Reebok Asked To Drop Rick Ross

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The public outcry over Rick Ross’ date-rape-referencing lyrics on Rocko’s song “U.O.E.N.O.” continues. A new petition is demanding that shoe and athletic wear brand Reebok end its endorsement deal with the controversial rapper.

“Reebok devotes a lot of time, energy and money to marketing to women,” points out Nita Chaudhury, co-founder of anti-sexism collective UltraViolet. The group has received 51,000 signatures from members, moms and young athletes that demand Ross be dropped.

“This should be investigated further and he should be prosecuted,” according to a statement from “If it is not true and they are just lyrics, he has still just glorified rape and this should not be ignored.”

Louie P x Cory Gunz @ Club Rebel (Video)

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Diddy Tops the Forbes List: Mogul’s Worth Estimated To Be $580 Mil

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Sean “Diddy” Combs was ranked No. 1 on Forbes Five–the list of hip-hop’s wealthiest artists. The hip hop mogul has an estimated worth of $580 million, but most of it has nothing to do with hip hop. He’s earning a huge amount of money from his deal with Diageo’s Ciroc vodka–and the brand’s value is at an all-time high.

The rest of the list looked like:

2: Jay-Z $475M
3: Dr Dre $350M
4: Birdman $150M
5: 50 Cent $125M

Artist Spotlight: DEM BOYZ

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dem boyz



Dem boys born from the obscurity of upstate New York with odds stacked against them. Honestly we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our main goal is to bring great music and insightful lyrics back to hip hop this is is poetry in motion! Members; Eric Heath -Aphorism, Stephen Harris- Doc Harris, Charles Campbell-Syr Vetti.



Artist Spotlight: Stretch Dollars (Hampton, VA)

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Stretch DOllars



Stretch Dollas is a 24 yr. old rapper/CEO of 10210mmg and the newest artist on the internationally acclaimed Global Attack Mixtape Series.  Make sure to check out Stretch Dollars music and most recent video below….


VNova – Ol God Flow/All Birds Freestyle [Official Video]

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Artist Spotlight: Dula (Brooklyn, NY)

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Dula, short for Mamadou Adula, is a 18 year old hip-hip artist from East New York, Brooklyn. Over the past 8 months he’s worked on his first official mixtape dubbed 90.94.Ninety which is a 14 track project released by boutique management/label, Blank Label Records. The concept for tape speaks on his upbringing in East New York, his lifestyle as a teenager, women, and his aspirations for success. He collaborates on the tape with team members from his hip/production group called Life Style Good. The group includes Kenny Shuffle, Markie Jay, and Ezzy. Other artists featured on the tape include long time friends Paris Taurean and Naj Mahal from the hip hop duo called Eiffel Life. Production includes producers Kenny Shuffle and Markie Jay of LSG along with AnQ and Sir Khalifa of DK Studios.


DXC *NYC Dunkxchange* on Wall Street

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Dunk Exchange.

Artist Of The Day: Radamez

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ramez 2











With the industry seemingly being driven by lyrics which glorify sex and material possessions, one might pose the argument that the true essence of hip hop is fading. Radamez is saying no and refuses to conform, while securing the relevancy of the craft, with his brand of hip hop. He realized early that he could not be everything to everyone, so he opted to stay true to himself. This philosophy definitely works in his favor, allowing each release to be in high demand, leaving his fans and critics to wonder “What’s next?”

Radamez, born Ramel Joseph Williams, continues to shock the industry, with every lyrical creation. On his latest offering “Do Whateva”, Radamez illustrates his quest of finding a wife and being the man of his house, without damaging the esteem of women. In true Radamez fashion, he demonstrates how to remain individualistic, while delivering lyrics of substance over an ‘insane’ beat. “Do Whateva” is the follow up to the critically acclaimed single “Chaos”.

Radamez prides himself on making music beyond the status quo and his efforts have not gone unnoticed. His brand of hip hop has gained him numerous accolades, including 2009 ASCAP recognition for his song “The Archeologist”. He was voted the Coast 2 Coast mixer winner in both 2011 and 2013. Radamez also has been featured in several publications, including L3 magazine and the December 2012 issue of Hype magazine. He undoubtedly declares Jay-Z and Lauryn Hill as his inspirations, which explain the level of consciousness in his music.

Though the story of his life reads like a book shared by many, it is his execution of life that distinguishes him form others. The many life lessons learned while growing up in Corona Queens, New York are expressed in his music. Radamez is not to be mistaken for one of those artists who speak on subject matter, in which they are not familiar…he lives his lyrics. His music chronicles his life from New York to Kansas, where he earned a B.S. in Psychology to Indianapolis, where he is currently a firefighter and where his musical career continues to soar.

An artist first, Radamez is also owner of Team Triumph Publishing Company. His music is very important to him and once he reaches a level of satisfaction, as an artist, he plans to venture off into other facets of the entertainment industry. Radamez is a great example of how you can stay true to yourself and still receive admiration and accolades from the masses.


“Freeway” Rick Takes Another Loss

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“Freeway” Ricky Ross suffered yet another legal setback in his ongoing battle with hip hop superstar Rick Ross. A judge rejected the former drug kingpin’s claims against Warner Bros. Records over the rapper’s use of his name and likeness.Despite the news, Freeway Ricky is planning to head to appeals court.
“California Appeals Court briefs are due in a few weeks,” Ross told The Hollywood Report. “Judge believes that even a new contract still falls under Single publication, our position is that it is republication as in Nestle v. Chistophe. We feel good about our case. This is classic republication as to all defendants there was consistently new music, management decisions and product made. The statute of limitations was never meant to be used to hide defendants actively infringing with new decisions and campaigns.”