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Slip Capone was born Nov.7th,1978 and named Christen Kelley.He grew up on 118th street in Hawthorne California.


He is half British by way of Leicestershire England and half African American.He is commonly referred to as “The Mayor Of Hawthorne.He is a well known Underground West Coast Gangsta Rap artist who is commonly recognized for his noteable appearances on many  mainstream albums and projects.Slip Capone’s first appearance was on Snoop Dogg’s multiplatinum Murder was the case soundtrack with a song called “The Eulogy” by Slip Capone & CPO Boss Hogg when he was just 14 years old.He then went on to appear on Kurupt of The Dogg Pounds solo debut “Kurruption” with a song called “C-walk” by Kurupt featuring Slip Capone & Tray Deee of the EastSidaz.This song was the first song dedicated to the controversial WestCoast street dance that goes by the same name and has now became a mainstream fad and popularity.Slip Capone also appeared on a cd bonus song on that same album entitled “Anotha day”which also featured Kurupt,Slip Capone,Blaqtoven & Gonzo of The Regime.Slip Capone’s long list of credits also include Kurupt & Daz’s Dillinger & Young Gotti album (My heart dont pump no fear by Daz&Kurupt feat.Slip Capone) The Dogg Pound DPG 2000(dont stop keep goin featuring Tupac) Daz Dillinger R.A.W.(Movin around by Daz Dillenger feat.Slip Capone and both of Dr.Dre protege Knocturnal’s albums Knocs landin(Lets all roll by Knocturnal featuring Slip Capone,TimeBomm,Jayo Felony & Butch Cassidy) and Cash Sniffin Noses by Knocturnal featuring Slip Capone and and the legendary Too$hort.He also had 2 songs (WAR and Clicc clicc) on Knocturnals second released and was briefly signed to LA Confidential records after the fall of death row.Slip Capone has released 2 Solo LP’s independently entitled “Caponeyboy the album” which features guest appearances from Knocturnal,Timebomm,R&B legend Aaron Hall,Blaqtoven,the late great G Funk pioneer Nate Dogg R.I.P. and even Dr.Dre himself!


His most recent release appropriatly titled “Kill The Industry” and  both are currently available on itunes,cd baby,amazon & various other internet sites.Slip Capone has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including Dr.Dre,The Dogg PoundThe Outlawz,Nipsey Hussle,South Central Cartel,Bad Azz,The LBC Crew,Penthouse Players,Battlecat,Fred Wrec,Jelly Roll,Mark Sparxx,Trak Addicts and many more including the late Tupac Shakur while also keeping his underground status by featuring on countless independent and overseas projectsHe has also appeared on Soul Train,The Craig Kilborn Show,MTV,Power 106 Powerhouse,P3,and toured with Ludacris,DTP and David Banner on Ludacris’s Chicken & Beer tour.As an artist Slip Capones style is unique and unorthodox as he keeps it Gangsta while pushing creative boundaries by making dubstep and Drum&Bass  records as well as alternative emo rap songs.Slip Capone cosiders himself to be somewhat of a fashionista and  prides himself on thinking outside of the box and not being a stereotype.he is also one half of “The Odd Couple” with fellow underground rapper Intention and is currently finishing up his 3rd solo album entitled Supagangsta produced by Daeone.

Slip Capone is currently an unsigned artist for the first time in his extensive career.After overcoming the obstacles of the inner city streets,childhood stardom and the entertainment industry itself Slip Capone is definitely ready to go BIG!


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