Who is Elevated Scott?

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Scott E. McDowell is no lackadaisical man.  His Facebook page teams with wall posts of him in videos around the world, galleries of pictures, and some of the hottest logos I have ever seen.  Posted there is a supreme long biography of everything the man has going on.

Scott and Three 6 Mafia

Scott and Three 6 Mafia

I really don’t know where to start… Scott is a simultaneous man.  From what I see, there is no stopping or slowing down.  He lives the life of a multi-millionaire celebrity – whether he is or not has yet to be discussed.  To the left, Elevated Scott is shown in the back with Three 6 Mafia in Vegas, so we can speculate he’s got money to travel everywhere.

I guess I’ll start with the latest project – the one that got Entaprise Entertainment interested. The Global Attack MixTape Series. The concept is to find all top Hip Hop artists around the world, pack into one giant volume, and get a major label (Island Def Jam Digital) to distribute it out digitally.   This project is destined to blow sky high – using Scott’s skills in booking after-parties and connecting sponsors with artists.

Global Attack MixTape Series

Global Attack MixTape Series

After working in advertising with major companies like CBS Sports Radio, Scott decided to get into the music industry as a booking agent and a consultant.  The talent for product placement was discovered by his mentor Jimmy Mac, owner of Bull Dog Bikes.  It wasn’t long before Scott began his partnership with AKON’s label, Konvict Musik.  Product placement, if you don’t know, is connecting an artist with a sponsor and visa-versa.  Cross-marketing – that’s what it’s all about.  He’s the cross-marketing king.

Such is the ways of his company Elevated Entertainment Solutions – elevating the artist and sponsor together, solving the universal problems of marketing and monies.  Already, the Global Attack Mix Tape is set to launch in London, Belgium, New York City, and Los Angeles.  Time for promo tours.  Stay tuned.

Who is Elevated Scott?

By the looks of it, he’s the man with the grand music industry plan.

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8 Responses to “Who is Elevated Scott?”

  1. Ceddy J Says:

    I have known Scott for over a year now and we both are forces that underestimated, but highly elevated. I can truly say that he is my partner and friend in this business. When it comes the music business you can hardly call folks family, but he has earned that title with me. Get to know and work with this man now before you can’t afford him.

  2. milliemay Says:

    I think Scott is really smart, I love him, he’s the man with the plan!!! and he’s cute too…

  3. Koncise Says:

    yo yo yo what’s i don’t know much about y’all but i’m working on my first album looking for a bit of help plus a good record deal.

  4. Ed Magik Says:

    I have known Elevated Scott for almost a year now. Clearly he’s a hard working individual. Scott appears to be always on the move towards helping others. May he have much continued success.

    Ed Magik
    Multimedia Producer

  5. David Gomez Says:

    Love whats he is doing,is a great and laudable project that need to be support,an a young,up and coming entrepreneur in the music industry myself,he inspires me a lot and believe there is more i can learn from,i am working a similar project here in Africa and will like to have an important business discussion with but all attempt have prove unsuccessful,can you please let me get into contact with him.

  6. joyce sippel Says:

    To Scott:

    Wishing you continued success. I know your clients mean the world to you. The sky’s the limit!

  7. % Says:

    The following is among the many respected conversations My partner and i ever acquired inside a very long time, I am uttering concerning this component of your site “

  8. Nick Woods Says:

    I don’t know him personally actually just met him on face book and he seems like a straightforward individual one I look forward to working with in the near future

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