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First off Id like to say thank you for taking the time to anwser a few questions. I know the Yums apparel and footwear is 



expanding rapidly throughout the world. Could you give us some history on the Yums Brand and how would you describe the Yums brand identity?   Yums is the vision of designer Big Tex . Tex was a member of an elite Dallas graffiti collective called Infinity Crew . His graffiti influence can be seen in most all of his designs, from the Face logo to the cap & tee designs as well. Yums has evolved into a street culture brand with roots in all the elements of hip hop.

The world has been under the impression that Yums was owned by rapper “SOULJA BOY”. Could you please clarify how is Soulja Boy is connected to the Yums brand, is he a partner or is that just a rumor?
Yums is not owned by Soulja Boy , he had a Signature Shoe deal with us . He repped it so hard on line and in videos that people thought it was his line . That was a great deal for us , Soulja Boy exposed Yums to alot of people.
I know that the Yums brand supports a wide range of celebrities, recording artist, DJ’s and Athletes. Who does the Yums team consist of and who would you guys like to work with in the future? The Yums team consists of Artists like Lil Jon & Tum Tum , our Skate Team , BMX rider Spencer Bass & Big Daddy, various Extreme sports cats , we have female snow skiers ,tattoo artists, MMA….basically all the facets of thestreet/hip hop lifestyle .In the future we want to align Yums with talent that represents the same essence of coolness as the Yums brand vision .


I noticed a recent change in the style of the original bright and loud colors and edgy designs to more of a urban street-wear that can be worn by any fashion couscous person. What is the reasoning behind the new look?

As far as the changes in the Yums designs , we have evolved and grown within the last couple if years . We are not trying to be in any box . We do trend research but we also believe in offering a fresh alternative to the trends as well. We have toned it down a little bit but we will always offer color in the line.
I must say Im very impressed with where the brand has come in such a short period of time. What can the world expect next from such a rapid growing footwear and apparel company? I think the world should expect continued growth with an increased presence on the East Coast and other previously under exposed markets . Also expect more looks from the Yums apparel side of things . You know the cap game is already crazy. I think we are poised for a strong run in 11′-12 and major success beyond that .


You know our website has penetrated 125 countries in the last 3 months and were growing daily! Now with that being said where can people find Yums? Is your product in stores worldwide or just internet or how can we get our hands on some of that fresh gear. We have about 120 independent retailers Nationwide and about 12 International accounts , from Zurich to the Ukraine , from Japan to France , from the French Carribean to the UK . We are extremely hot in Puerto Rico as well. We also do alot of on-line business at yumsshoes.com


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