C-lo G Is Going Global~

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C-lo G was raised in Colton CA for the majority of his life representing the IE in all that he does. His father was an active SSG in the military during his early years, constantly moving from city to city, country to country all the while providing him with the different sounds of music & genres. He was always poetic & verbal when expressing himself throughout the years & although he was constantly re-writing popular songs he didn’t start his musical venture until he was 24, after raising 2 kids with his wife. After the break up of his group, Twisted Nation, he became more focused then ever. Although the group no longer exists, C-lo G still collaborates with Dizzystylz & keeps a close connection with his former group members. With a new fire in his eye & the IE behind him C-lo G is ready to take the world by storm, starting with the formation of the IEsBestKeptSeceret Underground radio show (http://iesbestkeptsecret.listen2myradio.com) & the many projects he has lined up in the works with different IE artists he’s befriended thru the years.

Art of War-MP3

T GreeZ is a Dope MC from Akron, Ohio (Home of LeBron James)

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T GreeZ is a Dope MC from Akron, Ohio ( Home of LeBron James ) & Founder of the Higher $tatuZ CluB. Growing up as a kid, GreeZ always had a great passion for music. After seeing his cousin do it, and meeting local pioneers of the music scene, at age 14 he started recording in his friends’ basement in a studio he built.

After years of mastering his craft, writing, recording, and losing albums’ worth of songs, GreeZ bought equipment & started recording himself. He released his debut mixtape in October of 2011 titled “ Pen & Papers “. With production done entirely ( besides track 5 produced by KG Blaze Da Beat ) by shadowville.com & GreeZ’s UNDENIABLE DELIVERY, this project was definitely a CLASSIC.

Two months later in December of 2011, he released his second mixtape titled “ Cosmos Flo “. The production on this joint, was done entirely by CnK Productions at subconsciousbeats.com. You can DOWNLOAD both mixtapes for FREE at http://mixconnect.com/user/HigherStatuZCluB/mixtapes FOLLOW T GreeZ on Twitter @NextLevelGreeZ & look for him to be on the next volume of the GLOBAL ATTACK MIXTAPE series.


Devil Doc Checks In On Global Attack Mixtapes.

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Devil Doc grew up in the middle of “Nowhere, Kansas,” where a lot of people could not understand his passion with this genre of music. He has been writing since he was young and has never stopped. He joined the United States Navy as a Hospital Corpsman, better known as, DOC, where he found a new inspiration. In his music, you will find inspiration and hope for the marines, fighting for our country.
Devil Doc is a new and upcoming rapper. His diversity skill and professionalism is what sets him aside from other underground rappers. Devil Doc is currently starting shows in the Portsmouth, VA area! He works with Radio Ready Recording Studios in Norfolk Va, who are well known for there work with professionals in the industry. Be a part of his rise to fame, by supporting this website and what Devil Doc has to offer. Look out, he is coming for this game and all it has too offer.

Elevated Scott Interviewed on Sho-Time TV.

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Young Dago was born in 1994 in Italy. Now Going Global With Global Attack Mixtapes Series!!!

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Young Dago was born in 1994 in Italy. He moved to the US when he was about 13. His been in many cities. He is now currently living in Denver,co. Young Dago has always loved music and he started making his own at the age of 14, he is now getting better and better trying to achieve his goal and make it to the top! If you want to know about his life listen to his tracks!!

I Always Thought About It – Young Dago ft. YL-Mp3

Gabriel Jesus Ceniceros Jumps on the Global Scene From the midwest!

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Gabriel Jesus Ceniceros. I was born and raised in Muscatine,IA. Im the oldest outta 4 sisters & 3 brothers. Im mexican/puertoRican, I love to write music to vent my emotions in a positive way, my stage name is SIREN SIREZZE..Im a proud father of a babyboy Adirel Lee Ceniceros. Im not the greatest person in the world and I dont have much to lean on these days other than myself, but whatever dont kill me makes me that much stronger.. I am a Taurus…I love to drink, & occasionally smoke. Im full of regrets and I wish sometimes i could go back in time an make all the right choices just to see how my life wouldve turned out. I used to be a heartbreaker, I used to not give a flying fuck about anybodies feelings other than my own untill I got a dose of my own medicine an Karma came an took me to rock bottom. Im not in love nor will i ever be for a long time, unless GOD leads me to the one. I have dreams of traveling the world with my son by my side…and i believe anyone can better themselves if they really want it. I know alot of people out there got the wrong idea of me, but ya’ll only knew me when I didnt have any self respect, dignity, & pride. For some this may just sound like a bunch of BS, but the truth is I have been to hell and back, and now i just want to HELP raise my son, avoid trouble, and hopefully settle down in the near future…im pretty fun to kick it with if u enjoy 40 oz’s and fishing..I look forward to meeting new people ! so dont be a stranger! and to everyone i have hurt in the past and to the new people im going to meet, dont worry im different now, its all up to ya’ll to take the time to know me..

Siren Sirezze-Around The World-mp3

Andres Vidal Jr. aka TRIBAlations!

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Andres Vidal Jr. (born March 28, 1976) aka TRIBAlations was raised in Jersey City, New Jersey by Mary Vidal and Andres Vidal Sr. It was in the Curry Woods projects that a lifelong passion for music and hip hop was forged. TRIBAlations was amazed as a little kid learning music through his father’s R&B band but he fell in love with Rap when his friend Charles Horne aka BooBoo showed him how to write rhymes and spit different flows at the age of 13. After a few years of practicing and after graduating from Snyder High School, TRIBAlations skills got him face time with Big Pun, AG, and Double X Posse. TRIBAlations has also shared the stage at the HOUSE OF BLUES in South Carolina with artist like Queen Penn, Public Announcement and others. It was at this point where TRIBAlations was almost shot, killed, and locked up before he could sign his first deal; it turned out that the label was connected to a drug cartel and the FBI raided the offices. That close call, to death and to his dreams lead TRIBAlations to put away his pad and pen and pursue other things.
In 2006 TRIBAlations starting grinding again and recorded the song “IT’S GETTING HOTTER”, produced by Josh Johnson for indie label Lose Ur Breathe. That label folded, but, in 2010, radio show host Chris Morale called TRIBAlations to inform him that “IT’S GETTING HOTTER” was a fan favorite on his show for the last six months. TRIBAlations was invited to perform live at the Chrismorale Experience on www.wifi1460am.com and www.werunradio.com. At that time TRIBAlations enlisted the help of C.D. Walters and his Clock Weight Crew. In early 2011, TRIBAlations suffered two devastating losses: his mother and grandmother passed away. Despite this personal hardship, TRIBAlations still managed to record half of his first studio album. There was overwhelming positive response to the first half of the album, featuring songs “CWB” “I CAME TO ROCK” “WAVY” (featuring TOUCH BARZ) and “OMG (WHAT WAS THAT)” (FEATURING G-WA). TRIBAlations has been creating and broadening his fan base by appearing on the Chrismorale Experience radio show three times, the Organized Confusion radio show on www.ibn4u.com and www.tocshow.net with Tina Perez, and his songs have been in rotation on www.ustream.tv/channel/gs-radio . TRIBAlations was a featured artist in WWS Magazine (http://wwsmag.com/updates/tribalations-cwb-radio-mix/). TRIBAlations has also performed at the BROWN STONE COMPLEX in Newark, NJ, opening up for FOXY BROWN plus has appeared at the RUSTY NAIL in Ardmore, PA. TRIBAlations rocked CLUB REBEL in New York City September 30, 2011 as a part of VOTE TOURS MUSIC FESTIVAL. Most recently TRIBAlations performed at the 5 SEASON in BALTIMORE, MD and is currently going on tour (including a DVD project) with FOUR FATHERS ENTERTAINMENT.?To get more of TRIBAlations go to the following:?www.facebook.com\tribalations

I Came To Rock Radio-mp3

The Set Boys are an explosive hip hop/rap group based out of Beaumont, TX!

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The Set Boys are an explosive hip hop/rap group based out of Beaumont, TX that brings a contagious sound to the musical arena as big as the state they represent. Made up of three long time friends,(Toochie Loc,J. Blu,Felix Barbosa) The Set Boys have been making music together for years and are from the same region of Texas as Southern rap pioneers UGK (Pimp C, Bun B). What sets The Set Boys apart from other groups and artists of their genre is the fact that the music is genuine, fluid, and trendsetting. These guys continue to cut out their own lane in the busy highway of the music business and have opened shows for,and done shows with some of hip hop’s top artists past and present. Now that they have joined forces with Weslyn “Mama Wes” Monroe ,and UGK Records the sky is the limit. Learn more about and stay up to date with Set Boys info and music by visiting www.TheSetBoys.com the official Set Boys web page.

For booking: Henry Hockless 409-617-1904
Booking inquiries: booking@thesetboys.com

Get Loose-mp3

DiggNitty is an Internet studio band!

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DiggNitty is an Internet studio band, a working project by songwriter, composer, and producer Samuel (Sandy) Sanders, based in the Atlanta, GA area. The band name DiggNitty is a play on the idea of dignity. In a world in which apparent dignity is based on financial gain and substance, the songs by DiggNitty address human inequalities between the powerful and the helpless. Members of DiggNitty: Samuel (Sandy) Sanders (GA): songwriter, singer, composer / arranger, guitars, record producer. Uses ProTools with Play and Structure sample libraries. Live guitars. Uses digital notation staff to populate MIDI information. He has enjoyed a 23-year career as a video engineer and projectionist for live corporate events. Michael Schiano (NY): guitars. Works on Long Island in advertising and plays in a band called The Moon Dogs. Robert Beam (IL): guitars, slide guitar. These three members have periodically played together in live bands over a 35-year span. They are all quite familiar with each other’s styles and renderings. So, the process is virtually seamless, requiring no obsessing over parts. Sandy allows Michael and Robert to play from the heart because he trusts their genius. Sandy creates in ProTools at his home studio, southrockstudio. He uses Dropbox to transfer working songs to Michael and Robert. They use their home studios to record their parts. Sandy then imports their parts into the projects, then edits and mixes them to taste. The master digital stereo track is then transferred to Darius Gruman (GA) for mastering through a digital to analog to digital process, something he calls “digilog.” He is able through his special audio voodoo to saturate and color the final production without crushing the top end. Sandy started paying attention to songwriting, listening to the Beatles from their very first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, and has been writing songs since the late 1960’s. He was trained as a French horn player, learning to read music at an early age.
Sandy attended The University of Southern Mississippi (Hattiesburg) for 4 semesters as a music education major with an emphasis on music theory and composition. Rather than graduate, he decided to play in a rock and roll / blues band, playing original songs as well as covers.
DiggNitty is not Sandy’s only project. He writes soundtracks for film and plays.

Ceddy J is a true media mogul on the rise…

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2012 is sure to be a great year for Ceddy J due to his rapid growth of his social network The Dusk Spot, which was started in 2010 to bring back “networking” in social networking. Upcoming leaders in the entertainment and fashion industry have found the network to be a place they can freely promote themselves and get highly promoted for it. Some of the artists who are on the site have been featured in the great project of “Global Attack Mixtape Series”, which Ceddy J proudly broadcasts to spectators.

Sister site to The Dusk Spot is his model site, www.iAmSoDivine.com which showcases models who prove the stereotypes of what a models is supposed to be wrong through education and skills in other areas. Ceddy J is reaching his First Anniversary of going from all-around media personality to Club DJ. The events he puts on with his longtime business partner DJ P Bucc have helped independent artists gain a strong presence in the urban college market alongside rising star models alongside them. With all that being said, you can see why Ceddy J has declared 2012 The “Year Of No Excuses”. Ceddy J continues by reflecting, “At the end of the year I want to be able to look back and say I did everything possible to enhance my career.”