(New Paid video) Co-Still (@Costill8nine) – Let Me Hit (prod. By Kenny Bee)

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The Chicity OG who had the wildest time with a certified “Stalker” and for a lot of reasons told us why he ain’t “HAPPY ” Now has a PSA question for the pretty ladies…. yall know that all the getting to know you an all that, is fine but the Question on Co-Still’s mind is When you gone “LET ME HIT” SO HIT THE PLAY BUTTON AN ENJOY… let Co-Still know your THOUGHTS via Twitter/IG @COSTILL8NINE

#NewSingle Billionaire Buck @Comptonsbuck – Karma

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Every action has a reaction, everything has a consequence we all must answer for. Compton, California native Billionaire Buck discussed his dealing with fate in his new song properly titled, “Karma”. “Karma” is the 1st installment to the first vol. in a five vol. series to the Black Jew project. Similar to Torah , Buck the (Moses to lost tribe of Block Ballers) will have five unreleased new records leading up to the print release. Karma is produced by JTP, he is also responsible for 50% of the production on Buck’s next release. Billionaire Buck is set to hit the road in March on the Black Jew tour, hitting up the West Coast, So in the mean time kick back, enjoy Karma and keep up with Buck, his movement and find out when he’s coming to your city
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Twitter: @Comptonsbuck



Artist Spotlight: A.B.L.E (Bredbrotha Records)

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We Are A.B.L.E is a bronx born hip-hop/rap duo created by Bredbrotha Record partners AB and Lord Eitel. Focused on creating a unique sound to stand out amongst New York City’s elite ABLE’s formula of up tempo beats, witty complicated lyrics, and live instrument incorporation has found them early success. Opening in a number of venues across the United States for artist such as Ty Dolla Sign, MGK, and participating in the 2015 SXSW Music Festival is just the beginning for the two MC’s.