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Global Attack Show on DTF RADIO each and every Saturday from 5pm-7pm EST, hosted by Elevated Scott ( Make sure you check out Elevated Scott as he brings his view on the hip hop and pop culture world with a edgy informal format. Elevated Scott will also bring some of the hottest celebrities and artist on the show so make sure you stay locked onto and if your on the go on Saturdays from 5pm-7pm EST then make sure you download the “TUNEIN” app for your smartphone and check out the DTF CHANNEL ( This is a show not to be missed!


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Israel Cortes
His name is Israel Cortes but he is best recognized as “El ICC”. Israel was born on July 10, 1986 in Mexico. His great passion for music began at the young age of seven. That is when Israel involved himself in the music atmosphere along with his dad and brothers. He then began playing the drums and cymbals for a band in which his dad and brothers were a part of as well.
Five years later, Israel’s parents decided to split, causing him and his brothers to leave their native land and move with their Mother to the United States. After living in New York City for only a month, Israel and his brothers decided to join a music band. That is when “El ICC” learned to play piano and sing. He also began his first compositions and music arrangements.
After some time, ICC left the group and entered another band, already having a lot of music knowledge. He began proposing new ideas and putting them together while the group started recording their first CD. That’s when ICC realized that he was actually producing beats and lyrics. Big excitement came from a lot of events such as The Cinco de Mayo festival in Flushing Meadow Park, New Jersey, and Connecticut. He also participated in the 5th Avenue parade with Telemundo 47. They were exposed on television programs like Telemundo 47, Univision 41, and many more programs on cablevision. After producing the first CD he began to compose lyrics and beats which he would then sell to keep an active status in the music.
Finally, when he reached the capability to move forward in the music industry, ICC decided to start his own music group. He decided to make his first solo CD letting him be recognized in Mexico and the United States, also receiving four other recognitions. He later came out with his second solo album, taking him to his last presentations in Mexico. In August 2010 Israel set his mind to create something different than anyone else. That’s when he began composing reggeaton beats and adding something different to give it a soft and pop taste. Israel then united his talent with a friend named J-Alva whom he met. They both had the same goal in mind and were ready to move on. Israel then composed lyrics to the beats he had created which led him to his now New Album “ICC & J-ALVA” After recording his new Album called “Heart Breaker” it seemed as if it was exactly what he needed to let his self be known worldwide. Since the recording of the Album ICC & J-ALVA has been in radio stations such as 91.9Fm True Caribbean radio and DTF Radio the Online Blueprint.

Jose A. AlvarezJr.

Jose Alvarez formally known as “J-Alva” was born on June 14, 1989 in Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, New York He was born to a Guatemalan mother and Cuban father; raised in a traditional Hispanic household. As a child, Jose was always musically entertained. At the age of four, young Jose was already singing karaoke for his family and friends, taking on big songs that never failed to stun the audience; this is when his family concluded that music was a big part of their child’s life, and still to this day continues to be the same.
     Jose was known for always taking the lead role in musicals and working on music projects. He also enjoyed making home-made music videos and representing his church group “Jornadistas” by singing with the choir every Sunday. Jose has always been aware of his dream to become a musician, so he therefore took it upon himself to make his dream a reality. He began his journey of converting his dream to reality when he won first place in a singing competition for Subway restaurants. His prize was being recognized by a large audience and won a trip for two to Las Vegas, Nevada.
     Jose continues to strive for his big break when he auditions and competes in shows we all recognize like Objectivo fama, American idol, and X-factor. In these competitions Jose made it his objective to prove the world that music is his passion and he did so by putting in all his efforts and singing his heart out.
     J-Alva’s Latin roots have inspired him and his music so greatly that he has chosen to work with Spanish genres such as Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and Cumbias. Although, J-Alva‘s greatest genre is Reggaeton, he enjoys it the most. He has worked as a background vocalist for several up-coming local bands, one of them being a Salsa group known as “Spanglish Carta”.
     In December of 2010, J-Alva received his first highlight when he rocked the stage in the Machete concert at Madison Square Garden for Time Warner cable “ALCANZA LA FAMA”. There he stunned the crowd by singing the hit “Pobre Diabla” by Don Omar. After his outrageous performance he received his first standing ovation and was introduced as an up-coming Latin artist. J-Alva developed a devotion for Reggaeton music and explains it be talking about growing up with Spanish/English speaking friends and family. He feels grateful towards his background for inspiring him to implant the beautiful Latin culture in his music.
     Currently at the age of 21, J-Alva persistently works day by day, and show by show to continue growing stronger in the music industry. Jose is a very smart, talented, and determined Latino that is always striving to improve. His friends and family know that 
His goals are never completed; he challenges himself and strives to go even higher in life by setting higher goals. J-Alva is very positive and believes he will reach his dream simply because he is dedicated, motivated, and has a strong passion for singing. He has what it takes, he has an amiable personality, and he is very professional. His family describes him as a loving young man, and very caring for his family as well as his passion. With all J-Alva has already accomplished at the very young age of 21, what can we expect in the future for this shining star?

Chase Manhattan feat Fatman scoop “HANDS UP” (Lumidee’s Artist)

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Make sure you support Chase Manhattan and don’t forget to check him out every morning on 10am-12pm EST. BIG UP TO CHASE MANHATTAN… LETS WIN


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The streets of New York City are considered to be the most competitive arena for hip-hop music. Artists battle and compete against each other daily for respect, credibility, and a chance at stardom. They post music on Web sites, distribute mix tapes, and perform in showcases in the hopes that someone will grant them the opportunity to share their story with the world. Among those artists pounding the pavement and yearning to be heard is Brooklyn-bred 22-year-old rapper Gage.
Gage’s story is one of struggle and perseverance in the face of great odds. Growing up without a father and raised by a single mother, Gage endured an unstable upbringing for most of his childhood. At the tender age of 3, Gage was forced to live in a homeless shelter with his mother and two brothers for what amounted to two years. Yearning for normalcy amid the chaos, Gage used music as a way to escape the troubles of his home life. Inspired by the sounds of rap, Gage would go on to write his first lyrics at the age of 9 years old.
Young, street-smart, and full of promise, Gage would go on to record his first song at 12. Producers and engineers marveled at his gift for rhyming and were blown away by the energy and near-perfect poise he displayed over tracks. With powerful lyrics, all-around great delivery and versatility, Gage soon earned a reputation throughout New York City’s showcase circuit for his strong stage presence and ability to move a crowd.
This rep earned Gage the chance to be the first unsigned act to ever perform two consecutive years on the worldwide-known Funkmaster Flex Car & Bike Show tour. After a successful run on the Flex tour, Gage took the crown at Vibe’s Unsigned Hype Tour, and with the backing of DTF Entertainment & Management he went on to win every major hip-hop artist showcase in the NYC area. With a strong support team and a flood of new music and videos hitting the net, it’s only a matter of time before the talented emcee is able to see his name in lights.


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DTF Radio is one of the fastest growing independently owned Hip-hop and R&B internet radio stations. Based out of the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York, the station has quickly become a destination for local and major recording artists, music producers, DJ’s, and executives alike… Make sure you check out



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After a month long viral video campaign that produced a new music video clip for each day in the month of February, Brooklyn-bred rapper Gage releases his latest project called 28 Days Later. The free download mixtape is hosted by Hot 97 personality J. Medina and Bizkit, and features original production by B. Hawk and Rena1ssance, as well as guest appearances by artists such as Fred The Godson, Tone Trump, Mysonne, Yobi, Cristion Dior, Nemo Achida, Riz.z, Pure, Oye and Drama Dot Kom. The project serves as a vehicle for Gage’s artistic expression by showcasing his powerful lyrics, potent delivery and musical versatility. With the backing of DTF Entertainment and Management, it’s only a matter of time before the talented emcee will be able to see his name in lights.



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