you think is the main reason for Lacrosse rapid growth of new players and new teams around the world?

I think our sport combines the best parts of all other sports, and kids/parents are starting to see that! Take the physical play of football, endurance of soccer, strategy of baksetball/hockey on offense and defense, and you’ve got a pretty exciting sport. Not to mention, we’re getting bigger time athletes playing this sport and great media coverage for college games through ESPN and Inside Lacrosse.

Recently you collaborated with Beats By Dre for your custom beats headphones, can you tell us how that came about?

Honestly, just being out here in L.A., and meeting Jay Corbin (Sports Marketing at Beats). Their offices are in Santa Monica, only about 5 minutes away from our LXM PRO offices (check out www.lxmpro.com). It’s been pretty cool to go up there, check out the offices, see some of the other custom head phones they’ve created, and just see how the entire operation is run! Being the first lacrosse athlete to have custom headphones created is certainly something I’m very proud of. They are off the chains!!! We’ve got something else in the works possibly, but I’ll hold off talking about it for now….

So what are some of the HipHop artist your going to be listing to in your new custom Beats By Dre headphones?

Biggie, Jay-Z, Kanye, Wayne and Drake!

What are some of the artist you listen to in your pre-game mix?

ALL Wayne, Biggie, and one Phil Collins song!

One thing you want people to know about you that they ordinarily would not know?

I cook a MEAN waffle! No joke!

Fabolous Discusses Musical Growth

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Rapper Fabolous explained to MTV News that his upcoming sixth studio album, Losoâ??s Way 2, that he’s focused on evolving artistically and musically. He described his maturity as an artist. “With the album, I’m looking to evolve as well. Musically, everything I do, I want to keep growing,” Fabolous shared. “I think people have seen my growth album to album. From Ghetto Fabolous to Street Dreams to Real Talk to From Nothin’ to Somethin’ to Loso’s Way, and now they will continue to see that with Loso’s Way 2.”Fab says that parenthood affected a lot of his new music. “It’s all a process for me; I’m in a different place,” said Fabolous. “My last album I was having my first son and now my son is almost four years old, so these are processes and you get to talk about those things. I will share them on the next albumâ?¦Children change a lot of stuff in your life. They change the way you look at things and do things. And I think the music will reflect that, too.”

Onesixtwo Is An American Group Ready To Make a Global Impact!

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Onesixtwo is an American group consisting of Reflect(master producer/beat maker/editor/vocals/songwriter) Chavez(keyboard/beat maker) Dizzle(vocals) & Only1(vocals). All from Mendocino County California.

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The Hot Cahmodity Checks in on Vol 7 of Global Attack Mixtape Series.

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Originated in Buffalo, NY, The Hot Cahmodity (T.H.C.) has been, and still is a prodigal son of Buffalo since his youth due to his mental prowess in the game of chess. Although T.H.C. has lived all over the United States, he has never forgotten where it all started. Equipped with the mind of a 64 square strategist, it would be in your best interest to listen up as The Hot Cahmodity navigates you through his very versatile lyrical labyrinth.

The Hot Cahmodity (T.H.C.)
“Rimmed Out” The Hot Cahmodity (T.H.C.) Featuring Kebba, & Agent 21

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T.H.C. (SCG Primogenitor) (c)

www.twitter.com/thehotcahmodity (#SOLECONTROLGANG)
Skype: HotCahmodity
FaceTime/E-mail: Hotcahmodity@gmail.com

SCG Records-215-550-1030

“Sole control, it’s NOT a gang it’s a way of life” SCG Slogan (c)

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Lil Kim and 50 Cent In the Studio

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“Magic Stick” duet partners 50 Cent and Lil Kim reunited in the studio with 50’s buddy Floyd Mayweather. Though it is unclear if 50 and Kim actually recorded anything, the Queen Bee seemed to be enthused to in the company of 50. Producer Paris Paige and Kim associate The Prince of Brooklyn were also there. “In da studio with my boys @50cent @floydmayweather @clsdash and @thaboyparis lego!!!” she tweeted. 50 Cent and Lil Kim previously appeared together on the aforementioned “Magic Stick” and on G-Unit’s 2007 track “Wanna Lick.”


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Feel the heat from “Native Sunz” a multi-talented hip hop/rap group hailing from Baltimore, Maryland. The members of this talented group are all Native Americans. These guys have a distinct sound that defines Hip Hop. They have a huge hip hop fan base but also consistently reach out to fans of other genres. Fans not only listening to their music but feeling their deep lyrical content is their goal.
Sunrize Entertainment Unlimited is run by owner/songwriter/executive producer R.E.I.G.N. aka Frank Reed (Z.Hendricks) and producer STIXX (E.Jones). THE CITY OF REED MIXTAPE VOL. III E.P. is just a taste of the talent that Baltimore has to offer featuring the vocal talents of Sunrize Ent.’s own Lipp J. Allen (J.Harris) and Cardo (R.Wilson) who explode on tracks like “HEAT” and “WHAT IT DO”. The album features the lyrical and production skills of Frank Reed who has graced the album with his unique yet awkward flow that will leave your ears yearning for more. He bring you a plethora of emotionally charged wordplay that can only be compared to the skills of industry veterans, backed by the melodic yet fury driven tracks of STIXX.The album also features CARDO a Washington D.C. native whose father is a go-go legend. He also was featured on the track THAT’S LIFE REMIX. This camp has literally crafted a Hip Hop work of art.

The group NATIVE SUNZ consists of five core members R.E.I.G.N. aka FRANK REED, STIXX, LIPP J ALLEN, CARDO, and ASTRONOMIX. The members are all blood relatives that were separated as children only to reunite later as adults to do what they love to do best which is make magic through their music. The indie production company/label to which NATIVE SUNZ belong is also a profound grafitti/graphic artist as well as producer, writer, and engineer. STIXX is the source of the Native Sunz definitive sound also a producer/engineer taught by Frank Reed and developed into a production powerhouse.

Bringing more talent and diversity to the group is LIPP J. ALLEN, an extraordinary lyricist with the “gift of gab” hence the name L.I.P.P. who has made it his own personal goal to enlighten and connect with younger generations through amazing lyrical content. CARDO a Washington Dc. native who also is a well rounded lyrical juggernaut, the son of a DC go-go legend who tailor fits his wordplay to cut to the soul yet enlighten his listeners. ASTRONOMIX pronounced (ASTRO-NAHM-MIX) is the third producer of NATIVE SUNZ whom was also an apprentice to R.E.I.G.N. Astro aka Jimmy Swaggaton Esq. first fell in love with hip hop at the age 5 with his older cousin Frank Reed spinning records, he naturally learned to blend grooves & break beats. At the age of 18 he bought his first beat machine (ROLAND MV 8000) while part of the VA based rap group “CLOSED CIRCUIT.” Astro moved out west to the Bay Area and worked with several Mid West and Bay Area talent such as “Divine” for Divine Life Ent, PharoahGamoe, JPMD, TABB DOE and YOUNG Neff. Astro headed back east to Baltimore where Astro joined NATIVE SUNZ rap group to become a in-house producer to further his career. So with an amazing compilation of artists and strong foundation you can rest assured you will be hearing a lot more about this camp in years to come.


Native Sunz Bio:


Nativesunz E.P.K.:


NATIVE SUNZ on SoundCloud:



YouTube: http://www.YouTube.com/nativesunz410




Ryan Leslie – “Good Girl” (Official Music Video)

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