Label Spotlight: Austin Music Group (AMG)

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“We aim to make the misunderstood understood.” – Tony Austin

Austin Music Group, founded in 2010 by Tony Austin is a regional music label inclusive of some of the most authentic artists discovered on the east coast. It is headquartered in Baltimore, MD and is a staple in the DMV. AMG operates with 20 years of experience in discovering, nurturing and delivering popular talents and a distribution partnership with 300 Entertainment. AMG continues to be the gateway to mainstream for so many native, independent stars.

“Hip-hop is the top genre above all genres in streaming.” The misunderstood, shall soon be understood.” – Tony Austin

We are home to natural born Lor X and Montage. We partnered with firm to manage gospel artist and mogul Charles Jenkins, and we are responsible for breaking some of the top talents in the area including Lor x, Young Moose, YoungGoldie, and YannaMaria. We serve true talent and support their fruition all while making the misunderstood understood.

“We’re looking to understand our artist and help guide them towards common goals.” – Tony Austin


                                                       “Artistry is a lifestyle.” – Tony Austin

Tony Austin (aka Mr. Make It Happen), a former Def Jam Executive and co- president of Russell Simmons Music Group, founded Austin Music Group with a passion for helping talented, independent artist expand their outreach and fully develop their brands. Austin has over 20 years of experience in the industry. He started out as one of the top promoters of hip hop jewelry and fashion, showing the best place to buy a gold chain in Baltimore working with some of the most profound talents like Steve Harvey, Chris Tucker, Jodeci, Diddy, Frankie Beverly & Maze, Barry White, R. Kelly, LL Cool J and more. He started working with Kevin Liles as his driver and then landed a production deal for his earlier endeavor, Chocolate City Music, which signed C.O.M.P. and later worked with L.A. Reid on developing Black Buddafly, a female girl His impeccable work ethic, focus, and determination eventually earned him a role as the A&R Executive for Def Jam records. After the success of DMX’s Grand Champ album, which debuted as #1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart and went platinum, the ambitious executive was presented with an opportunity to partner with Russell Simmons as co-owner and President of Russell Simmons Music Group. While continuing to impact the music industry, Austin is a sedulous entrepreneur. Today, Austin continues to cultivate and build strong relationships in the music business while aiming to provide opportunities for independent artist across America and abroad.

“There are three types of people in the world, those that make it happen, those that watch it happen and those that shit happens to.” –Tony Austin




Prepared by: Brittany Leigh (@HipHopCleopatra)

Lor X – Where Ya At (Official Music Video)

Posted by: Scott

Lor X is artist recently signed to industry vet Tony Austin and Austin Music Group. AMG has formed a partnership with 300Ent so you can certainly expect some power moves coming in 2017 from Lor X and Austin Music Group. “Where Ya At” is off the X- Files mixtape which can be downloaded for free @ > X-Files Mixtape