ShakeLife Entertainment LLC (Get Ya Life Shook)

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Shakelife Entertainment is an independent label founded in 2015, By a consortium of creative forward looking professionals; On the verge of breaking the mold of traditional music models. Shakelife Entertainment is committed to bringing our brand worldwide with the highest quality of music and professionalism. Shakelife Entertainment, Works with some of the best in the business in promoting, marketing; and directing. We at Shakelife plan to bring the true essence of music back with our exclusive sound, working with selective and top engineers in the industry. Shakelife Entertainment is proficient in the areas of production, promotion, distribution; And assets. We will position itself to also establish, Charities and Foundations; So we can give back to our community. Our focus, “Is to provide our artist/clients with fair and honesty; In a highly competitive Industry.”-  KHa Wheeler (ShakeLife CEO)


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ShakeLife Entertainment Presents SHAKELIFE THE MOVIE! from ShakeLife Entertainment on Vimeo.

The College of Hip Hop (Gain Knowledge and Understanding of the Arts and Entertainment Business)

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“A Cultural Institution”

Over the past decades the only thing that has remained consistent in the arts and entertainment industry is the business aspect. The purpose of www.TheCollegeOfHipHop.Org is to teach the business aspect of arts and entertainment to aspiring talent and CEO’s. The knowledge gained from becoming a paid subscriber will empower the CEO’s and talent to understand and value the arts and entertainment industry more.

The College Of Hip Hop.Org is the premier on-line learning institution, which uses dynamic seminars to educate our students on key elements of the arts and entertainment business. You will learn such fundamentals as how to start a publishing company, copyright and encode your music, in addition to vocal training and choreography along with other industry-related topics.


REGISTRATION:  One Year Access to TCOHH is $19.96





Wake Up! Mac Miller’s ‘GO:OD AM’ Is Out Now

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With his third album – his first since 2013’s Watching Movies with the Sound Off, and his 2014 mixtape Faces – on the horizon (September 18th, to be exact), Mac Miller and NPR surprise fans with an early listen of his anticipated new release and major label debut GO:OD AM. With a wide-ranging array of guest features – MiguelChief KeefAb-Soul and Little Dragon are among the contributions – fans can stream the 17-track project days ahead of its official arrival below.

1. “Doors”
2. “Brand Name”
3. “Rush Hour”
4. “Two Matches” f. Ab-Soul
5. “100 Grand Kids
6. “Time Flies” f. Lil B
7. “Weekend” f. Miguel
8. “Clubhouse”
9. “In The Bag”
10. “Break The Law
11. “Perfect Circle/God Speed”
12. “When In Rome”
13. “ROS”
14. “Cut The Check” f. Chief Keef
15. “Jump”
16. “Long Day”
17. “The Festival” f. Little Dragon

Kissintell online retailer!

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Kissintell is a fast growing online retailer that takes pride in bringing the latest on fashions for everyone to enjoy without leaving you broke. Quality and customer service are truly important to us and we take complete pride in offering the customers the best value for their dollar. New inventory daily to keep the customers interested!!!!! 


Resa’s Designs (Handmade Jewelry)

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Resas designs


Resa’s Designs is a handmade jewelry company based in NYC, comprised of pieces that can easily be transitioned from day to night. NYC native Tiffany Drysdale, who has always had a little thing for fashion and style, launched the brand in 2015. What started out as a means of creative expression soon grew into something greater than anticipated. While working full-time and attending graduate school, Tiffany has cultivated a collection that each person can resonate with and find a piece that matches their own unique style. All of our pieces are Handmade in NYC with the utmost care. While wearing our jewelry, be prepared to feel nothing short of FLY & CHIC



90 Elm Streetwear Clothing

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90Elm provides quality streetwear for sneakerheads and entrepreneurs to match that exclusive Air Jordan with the perfect quality t-shirt. Our clothes are for hustlers that know they are starting from the bottom and will end up touching the sky. Hustlers are those that wear the 90Elm brand proudly to show others they are focused, driven and stylish. For the sneakerhead on a date, to the entrepreneur hacking away at they’re project, to the college student with google aspirations. These are the people that wear 90Elm.
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Black Crown Lyfe Clothing

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team logo crest crop
The premier clothing line focusing on the LYFESTYLE of Today’s New Generation of SUCCESS. L.Y.F.E. is not simply a mantra in the form of an acronym.  Living Young For Ever is a conscious life decision and how the Black Crown Clothing brand chooses to live.  It is a challenge to extend past commonality, and that which is reachable, in order to capture the true essence of ambition.  L.Y.F.E. is more than remaining youthful; it is being a forward thinker, a hater of mediocrity, and aiming for nothing less than pinnacle achievement in all walks of life.  So for the motivated and determined, who seek not only to merely live life, Black Crown welcomes you to L.Y.F.E.

– Black Crown


Brand Spotlight: LIFE CAPSULE

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A message from Miggy of Life Capsule



“ My name is Dwayne Christie but I go by Miggy (pen name). I am a deaf artist and love to be around people! My company Life Capsule began to establish in the year of 2013. By expanding the recognition of my business, I had the opportunity to collaborate with inktastic, shake the block and SABIT NYC. When I was a part of their team, it gave me inspiration and motivation to expand and boost my reputation within the deaf community. Life Capsule is found in Urban Streetwear. My promise to everyone is for me to stay dedicated and committed in what I enjoy doing and share my creative and diverse ideas with the world. My goal is to have fun along the journey, as well as always staying diverse!”
My motto is Life is not simply to exist to survive but to reach to the top and achieve dreams”

Artist Spotlight: 3-D

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Born Darrell Carter hip hop artist 3-D was raised in the rough streets of Baltimore City. Growing up, 3-D was raised by a single mother but she worked hard to provide the best she could for him and his younger sister. Like most young men in his environment 3-D dropped out of high school. Knowing the importance of education he later decided to receive his GED.


His passion for creating music developed at a young age. 3-D took the adversities and struggles of growing up in an environment where not many succeed and let that motivate him to push his music career forward. His style is versatile, packed with feeling and substance 3-D combines lyricism with his ability to get the crowd moving and delivers a fun filled high energy performance. He has made himself a permanent staple on the hip hop scene through his many contributions to the community and his co-ownership in one of the hottest stations in the city Hardbody radio.


3-D is highly respected by his peers and looked to as a role model for the younger generation. He provides a sense of hope and accomplishment for those who grew up in the same environment he did. Music is 3-D, and with determination, hard work, and consistency 3-D plans to turn the dream he created at the tender age of 11 into reality.



KillStreet NY: Streetwear Spotlight!

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Queens NYC based clothing brand Killstreet has a simple goal to maintain the essence of streetwear thru graphic designs. Maintaining that classic gritty new york style. Be sure to check them out on FACEBOOKTWITTER and INSTAGRAM. Also make sure you log onto the online store and grab some of the dopiest street wear on the market; SHOP KILLSTREET NY



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