What is the Global Attack Mixtapes Series in a Nut shell?

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The Global Attack Mixtapes Series is a newly launched music entrainment source destined to take compilation-style recordings to yet unseen worldwide heights – and beyond. The Series was created by entertainment and business impresario Elevated Scott (Scott McDowell); since its conception, Scott and his company Elevated Entertainment Solutions, LLC.

The creative direction and concept of Global Attack Mixtapes is a first of its kind, a pioneering effort for hip hop music worldwide. Scott wanted to take an outside the box approach to the traditional mixtape concept, which is exactly how this series came together. When one thinks of Mixtapes, they think of DJ’s dropping crazing sounds and voice drops, then mixing and scratching. Traditionally mixtapes of this design target an underground audience, not a mix of established Top 40 artists or unsigned indie up-and-comers from all over the world. Global Attack Mixtapes changes that landscape immediately.

Elevated Scott likes to call the series a “HYBRID” of 2 popular music brands: compilation series “NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL MUSIC”, and the most downloaded mixtapes in the world – Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes. Global Attack Mixtapes takes the international commercial appeal of “NOW THATS WHAT I CALL MUSIC” brand and blends it with the aggressive grassroots marketing of Coast to Coast. Both ideas together create an unmatched framework of sound, creativity, and global marketability.

The Global Attack Mixtapes Series prides itself on worldwide commercial appeal, which separates it from traditional mixtape outlets. Tracks within its catalog feature major American recording artist Rza, Jadakiss, Kid Capri, Gucci Mane, Styles P, Naughty by Nature, Wu-Tang Harlem 6, and Cory Gunz; they’re joined by various emerging artist from such locations around the globe as Belgium, Paris, Tokoyo, United Kingdom, Korea, and Kawait, with more from United States and beyond getting joining this series daily! It may only be a matter of time before the ambitious Global Attack series is comprised of at least 1 artist from every city in every country around the world.

The executives behind The Global Attack Mixtapes Series considers each contributing artist a partner with the project, for the viral marketing campaign to be successful it is imperative each artist uses all available tools to help build awareness of Global Attack Mixtapes.

Elevated Scott says, “I think to cover every surface of the universe, as we all know things always work better when we work together. Global Attack Mixtapes A&R and Account Executives are scouring the Internet through various social network sites and industry relevant sites – Reverb Nation, Sonic Bids, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter – looking for serious artists that are ready to take their music to the next level. When you treat the entertainment industry as a business you will get business results. It’s called show business, not show fun.”

The Global Attack Mixtapes Series will release a new volume the first Friday of each month, digitally distributed through Island Def Jam Digital; marketing and promotion for the release handled by Elevated Entertainment Solutions LLC and Entaprise Entertainment. The official blog site for Global Attack –  www.International-HipHop.com – reached over 110 countries the first two and half months after its initial launch, and growing rapidly daily.

The official website www.GlobalAttackMixtapes.com includes a built in social network for fans to become frequently-returning users. While there they can interact with one another, read monthly newsletters, post in Forums,  an exclusive mp3 player, all with instant Twitter and Facebook access for instant connection to their other favorite online social networks.

The Global Attack Mixtapes has already caught the attention of many notable industry heavyweights, and its rapid increase in press suggests it will not be long before this series becomes a household name around the world!

Global Attack Mixtapes pays each artist placement quarterly royalty payments through a wire transfer by means of a 60/40 split through a royalty and distribution agreement in favor of the artist. Each artist with a tracks placed will be paid a .60 percent of sales per track placed per unit sold. Global Attack Mixtapes is not only a way for artist to help build their online presence and bring a record to life but also a way for artists to profit from their music. Global Attack Mixtapes is a platform designed to align up-and-coming/lesser known artists with major recording artist; each take part in International marketing and promotions and worldwide distribution along with reception of quarterly royalty payments. Global Attack Mixtapes is a nonexclusive distribution and marketing outlet to help recording artists build their online presence and bring their records to consumers.

Current media affiliates for The Global Attack Mixtape Series: World News Network (wn.com),This Week In Music, TheIndependentMusicScene.com, StreetVibes 92.5fm (Germany), Blog Talk Radio (Life After Dusk), HipHopJunkiez.com, Emerging Music Coalition, DigitizedHipHop.com, XLurbanmedia.com, The Music Plug News Paper, MixTapeSeries.com, FathomWorld.com, Tapwire Magazine, HipHop Stardom 101 Magazine, No Rules Allowed on Street Market Radio, with more added daily. Global Attack Mixtapes service a large, expanding database of college radio, commercial radio and Internet radio stations; print media outlets and performance venues each artist involved with Global Attack Mixtapes will be provided once placed within the catalog.


A Sneak peek of Vol 1. of the Global Attack Mixtape Series Cover!!!

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First off i want to start off by giving a big round of applause to all the people around the world that have been following our movement on international-hiphop.com, with out you guys we wouldnt be where we are now so give your selves a pat on the back and big ups for supporting a real movement and helping us to grow expotentially  in the first 5 months of launching.  So now we are at the Launching Stages of this project that youve been hearing about called the Global Attack Mixtape Series.  First let me introduce myself my name is GodRulAllah Harrison, aka AGR, Agr Harrison, The R&B God, Captain Hook of the Harlem 6 who is affiliated with Wu-tang Clan, and the C.E.O and Owner of Entaprise Entertaiment, the company that partnered with Elevated Entertainment Solutions to develop all the juicy content for you internet and web geeks, and get you ready for the Launching of the Global Attack Mixtape  Series, and also your BLOG POET and AUTHOR for 122 BLOGS on our site. (” And if there any good blog writers out there holla at me if your looking for work” ) As you know we are expanding the International-hiphop.com into a full fledge media outlet, which will have a 24/7  Live Radio Feed playing only todays and yesterdays hottest hits, a T.V. Segment with Exclusive Interviews on RED CARPET EVENTS , and also a FASHION BLOG for the Most Exclusive and Hottest news in the Fashion World,  and yall see we launched the official HUB of the Global Attack Mixtape Series www.globalattackmixtapeseries.com, which by the way is seeing some pretty good numbers thanks to you guys again.




Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists. For more information, visit www.GlobalAttackMixTapes.com or stay tuned in the music news.



Global Attack Mixtape Series Mission, Value and Vision Statement

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Global Attack Promo

The Global Attack Mixtape series vision is to represent an artist from every region, state, and country on the Globe. All artists together from all over the world, some who may never have had seen musical success, will be given the opportunity for mainstream international exposure.

Aside from just the sale of music, additional revenue streams will exist through Global Attack Enterprises, a sister company of ELv8 Entertainment Solutions, LLC. The company will be working with models, producing annual calendars, forming a DJ coalition with some of the worlds top DJ’s, and creating a signature clothing line. Global Attack will donate a portion of profits for world hunger as well as global warming – first through an existing organization and eventually through its own charity. Global Attack Mixtape series will become a house hold name on a GLOBAL level and will fuse the flare and creative marketing concepts of Mr. McDowell as his vision is indeed that of a GLOBAL mogul.

Elevated Entertainment Poster


The primary mission of Global Attack Enterprises is to compile a compilation CD of unsigned and signed artist from all regions of the world including the United States, Germany, Belgium, Africa, and the United Kingdom. Distribution through Island Def Jam Digital aligns the Global Attack Mixtape series to be sold in over 350 online stores WORLD WIDE.

The Global attack mixtape series will not only be a great way for artist to profit off of their talent but also a great way to expand their fan bases to a international audience with the many regions of the world being affiliated with some of the more major artist that are on the project. The major artists that will bring validity to the project and proven fan bases to help move units, which include some serious collaborations: Swag ft Taylor Swift, Suga Bang Bang, Harlem 6, Rakewon, Styles P, Skeek Louch, Paul Wall, and T-Lopez.

Aside from the major label and artist affiliation we are putting the frame work in place to launch a worldwide tour in the summer of 2011. We are working on a collaboration T-Shirt with PM-Clothing and CEO Scott McDowell is hand picking girls for the 2012 Calendar and assembling the Global Attack Girls that will consist of porn stars, super models, and actress that will be brand ambassadors for the Global Attack Mixtape series. In addition to mixtapes, models, and clothing we are putting together a DJ coalition from some of the top radio and club DJ’s from around the world. C.E.O Scott McDowell Plans to leave no stone unturned and truly plans to on attack every revenue stream and region of the world to make a complete GLOBAL ATTACK.


Distribution By Island Def Jam Digital

We allow artist to see a profit, participate in a creative and full service marketing campaign as well as the alignment with a major record label (Island Def Jam Digital/ELV8 Entertainment) through a digital distribution deal with the powerhouse label. That’s an alignment with some of the biggest artist in the music industry from all around the world.

Our media outreach team is always putting together cross promotions opportunities for various websites, radio (FM, College and Internet stations)and magazine to become media partners and sponsors for the project and each artist involved will be incorporated and integrated in all press releases and have the opportunity to potentially get web articles, radio spins and magazine interviews, pending approval of each outlet.

Our social media networks grow on a daily basis and we plan to really hit the internet hard with a complete marketing plan to cover all angles of the digital age, web banners, blogs, viral videos we will truly blanket the internet to build the awareness of the GLOBAL ATTACK.

For more info on The Global Attack Mixtapes visit:









Elevated Scott In Vibe Magazine

Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists. For more information, visit www.GlobalAttackMixTapes.com or stay tuned in the music news.

Creator of Global Attack Mixtapes/Founder of International-HipHop.com -Elevated Scott

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Scott E. McDowell with Lil Steves (Dipset West)

Elavated Scott, owner of “ELV8 Solutions” hails from Baltimore , Maryland. Since, he has lived all around the country. North Carolina, Florida, California, New Mexico and is currently living in New York City. Scott has worked tenaciously to create and seize every opportunity that has come his way. Scott’s grind has allowed him to prove his abilities and strong work ethics to clients. He left a mark on the industry and put himself in the position of high demand.

Scott career began in advertising where he worked with some of the biggest media outlets in the world, including CBS Sports Radio. Scott then went on to pursue a career as a booking agent/entertainment consultant where he has come to work with some of the biggest acts in the history of the music business. Amongst his roster are Colby Odonis and Ya Boy, two of AKON’s artist signed to Konvict Muzik, as well as Dr. Dre’s son and west coast prince Curtis Young. Also Dj Rocky Rock of Black Eye Peas, T-Lopez from Cash Money Records, Bonnie Pointer from Pointer Sisters and Suga Bang from Wu-Tang Clan.

Scott has also been hired as the music and marketing supervisor for the Xbox Live video game College Lacrosse, collaborating with XBOX as well as Crosse studios to produce and promote this series of games. Some ventures he’s been working on consist of international compilation cd’s bringing together tracks by artist’ from all regions of the world including Africa, Germany, Spain, France, London and of course the U.S. The first several volumes of this global mix tape series are set for release in early 2011 through Island Def Jam Digital.

Scott plans to make a global impact with everything he is affiliated with. Focusing mainly on brand development through sponsorship and product placement as well as the promotion and growth of the Global attack mix tape, Scott and Elevated Solutions will continue gaining notoriety and an international presence.

Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists. For more information, visit www.GlobalAttackMixTapes.com or stay tuned in the music news.

ASHA K Was Named International-HipHop TV Show Host of The Year 2010 by International-hiphop.com

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Asha K

Asha K

INTERNATIONAL HIP-HOP TV show host of the year for 2010, Asha K is on borad with International-Hiphop.com. Asha K is 27 and was born in Birmingham, UK. She moved to Sunny Brisbrane, Australia when she was 8.Completed school and a University Degree (BA maj. in Film and Media from Griffith University) by the age of 21.

Asha K

Asha K

Asha K started her first full time TV hosting gig straight out of University, on a national daily kids show in Australia, ‘Hot Source’. After 2 years  she moved to Sydney, and became the host of the Disney Channel.

Asha K

Asha K

While working for Disney Asha K traveled the world, interviewed lots of celebrities and interesting people, performed at live events, and was even nominated for a TV award by her industry peers! She believes it enabled her to not only continue working hard, but open up amazing doors of opportunity around the world.

Asha K is currently hosting ‘This Week in Music’, and just started a Tech series for Mahalo.com. She will be  “BIG” in the International-HipHop.com and Global Attack Mixtape Series movement.

Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists.  For more information, visit www.GlobalAttackMixTapes.com or stay tuned in the music news.

Yvette Lopez Appearing on Global Attack Mixtape Series

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Yvette in Maxim

Yvette in Maxim

Yvette Anna Marie Lopez is one of the hottest Playboy Latina models in the modern day. She has published in 6+ issues and features many sizzling photo shoots. Yvette also writes and manages her own musical talent to be showcased on the Global Attack Mixtape Series.

By age 17 Lopez was already living in Las Vegas working on her modeling career. She comes from a very nice family with talented Latin musicians and performers. Both her brothers and father Gilbert with uncle Jerry are well known performers at festivals in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Yvette first appeared on Playboy at the age of 19 while still working her music career out. She was enjoying the young extravagant life as a super model while also focusing hard to make her dreams reality.

She has since gone on to feature 6 of the publications major shoots which skyrocketed her into a path towards Los Angeles. She has made plenty of red carpet appearances with her beautiful face to be found in many celebrity magazines.

“”I loved LA because of the weather and it was a place to get started on what I know best, which is singing and modeling and I did a bit of acting”, says Lopez.

Yvette Lopez Chillin

Yvette Lopez Chillin

Since then Yvette has worked in countless commercials and opportunities in Independent Films. More recently she made a notable appearance on Chris Angels Mind Freak Halloween Special. From here she had started realizing how to focus on her musical talent with plans to continue following her destiny.

So far Lopez has recorded a total of 10 songs for a new CD to be released soon. Many of the tracks are already in rotation at many clubs and radio stations throughout Europe and Latin America. Writer and Producer Peter Rafelson is involved with production of the album and show for her tour. Rafelson has worked with many top ten Billboard singles such as Madonna and Britney Spears.

Big Island Reporter Cover Girl Yvette Lopez

Big Island Reporter Cover Girl Yvette Lopez

Now recently returning to Las Vegas Yvette plans to gather herself and prepare for her upcoming tour. Lopez states “Vegas is the place for me to create exactly what I want for the show. It will be an extremely sexy, fun dance show and what better place for sexy?”.

She will also be working with award winning Playboy photographer Robert Scott Hooper while back at home. They will be producing new photos for her upcoming tour and modeling exhibit for Hooper’s Erotic Autos book project. From here Lopez will also feature many tracks on the Global Attack Mixtape Series and provides a beautiful addition to the Mixtape Series family.

The Face of Yvette

The Beautiful Face of Yvette

First Global Attack Queen, Farah Zulaikha

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Imagine that worldwide hip hop had a face. Imagine it was a beautiful face, crossing ethnicity borders, and landing it’s perfection onto your television, radio, and above every day of the month. Perhaps… you may already be imagining the likes of the First Global Attack Queen…

Video by Djehuti Asar
Farah Zulaikha & Elevated Scott

Farah Zulaikha & Elevated Scott

Elevated Scott has chosen Elv8 Entertainment Solutions very first GLOBAL ATTACK girl / brand ambassador, Farah Zulaikha – the international supermodel and young philanthropist. Having accomplished an incredible resume (and family history), she has offered to help pick out the rest of the GLOBAL ATTACK Calendar girls for the 2012 calendar year and travel the Globe promoting the project at top fashion events. CEO, Scott McDowell, has only great things to say about her:

“I was very lucky to find such a hardworking beautiful supermodel to help join my team.   Farah is such a great person and she is such a successful model; we are honored and privileged to have her as the first ever GLOBAL ATTACK GIRL and have her hand selecting the remanding 11 girls with me for our GLOBAL ATTACK CALENDAR that we plan to release in 2012.   I hope that the world is ready for what we have in store with myself and Farah on the hunt for the next GLOBAL ATTACK GIRLS we are truly on a mission to merge the world and music and fashion worlds to new heights!” – Scott McDowell

Farah's Controversial Cross Photo

Farah's Controversial Cross Photo

Described by Tyra Banks as “beautiful beyond belief” and having an exotic and ethnically ambigous look, Miss Zuliakha has admittedly been the muse to many designers, even becoming the face of Zhozet Boutique in 2008. With her dark hair, explosive lips, and signature runway walk, Farah became The Oxybleach India International Fashion Week (OIIFW) favoritew and eventually became the official “model liason” for the shows, participating in countless red carpet interviews. Various websites all around the net go into great detail praising her every breath and strand of hair, so you know she must have touched a few lives.

Farah Zulaikha

Farah Zulaikha

Keep an eye out for her worldwide, as Farah can be seen participating at all high end fashion shows around the world, including France, Italy, and Germany. Coming up, “Miss Photogenic” will be in Munich December 23rd through January 4th in a photo shoot for GQ Germany. She will also while in munich be making several appearances for the global attack mixtape series on StreetVibes 92.5FM and going to several events representing Global Attack Mixtape series.