The House of Marley

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The House of Marley is committed to delivering best in class products that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and reliability. Every product is soulfully designed and engineered to perform at the highest level.

Marley has high-performance audio products are engineered to deliver the Marley “Signature Sound” and pour out all the energy, emotion and detail of every recording. Marley headphones and audio systems reproduce your favorite music with smooth, powerful bass, stunningly precise mids and an energized high-end. Each product undergoes custom tuning to deliver the most realistic and powerful performances possible.

Marley accessories perfectly combine form and function in every design across every category. From our military-inspired bag line to our expressive and refined watch assortment, each product is crafted from sustainable materials and designed to blend personal style with earth-friendly values


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X101JAmZ & Gallery 69 Present-TRIBECA URBAN ARTS FASHION WEEK 2013

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X101Jamz & Gallery 69 NY Fashion Week 2013 from Elevated Scott on Vimeo.


Elevated Scott of X101JamZ and Steve Cornell owner of Gallery 69 are planning a week-long series of events that will take place September 5th thru the 12th at Gallery 69 in TriBeCa, during New York’s Fashion Week. Each daily show will have several aspects that include break dancing competitions, street art exhibits, silent benefit auctions, live performances & painting, runway shows, and pop up shops for various lifestyle brands.  The Urban Arts Partnership; an official 501c3 non profit, will be a part of the shows all week, featuring their students and artists alike.  A portion of the event proceeds will be donated to them in addition to various fund raising activities taking place each day. Urban Arts Partnership accomplishes its mission through a variety of interdisciplinary arts programs that include in-school classroom integration, after-school programs, master classes, professional development, summer programs, arts festivals, and special projects. For more info visit

As with many grassroots cultural movements, street wear has been notoriously difficult to define. While under a constant state of evolution of style and creative direction (as with many street trends), one constant has been the types of clothing produced, commonly centered on “casual”, comfortable pieces such as jeans, t-shirts, baseball caps, and sneakers. New York’s Fashion Week is known for its high fashion designer collections, and TriBeCa is quickly becoming a major player in the fashion scene.  Tribeca Urban Arts Fashion Week will allow lifestyle brands to be a part of the NYC fashion Week experience, while providing many more components than just the typical “runway show”.  Invites are going out to all the top fashion boutiques in the tri-state area, professional athletes, recording artists, celebrities, bloggers, entertainment industry insiders and tastemakers. Gallery 69 is home to both Graffiti Art New York dot com and, and over the last year the network and gallery have been featured on, Global Good Networks,,, Time OutNY, Village Voice and countless other blogs and media outlets. Gallery 69 houses thousands of pieces of Urban art from some of the top street artist in the world that include; Crash, Futura 2000, Quick, Blade,  COPE2, RD357, STAYHIGH 149, T-Kid , TAKI 183, CornBread, Seen,  TRACY168, KING BEE NIC 707, Duro, Sonic, LA 2, Duster and countless other street art pioneers from the early 70’s and 80’s that are documented in history books as style masters of the culture. TriBeCa Urban Arts Fashion Week ’13 will be remembered in the Urban Culture history books!!

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Tribeca Urban Arts Showcase 2.0 @ Gallery 69

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Sketch Comedy Music Video (Last Night) “Grape Dutches Of York”

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Comedy group Grape Dutches of York drops a new hilarious rap video…  “Last Night”!!  Their take on the 90’s hip-hop music/culture we grew up with!



Graffiti Artist Spotlight: KEEN

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Barami 5th ave fashion

Bamboo nyc


KEEN” born 3/13/86 is a New York City graffiti artist, street artist and painter. His art reflects his life and interests. Growing up in the 90’s he was a product of his environment, literally, as a youngin being so captivated by graffiti and street art he saw growing up in Queens he would go along with the older graffiti artists to “catch tags and fill ins.” He was always the youngest in the crew but was allowed to roll with them because not only did he display a keen sense of artistic talent (in which he got is name) but also because of his size and fast acrobatic skills which allowed him to maneuver well and catch tags in hard to reach places. As he got older he started to focus more on paid works for businesses to keep himself out of trouble after he had a hefty case presented to him by new york city’s Vandal quad, he was sick of all his brush-ins with the law and being arrested for his illegal lifestyle. This led Keen to use his skills in a much needed market, so he put is talent to use in a positive way and began to collaborate with commercial businesses to help them better reach their audiences in an artistic way. You might be familiar with some of his work around New York, such as Barami- 5th ave fashion house, or local city neighborhood music joint Bamboo in the LES to name a few.

Today Keen is focusing on building a Brand. He is currently the in-house artist for Music and Fashion company Slowbucks and has been busily working on different projects daily at their headquarters in Queens, such as doing the graffiti in one of rapper Juelz Santana’s latest music videos called “BODIES” for this summer 2013.

With each new project venture his vision gets broader. Being one of the younger graffiti artists, this is still his generation and he has big plans to make his presence not only in the mainstream/ street art scene but also the fashion industry. With his bold and colorful designs, graffiti inspired cartoon imagery, vibrant hand-drawn letters, spray-painting, and designing, Keen is creating an instantly recognizable style that speaks and defines urban culture of this generation.

Check out his latest project, a 3 story mural that is still a work in progress for SlowBucks, artist development and clothing line branding company. From murals, to music videos, to fashion lines… KEEN is on the scene and on the rise.

Space Man Unlimited Clothing

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Space Man Unlimited is a brand dedicated to the exchange of creative ideas and promotion of up-and-coming talent. We create stylish, collaborative clothing with up-and-coming street artists, and view diversity and originality as a top priority. We promote up-and-coming music and art through collaborative efforts/products, and accept creative submissions from all. At Space Man Unlimited, we seek to create a movement of ideas and a celebration of expression through music, art, lifestyle and clothing.



Tr3ndsetters Clothing (Chicago, IL)

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Tr3ndsetters clothing based in Chicago IL mission statement: “you are what you wear,set trends” Consists of three people Reece Starks(CEO) Dre payne(VP) and Chris Saylor(treasurer) our goal is to bring a fresh feel to the fashion world and originality. Not follow what’s hot but make what’s hot and let people set their own trends. & Gallery 69 Present NYC Fashion Week 2013

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X101Jamz & Gallery 69 NY Fashion Week 2013 Promo from Elevated Scott on Vimeo.

Busta Rhymes Makes Album Announcement

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Veteran hip hop star Busta Rhymes released his debut Cash Money Records release last year, and Year of the Dog helped re-announce the kinetic emcee to a new generation of fans. The rapper took to Twitter this week to let the public know that he is currently working on the follow-up. And it looks like he’s picking a project that was shelved a long a time ago. “Big announcement in a couple hrs.!! #Staytuned…” Busta tweeted initially. Hours alter he tweeted: “E.L.E.2” The project is a follow-up to his multi-platinum selling 1997 album Extinction Level Event. “#ELE2,” Busta tweeted again.

Bringing back that old school hiphop is something that the game needs right now, kudos to Busta Bust!!!!!!!

So How Did The Samsung, Jay-Z Partnership Turn Out?

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By Liv Buli (@lbuli)), Resident Data Journalist formusic analytics company Next Big Sound.

Critics have been quick to deem the branding deal that went down between Hov and Samsung a major flop.

To recap – the current king of the music industry (so powerful that they’ll stop the time-to-shut-up-now soundtrack during the Grammy awards for him) negotiated a multi-million-dollar deal with Samsung to pre-release a million copies of his latest opus Magna Carta Holy Grail through a Samsung-developed android app. Butglitches in the technology, Snowden-esque privacy concernsfile leaks and more, have led to an onslaught of articles dismissing the marketing stunt as a failure. But was it really?

If the aim of this deal was to combine forces in order to raise awareness around not only the album drop, but also Samsung’s product, the aim has been achieved. Just google “samsung galaxy Jay-Z” and you’ll find more relevant search results than you can count. Every major news outlet has covered this story from more angles than one, and Samsung could report that despite the difficulties in downloading the app, almost all the allotted downloads had taken place by Monday.

What is more, Samsung is seeing a lot of activity on the social side, with their number of new Twitter followers up 21% in the last week and also a slight bump in Facebook page likes at 9%. In the past month, the official YouTube channel of Samsung Mobile USA has attracted north of 51 million video views, a 324% increase from the month before, and more than a third of their total number of views – all thanks to a series of Samsung + Jay-Z promo videos around the process behind creating MCHG.


In other notable album release marketing moves, Hov also created quite the rumble on Monday, one day before the album’s official release to the rest of us non-Galaxy-owning plebs, with a rare spurt of Twitter activity around a Q&A. Retweeting and commenting on the questions of followers, Mr. Carter saw his following increase by more than 70,000, 300,000+ mentions, and his retweets are up more than 9000% percent from last week.

Whether or not it all went precisely according to plan, in the struggle for the Galaxy to compete with the cultural cachet of the iPhone, Samsung has certainly managed to bring their product to the headlines, successfully crafted their association with one of the biggest and most influential names in the music industry, and are seeing a rise in their stock market value.

And despite copies of MCHG leaking across the internet over the weekend,according to Billboard, first week album sales are predicted to be as high as half a million. So both Jay-Z and Samsung can pat themselves on the back for making waves with innovative attempts at marketing music, and doing good branding business.

Liv Buli is the resident data journalist for music analytics company Next Big Sound. Buli is a graduate of New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute and her work has appeared in Newsweek Daily Beast, The New York Times Local East Village, Hypebot and more.