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From a less fortunate life all the way to a successful music career, the last few years have been an amazing adventure for IL mc professionally known as MAFF TEST. Maff always knew that the music business would make way in his life for as long as he could remember. Unlike many young adults growing up less fortunate in a single parent home, TEST would never allow this type of stigma to slow him up from what his ultimate goal was and that is to make a name for himself as a recording artist and songwriter.

When asked the details of the hood or city he was from, TEST simply states that he was from “Harvey” and then tells

Maff Test

reporters to do their own research and be the judge. We found Harvey to be a poverty stricken suburban city of 3 or 4 projects, corrupted law enforcement, complete with gang and drug pollution. Later in life, TEST’s would be nicknamed YOUNG HARVEY, since he is the first to represent their city by “putting it on the map.” While he doesn’t talk much about his painful early years, fans learn about his childhood as his struggles are often expressed through his songs.

In the early days of rap, TEST wrestled with the transition from the streets to the music industry, although it was obvious right from the start, he had a way with words. MAFF was not at first inclined to choose music, “its a gift i was chosen to be given”. Hustling simply to survive, he sought the few extras in other income producing forms that he believed he could not obtain working at a 9 to 5, hard work and risk here & there. Before long, he was addicted to the fast life, one that provided not only for himself, but for his family as well. But, his family and friends observed his incredible ability to create, not only a verse here and there, but richly filled complete songs with very little effort.

With critics saying his skills are beyond equal to many of today’s acts, he is a true lyricist delivering incredible narration of not only the streets but night life and plenny more. He combines pain and struggle through clever metaphors fueled by raw energy and confidence. To quote TEST: “I bring forth significant realism and add in a sense of security that demonstrates I’m not afraid to be myself. People accept you as you are, not some made up image that appears as something you’re not.

After moving to Atlanta a year ago and benefiting from the progressive flow of the rap scene with help from the likes of DJ Khaled on Big Bizness; Volume 1, Test is back adding and multiplying his buzz with his second mixtape, Big Bizness; Volume 2 and the message is clearly one that everyone can relate to: “It don’t come like that”.

Currently on tour with stops in The Bay Area, Ohio, Indiana, Jacksonville and New York, Maff Test is on a mission to make his sound known, which he describes as well rounded and versatile enough to reach a broad audience. “You may hear one song that sounds completely different than another song. My music is like gumbo,” a well rounded variety.

Learn more about Maff Test at www.mafftest.com

jon wain

The credits or lack thereof for producer John “Jon Wain” Frazier shed little to no light on what this creative genius is more than capable of. Born the oldest son to a mother struggling to find her way in a southern suburb of Chicago, Frazier was inspired by an uncle at an early age to explore the world of music. As he grew, he dedicated more and more time to the seriousness of his undiscovered talent. By his teens, he wanted to become a singer and decided to form a trio, which caught the attention of his close family and friends. His first attempt at a professional singing career didn’t come until after high school, when a local independent label signed John and his then group “Kwiet Storm” to a recording deal, during which time the group shot two music videos and recorded an album which was prepared for a national release. Aside getting radio play and national exposure for their music video, in 2001 Frazier served the label with his letter of resignation from any dealings with the trio for personal reasons. Shortly after regrouping from the breakup, Frazier decided to turn his musical creativity to the production side of the industry. It was 2-3 years of trial and error for the perfecting of his craft as a music producer when the name “Jon Wain” was given to him by one of his rap artists. He has since worked with countless local and professional acts (none to credit), none of which has had the consistency to take him to the next stage in his career. Realizing that there are more ways to break into the industry than through the “front door”, he decided to take the opportunity given to him by a former friend to compose music for the “Oprah Winfrey Show”. Frazier signed a deal with Harpo Productions in the Spring of 2005 and has had countless spins on the show. Today he’s being offered commercial spots for “Mc Donald’s” and the “Pillsbury” companies. At the age of 26, John is far beyond his talent years and on his way to becoming the production powerhouse he’s longed to be. With styles and inspirations coming from influences such as Rodney Jerkins, Dallas Austin, Warren Campbell, and Rich Harrison to name a few, Frazier is a force to be reckoned with and well deserving of his rightful place in the music industry.


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