NextLevel Squad “Zilla March” Flexing Gas Mask | YAK FILMS + B’ZWAX

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Artist Spotlight: Shamar Josiah (Baltimore, MD)

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The all American rapper Shamar Josiah also known as J-Storm was born as Wilbert Shamar Terrell Franklin Smallwood on June 21st, 1989. Shamar Josiah possesses the talent and musical passion to turn heads in the entertainment/music industry with his charisma. Shamar spent his early years in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York. His parents separated when he was just six years old. Shamar, his mother and step father moved to Baltimore, Maryland. He graduated from Randallstown High School in 2007. Shamar’s passion for rapping started at the age of 18, he was able to put all of his emotions into his writing to be able to capture his audience on and off stage. In 2010 when Shamar was 21 years old he wanted to really get on the ball with his passion for music, he recorded his first album called The Black Out which sold about 500 copies which wasn’t a lot but that didn’t stop him. He worked another year in the studio to create yet another master piece called F.A.M.E. It was released in 2012. It got about 1,000 downloads the first week it debut and totals around 2,500 now. At this current time he is back working in the studio working hard to bring out his second mix-tape called Price of Fame by summer of 2013. Shamar Josiah has worked with artists such as J-Eisy, Dark Steel, Sixx, Dontay Mcclary, Y1, C4, Japp Haynes, Ashley S, KiD Kash, Royalty, B.Swails, Red Bull and J. Swan.


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Lil Wayne Says He Is Engaged To Dhea [Video]

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We saw a preview of Lil Wayne on Vinny Guadagnino‘s “The Show With Vinny” at the start of this year, now above you can watch the official trailer for the TV show. At the 0:32 mark of the trailer, Weezy F Baby can be heard saying “my fiance is Italian” when asked if he has ever eaten Italian food before. He also said it with a smirk on his face, so I think we all know what food he is talking about lol. Wayne doesn’t mention Dhea‘s name, but I’m pretty sure it is her he is talking about because she is Italian. Tunechi also seemed really happy when Sway asked him if he could ever see himself getting married in November last year; his response was “I will be running down the aisle” Of course a lot of things could of changed from when this show was shot to now, but who knows? The full episode of Tune on “The Show With Vinny” will premiere next Thursday (May 2nd) at 10/9c on MTV.

Floor Royalty Crew | Green Convention 2013

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The Hi-Five With Ceddy J: Model Angela

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RnR Photography - Ceddy J 23










ModelAngela3Ceddy J: Let Everyone Know Where You Are From?


Model Angela: Hello Everyone, I’m Austin born and Houston raised nothing less than a Southern Girl!


Ceddy J: What Made You Get Into Modeling?


Model Angela: I have always loved fashion and being able to express myself through fashion, so growing up being tall I first got into modeling on the Runway. Being able to express how I feel and act through my clothes, makeup, and pictures is just fun. When modeling I never feel like I’m working because its my true passion.


Ceddy J: If You Pick 3 Countries In The World To Call Home What Would They Be?


Model Angela: My Top Three countries to call home would be…


France: of course they have the best fashion and also really good food and wonderful culture, not to mention a very sexy language.


Jamaica: its the land of Paradise and very fun loving people. Waking up to beautiful beaches, scenery, and a wonderful culture


Brazil: another paradise with diverse food, culture, and we can’t forget the beautiful people.


Ceddy J: How Has Building A Strong Online Presence Affected Your Career?


Model Angela: Building a strong online presence has strengthen my career being able to build relationships with my fans and supporters, because they are able to interact with me. Also allowing me to branch out and communicate with other cities and make connections in the business and building my brand beyond local


Ceddy J: What Is The Last Thing You Would Want Everyone To Remember You For?


Model Angela: I would want everyone to remember me by the remarkable essence that I have left in the modeling industry. Not only from myself as a model, but as a icon for those coming up in the business trying to establish themselves as such. Also teach the signaficance of giving back to the community and significance it has on your peers.


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Album Stream: Snoop Lion – Reincarnated

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Snoop Lion pushed the creative boundary with Reincarnated. His Reggae album is set to drop on Tuesday, but here’s the official stream of the entire 16-track set. There’s features from Drake, Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, Miley Cyrus and more. Stream the standard edition (deluxe has four extra songs) below…




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He started rapping about 20 years ago in the early RUN DMC days. I’m from laplace projects L-Town LAPLACE LOUISIANA. He got my first break when he signed with a independent label out of TULSA OKLAHOMA while he was in job corps trying to better his life after quitting school. Well he ended up in PARAMOUNT STUDIO HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA recording songs with the world famous MARY JANE GIRLS, VAL YOUNG and CANDY GANT all courtesy of Micheal Bivens whom he met in the studio during a session. I also recorded at the famous NEW YORK; MANHATTAN;recording studio in TIME SQUARE QUADfor those who know that’s groundbreaking in itself also there he recorded songs with VAL and E BUDDY BANKS of THE RUDE BOYS all of which was consecutively produced by RANDY MULLER of the world famous Funk Group BRASS CONSTRUCTION thats old school for you ass; do your research. His album titled STEP TO ME BABY;was NATIONALLY DISTRIBUTED; his friends that were in the military who say they bought his shit in EUROPE; 15 YEARS AGO.i guess he was way ahead of his time;but i keep doing what he loved doing;rapping this shit is in my blood ;so he couldn’t quit. 15 years later he finally hooked up with another famous producer/musician DAVID-D,FUNK,who produced songs for MYSTICAL;JAY Z;50 CENT;ANAYA TWAIN;ect. he produced his most recent album titled BELLY OF THE BEAST which he is about to drop soon.

Mos Def Brings Out Kanye West In Paris (Video)

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