Chaun Lee, born and raised on the west-side of Baltimore City, Gets on Board with Global Attack Mixtape Series.

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Chaun Lee, born and raised on the west-side of Baltimore City, is an authentic hip hop musician that listeners can expect to hear music of great quality from. With the mind state of a S.O.U.L.J.A.(Standing On Unholy Land Journeying Ahead), Chaun Lee does not hold back in profiling his inner-city bred ways that taught him to be aggressive yet forever Hungry, Hard, and Humble. With musical influences that vary from the realist such as Tupac and Nas all the way to the richest such as the Cashmoney Hotboys and various down south artists like Rick Ross, Ludacris, and UGK, and Scarface, it is no wonder as to why Chaun Lee possesses such a unique and versatile style of lyrical content. Although fairly new to the game, Chaun Lee is working double and triple overtime to make sure that people will know that he is not just new rapper from around your local hood but a sure to be made man and household name come time for his introduction.


Freddy Da Nightmare hails from Detroit but is serving the US ARMY in Hawaii. Music is his escape…

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Freddy Da Nightmare hails from Detroit, that much is clear from his music. He began rapping at 16 years old, and now at 23, he is better than ever before. He joined the US Army at just 18, then fought for his country in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Armed with a no nonsense flow, he stays true to where he came from. His biggest musical influences have always been Tupac and Outkast. Writing new songs every day, it looks like Freddy Da Nightmare is not stopping any time soon.

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Tall Guy Short Guy Represent for Canada while attacking the world through Global Attack Mixtapes.

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Tall Guy Short Guy are the both bad-ass, and hilarious. They are both witty and stupid. They are both Tall and short. They are comedy hip hop duo, consisting of a tall guy (TG13) and short(er) guy (ShortyG) that write and produce all of their own music, while putting on crazy live shows, and starting ridiculous amounts of ruckus.

TG13 and ShortyG, the two surreal personas that make up Tall Guy Short Guy, are ignorant, moronically dumb and dense suburban “thugs”. With their unexplainable (being from the suburbs and all) accents and dense outlook on the world, they also dress stupid, talk stupid, and lack any intelligent insight.

Their music is explicit yes, and it is also in your face, yes…

TG13 (Ryan Long) and ShortyG (Jarek Hardy) have a combined presence about them that draws fans in, and keeps them wanting more, like a heroin junky craves rubber hoses. And they have independently gained over 40 000 hits on the video for their first topical single “Fucked Like A Bitch”!!!!

Their song topics are relatable, and their lyrics topics range from Fast Food joints that they hate, to getting in trouble, to Annoying Girls that they’ve slept with in the past. They have songs like “I’m A Man”, which rips on college frat boy types across the globe, and their song “Annoying Girls” tells of the common traits of girls that these two Romeos find annoying.

But above their songs, it is Tall Guy Short Guy’s insane, and entertaining live show and hilarious videos that has given them such a reputation -videos containing members of such well known Canadian groups as Ill Scarlett, Stereos, USS, and DogBus.

They come on stage in rollerblades, and sing songs whilst baking in an easy bake oven. They have hilarious scratch solos with fake DJ’s, and they bring a 43 year old homeless man onstage to dance for their entire set while performing. Tall Guy Short Guy’s set is a comedic thrill to watch from start to finish, and their is no telling what this cleverly moronic twosome will/can/try to accomplish on the near future.


Manuel Soler also by the moniker Junie Goons gets on board the Global Attack Mixtape Series.

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Southside born, raised off the streets of Brentwood Long Island with his summers in Park Slope Brooklyn. A Product of the 80’s, Manuel Soler also by the moniker Junie Goons, started tearing down the mic in Regis Park NY, influenced by the likes of LL, Nas, B.I.G, Big L and Pun. With cyphers on the corner leading into house parties back when B-boys, Graffiti, and Dj’s was helping to define the growing hip hop culture Goons began to hone his talent…
Spending most of his teen years traversing in and out of institutions, Junie Goons came through adversity, trials and tribulations and still managed to stay in the kitchen, studying at Le Cordon Bleu leaving a certified chef but held fast his true passion which is that of Music. Though in the hip hop scene, Junie Goons does not see himself as a rapper but more of an artist that wants to add his unique styling while letting his voice be heard through his music…

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Joe Rogan Fear Factor Host UFC Announcer Talks About Being Pro Weed, The Good Effects

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Global Attack Mixtapes penetrates Syria W/ SHAM MCs

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Sham MCs is an 8 member rap band from the Syrian Arab World;Freed, Mad Fox, Khaled Big K, Boom Boss, Bad D, Mic Son, S^ami, Rage bringing you Arabic and English rhymes with an Eastern vibe which reflects their culture. They Started in 2007 and released their first album in 2009 “Klemat Mtkate3a” (“Crosswords”); speaking of their society and its problems. Now they have over 30,000 fans all over the world. Hope you like what they’re doing. They are about. to be worldwide.They are currently working on a lot of projects; such as: Peace Is My Religion; Music Is My Weapon. Their second album called “MozayeeK” (“Mosiac”) is soon to be released in 2012; featuring many famous rap artists from the Arab World.

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Like bees to honey, the sweet, smooth and addictive sound of Trina B aka Trina(Diamond Sidora)Sharron spurs passion for


music lovers. The bold, blond/auburn and ambitious Madame is polished with a unique sass, class and identifiable R&B spirit of her very own.  Relying on her alluring sound, vocal competence, relatable lyrics, stellar production and amazing stage presence, Trina is ready to once again show the world what she’s made of.

The Las Vegas/New York native has been singing since she could talk and was first ushered into the national spotlight as a member of the trio Lyric (formerly signed to J Records). The group released a few singles, did some touring and even had one of their songs featured onNBA Live games. However, the light dimmed quicker than expected when Lyric was released by the label.  Trina B aka Diamond Sidora determined to continue to shine with or without the help of a major label went back to the drawing board, reinventing herself and sharpening her skills. She ditched the “we” for an “I” and began making major moves as a solo artist to ensure that her moniker is on the lips of music lovers henceforth and forever more.


Well on her way and worked with Grammy Nominated Producer, Carlos “Da Mystro” McKinney,  responsible for several R&B hits includingJ. Holiday‘s ,“Bed,” Usher’s “Trading Places” and The Dream‘s “Shawty is a 10.” Not to mention is working with the lyrical Award winning Donell Jones, responsible for several R&B hits including 702‘s, “Get it together”, Usher‘s “Think Of You” wrote vocal arrangements forMadonna‘s “Bedtime Stories Album”, Drea‘s “Not Gonna Letcha”, Guru‘s Streetsoul album (“Hustlin’ Daze,” which he also contributed vocals to). Silk, Brownstone, and other major artist. This team articulate chemistry with a long famous musical history linked to Duke Ellington, John Coltrane and Count Basie to support their path.

Fast approaching with her first single “Goodbye” Which Features Donell himself on the song, co-written by Donell Jones,  is sure to become the hottest female club anthem with an infectious pulsating rhythm is set to drive audiences from club bar stools to the dance floor.  “I make music that is fun and relatable. I love songs that tell stories and speak about situations that most people have been through or know someone who has. My album will be full of songs that people can not only feel through instrumentation and lyrics but in their spirits,” says the 25-year-old.


“I just love everything about music. How it can evoke different emotions or take you back to a certain time and place in your life.  For me to be able to have that affect on people is a great thing. I love the rush I get from being on that stage. It’s truly one of the greatest feelings in the world,”


Trina B

Trina B

Always remember you waste more energy being negative, surrounding oneself with negative people. Than being POSITIVE and surrounding oneself with POSITIVE people!



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The Eerie Canal is Hip-Hop at its purest. Born and raised in Rochester, NY 


Brandon M. Correa aka Eerie Canal has drawn many comparisons to
legendary recording artists of the past and present. The way his music
touches people
has birthed a generation of new believers in PURE FLOW.

Currently working on a globally distributed mixtape with Island
DefJam and promoting the
release of his underground debut “The Exo-Diss LP”,


Eerie Canal is preparing to approach the doors that have been closed
to so many with a skeleton key. Current promotional updates can be
found regularly on Eeries facebook
account. ( )

“…I’ve reached the lake of self reflection.


And see Myself asking Me to lead I to the smokers section.
I guess I know my worst enemy,
but luckily I have the time to refocus my energy..”- Come Save Me by
Eerie Canal.
The music being created is more than a reflection of his past.
Incarceration and rocky beginnings paved the way for a diligent
Having already amassing much local support from “The Canalianz”, Eerie
has performed at
popular nightclubs, comedy shows, local school, community events. His
music has been featured as a part of television showcases and is
forcing people to ask themselves..Who’s the Best?….
“…Ive heard em’ called good, better, best, but AI shall never rest
until my good is better than best. And can’t quit til shells embed in
my chest. I gotta give you the real, so when you vote your ballot wont
be a guess..”- Who’s the Best? by Eerie Canal

A finals winner in a citywide talent competition, Eerie Canal cannot
be contained..The FLOW has begun.

“I send a shout out to you my dude one of the HOTTEST, positive
rappers in THE GAME right now!”- Comedian Jay Real.

Entertainers know entertainers…and Eerie Canal is no joke. The
CANALAINZ know and say..Welcome to PURE FLOW!



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Adam Lally AKA Dúdja (dude soldier) is a teen rapper from Malden, MA. He is Sixteen years old and a young prodigy for


his city. He was born in Brighton,MA and raised in numerous cities including Somerville, Lynn, and Chelsea. He now has lived in Malden for the past 4 years and works hard everyday. He is a lyrical writer and vivid freestyler. His style varies from southern rap to the classic eastern Old school rap. His biggest influences are Jay-Z and Eminem. He says without them rap would be dead. He hopes to become successful and get to work with the likes of them and another one of his idols Tech N9NE.


Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists. For more information, visit or stay tuned in the music new





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“Born to make music” The Attics; Fueg and Niz have been creating music since the age of 12. Growing up as childhood


friends, Fueg and Niz developed a brotherly bond fused by the love of making music. Starting in high school with battle rapping and free styling, they later honed their skills which gave birth to their unique sound and style. Although very urban and “new school”, The Attics also have an old school edgy style which makes them stand out from other up and coming artists.

In 2009 Fueg and Niz established “Addictive Music Group”; an independent entity, to help transition their talent into a successful career. The Attics have a host of music on the internet and are currently performing shows in their hometown (Newburgh, NY) and surrounding cities where they are well known. They pride themselves on having a great live show and prove it by being electrifying performers. Currently released projects include; “The Overdose” hosted by DJ T-Nyce, “Likka Sweet Vol. Uno” hosted by DJ Kool Kid,  and “Severe Cold” hosted by DJ T-Nyce. Which all have gotten excellent feedback and is just the beginning of what is to come from The Attics and Addictive Music.


The Attics plan to heat up the music scene with the release of their first street album “Cold Turkey” projected for early June 2011. The LP is an epic adventure featuring brilliant instrumentation and clever, catchy lyrics with many interesting vocal collaborations. Any inquiries for The Attics can be sent to

Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists. For more information, visit or stay tuned in the music new