Artist Spotlight: Harry J. (Orlando, FL)

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Harry J’s has a good foundation and inspiration is none other than Michael Jackson and its clear in Harry’s music that he influenced by the King Of Pop. I suspect big things in the coming months for Harry J as he has a sure fire foundation to set the industry on fire with the right development. Check out some tunes from Harry below and comment and share with your friends!!!


Video Of The Month: Unsober (Posion) @_TribeNYC Prynce D. Ft @King_Kid_Love

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tribe NYC






Steve Aoki feat. Machine Gun Kelly – Free the Madness

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Preorder Steve Aoki’s “Neon Future I” album on iTunes and receive “Free The Madness”, “Delirious (Boneless)” and “Rage The Night Away” instantly:

E-40 “Bamboo” Music Video

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Artist of The Month: QUON

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Quon 4


It has been considered one of the hotbeds of hip-hop for the past few years, dominating the national charts while loosening the stronghold the once unbeatable east and west coasts held for much too long.  A region where the mostly scorchin’ sun inspires the most blazin’ of bouncin’, club-bangin’ beats and the hard-hittin’, drawl-induced rhyme flows are put down like the coolest of glasses of lemonade, the dirty south sound has become a continued presence not only on radio stations across the country, but a consistent favorite in millions of music lovers’ personal collections.  And what night out at one of Any City, U.S.A.’s scores of popular hip-hop clubs would be complete without the sweat-inducing, floor-filling lure of a gritty, wall-rattling break-out joint straight outta A-T-L, Miami, Houston, New Orleans or the Carolinas?  Like a fast n’ furious-moving tornado sweeping across hot plains, feverishly grabbing everything within its reach, Louisiana-via-Arizona-via-Texas native QUON has every intention of putting his distinctively “south-west” sounding stamp on the rap game with his Doin It Movin’ debut CD (B Storm Enterprises), a collection of hot joints listeners won’t be able to resist upon first exposure.  Then again, why would they even want to. Not exactly your run-of-the-mill MC reppin’ one particular city or state, QUON’s sound effortlessly bares the influence of a life spent shuttling between New Orleans (his birthplace), Phoenix and Houston.  Raised within a family that had a high appreciation for music, youngster DeQuon (his given name) found himself honing an eclectic music palate from the start. “Growing up, I heard everything from blues – like Bobby Blue Bland – and soul to gospel. Because of my family being so much into music, I can name stuff that cats my age wouldn’t know nothing about. My mom was a great singer who just happened to never do anything with her gift.” After discovering his own gift, QUON was dead-set on making sure that didn’t happen with him.  Fully taken in by rap’s prominence and influence in his adolescence, QUON knew that a career within the music game was in his future.  “I was like twelve or thirteen rapping here in Texas,” he recounts, “and I was doing my thing in Arizona when I hooked up with my executive producer, who is like my big brother, Robot. He was trying to invest his money into the music, so we hooked up, a little time went by and we were still doing our thing.”  Even after permanently moving back to Texas with his family, QUON found himself making trips to Arizona to continue his music interests.  By the time he was eighteen, whole summers were spent in Arizona developing his flow and honing his skills in the recording studio.  “They were just little demos while I was still kinda getting familiar with working in the studio. It was all new to me.”  By the time his mentor, Robot, jump-started B Storm Enterprises in 1999, QUON knew that things were moving in the right direction.  After initially releasing a west coast rapper who garnered a lukewarm reception, B Storm’s focus switched in QUON’s direction with the release of a multi-artist CD.  “Me and my partner from Los Angeles teamed up together, although we were separate artists,” he recounts of his first stab at a breakthrough.  “We teamed up for that CD and called ourselves The Fam, and the CD was called A Day in a Life. While the ambitious set boasted everything from each act’s solo cuts to guest features from the likes of ‘80s R&B star El DeBarge, it was the infectious “Daily Bread,” QUON’s blazin’ collabo with Bay Area rap don E-40, that caught the biggest buzz.  Along with finding its way into the movie Guilty By Association (starring Morgan Freeman), “Daily Bread” gave QUON his first taste of notoriety outside of Texas.  “It was something to kinda get my feet wet, so I went around and did some promotion. We moved all around the south, throughout Georgia and South Carolina. I was in New Orleans and I checked for it, and they said, ‘Oh, we had it, but it got bought out.’ So, it got around a little bit.”  All the while, he continued recording material for his long-in-the-works full-length debut CD in Phoenix with producer IRoc Beatz, shifting gears only once to work with Georgia-based producer Gigolo, who brought a more southern-oriented rap sound to his already hot sound.  In the interim, B Storm released QUON’s “Incredible,” a joint he admits to not initially being wholeheartedly into that wound up keeping the local momentum surrounding his name.  “It kinda surprised me with the little buzz it got,” he recalls.  “They played it out here on the radio stations and I got a good response from it, then they shot it out to some DJs who were ready to play it. They even played it on THE BOX out in Houston.”  Though distribution issues ultimately held the cut back from becoming an outright sales hit, it served its purpose of keeping his regional profile up while he continued gathering hot joints for his official debut and opening dates for the likes of Nelly, Trillville, Mystikal, Mack 10 and DJ Quik. Currently wrapping up the recording of Doin’ It Movin’, a set flossing bangin’ beats laid by producers IRoc Beatz (out of Phoenix), Gigolo (out of Georgia) and Houston’s own Mr. Lee (of Slim Thug/Geto Boys notoriety), 25 year-old QUON’s flow has already drawn comparison’s to that of the Goodie Mob’s own Cee-Lo.  While fully acknowledging the similarities in their raspy tones, QUON is quick to counter, “I don’t have the same subject matter as him, I don’t rap like him and my sound isn’t like his. I can’t help it if I remind people of him.”  Instead, he feels his self-dubbed “south-west sound” – a result of shuttling between the south and west during his youth – distinguishes him from anyone else currently in the rap game.  “I’m a Texas cat (Amarillo these days, to be exact) because I’ve been out here for so long, but you can hear some west from me a little bit. But you hear the south at the same time.”  We’ll no doubt get a double-whammy dose of that distinguishing “south-west” flava with the steady-bumpin’ future hit “Then And Now,” his blazin’ collabo with similarly fast-rising Houston rapper Paul Wall.  Inspired by his mentor Robot, the teaming finds the two on-the-come-up MCs lettin’ it rip on phony, jock-ridin’ types that accompany popularity.  “It’s basically about cats that weren’t friendly with me when I was messed up like them and against the wall. But then I come up, and it’s like ‘y’all weren’t messin’ with me then. So why you wanna mess with me now?’ These cats see how I done came up and now they’re clutchin’ on my heat. If you weren’t try’na holla at me then, don’t try to holla at me now.”  Elsewhere on Doin’ It Movin’ (his forthcoming full-length release), B Storm Enterprises’ QUON assures that he’ll have something for every rap music fan to listen and relate to.  “I’m talking about partying. I’m talking about grinding…you know, trying to make it. I’m talking about haters. I’m talking about women and street stuff that people can relate to. It’s all kinda stuff that I’m trying to touch; I just want cats to feel what I’m talking about. The game is so flooded that it’s hard to give everybody a chance. I know that once I get that chance and people hear me, there’s no way I won’t touch people. You can have hellafied lyrics and say this and that, but if your voice doesn’t stick out it’s not happening. I have that sound going for me, so that’s a blessing. I’m gonna get your attention off the top.”  With his B Storm Enterprises-released set due to drop this summer, look and listen out for QUON – armed with a trunk-load of hot joints — to more than deliver on his promise.





Lil Wayne Hits The Studio Then Goes Skating For “Go Skateboarding Day” [Video]

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DJ Scoob Doo has uploaded some footage of what Lil Wayne got up to on June 21st aka “Go Skateboarding Day”. Weezy F Baby can be seen working in the studio and then going on a skate session outside with Marley G.

You can check it all out in the clip below!



Artist Of The Day: Young Celeb ThaGod (Chicago)

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“This is Hip-Hop moving Froward. So get up 2 It Muthafucka’s. The Hip-Hop monster is here to Bang out Banggers. So Who’s ready 2 Roc Wit’ Da Best. I Was Born in The City Of Chicago and, Been doing music sense the age of 11.Use 2 Roc to Song like u down with OPP,Jump-Jump,One More Chance,Gin and Juice,etc….Music is a Feeling though That plays a part with your Emotional Feelings.That’s why when u turn on some song and listen to them u can relate.But as far as my music,it’s all about having FUN and Creating The BEST Record That u Can Vibe 2.I am Young,Focus,Determine,and Motivated 2 reach the Top.This is a Youth and a Celebration People…..So Please Get your HANDS UP!!!!!:-) Board the Plane Of FLIGHT GANG The New Street Movement. No Delays On this Flight…..Next Stop Success!!! Can Some 1 Let Them Know What Time It Is “American Rebel” Is Here Album  Via iTunes “Terminal 85” Is Also On iTunes  T A K E F L I G H T “-Young Celeb




Track Of The Day: “They Talked About Jesus”G-Unit @50Cent @LloydBanks @TonyYayo @YoungBuck

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Artist of The Day: Convulsic

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Music trends come and go, but the actual sound remains imprinted on people forever. Every genre can cause a shift in emotion and mood, but there some songs that can create an influx of sounds and completely take over you. This is the sound that San Diego native Convulsic creates to make his mark in the trendsetting worlds of Electronica and Dub-Step. His influence with mainstream artists such as Flux Pavilion and Skrillex is present, however he is nurturing a sound that will compete with the heavy bass hitters of today’s scene and with his new singe “Love Space”, can define a sound that has potential to make San Diego the new Dub-Step destination. Convulsic’s creativity is intense, and it can be heard and felt when listening to “Love Space”. Not your typical ballad, “Love Space” is a hard hitting, synth splitting Dub-Step track that takes charge of your speakers and intensifies your senses. Like most Dub-Step, “Love Space” has a soothing intro; comparable to a roller coaster’s beginning into their adventurous trail. With light soundscapes and gentle melodies, the song quickly brings in rougher elements including impactful drums and gnarly synths; and before you know it, you’re trapped into the song’s growling bass lines and snarling synths. “Love Space” ensnares you with its high-octane energy while creating a euphoric atmosphere for audiophiles to submerge themselves in their love for Dub-Step. Convulsic does a remarkable job in exploding his bass-filled tracks while later imploding his song for a smoother audio experience. His techniques are reminiscent of top producers and DJs around the world, so it comes to no surprise that his skill has caught the attention of Dub-Step fans, and has created a strong following. His new single “Love Space” is defining his sound that will surely lead him to success within the Electronic community and shatter the conceptions that people have about Dub-Step. If you are enthralled by bass music and can’t get enough of Dub-Step, Convulsic is the perfect artist to listen to and hit the replay button.

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MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Ty Dolla $ign – Or Nah ft. The Weeknd, Wiz Khalifa & DJ Mustard

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