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Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simple and easy way to find out about concerts/performances when they are first announced?  Well there is….meet your new best friend.  Founded in 2007, Songkick is an incredibly useful tool that you will most certainly use from now on, if you have not done so already.  All you have to do is type the name of your favorite artist or what show you want to see in the search bar, then simply click track.  Songkick will then send personalized concert alerts to you when such artists announce a tour date in your city.  You can also track artists in bulk with the Songkick iTunes application or by importing via or your Facebook likes.  Songkick is the perfect way to learn about any sort of show happening at any type of venue worldwide.  And it doesn’t stop there, visit the Songkick website to learn what else this innovative tool can do for you.

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“REB” brings a Conscience sound to the Global Attack Mixtape Series!

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Born on July 12, 1988 in Newark, New Jersey, Derrick Avent who stages under the name “Reb” moved to a small town in


the south known as Blakely, Ga at the age of 5 where he attended school and graduated in 2006. At the age of 17, He moved to Atlanta, Ga to start his new life. Music has been a part of his daily life since the tender age of 12. Rapping over tapes or whatever source he can use to get his music out. Growing up was tough in his neighborhood being that it wasn’t enough jobs and his mother raising five kids. Opportunities never showed up for him as it did for others but that didn’t discourage him. It actually made him a stronger individual. Never having anything at an early age made him humble and thankful for the things that he did obtain in life.



His major influences in music is Bone Thugz-N-Harmony, Jay-Z, 2Pac, Nas, B.I.G, Method Man & Redman, Fabolous, Young Jeezy, Drake, Lil Wayne and J. Cole. His style of music has no limitations. Whether its Country or Techno, Reb always gained new ideas about music by expanding his mind. Personal hardships conflicted him but that didn’t alter his speed much. “As long as you strive, you will drive,” as he put it. Finally getting over the fear of taking risks, he decided to pursue his dream of a rapper. He knew that it will be a tough road but with his poised personality, Reb knew he would go farther than he perceived.


Life is full of possibilities and you never know how great they are until you’re on your course to actually achieving it. He put his trust in God and stepped  out of the door to Life. Reb always had a passion for music but he never expected it to go anywhere. So he thought of it as a hobby. Starting to build more confidence with every song he wrote, he realized it was more than a hobby. Its a way of life.  His east coast swagger with a hint of southern hospitality puts Reb in a hybrid category. Reb writes about the hardships of the ghetto, everyday life, the dream, and positivity and of course “The Game.” If he knows a plan to succeed, He is very humble to pass it on to others.



His plan is to get the “Young Movement” to start thinking positive with positive motivational raps and to have an open mind. If you cut off everyone else feedback, then you are one dimensional. “And in this world, that is no way to be,”Reb states. He know this life won’t be easy but he has accepted this life as his own. In God he trusts.

Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists. For more information, visit or stay tuned in the music new



Rapper Nate Dogg Dead at 41, sends their condolences to a WestCoast legend!

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Heaven just got another Dogg.

nate dogg the westcoast don

Sadly, after years of battling deteriorating health, rapper and LBC native Nate Dogg (whose real name was Nathaniel Hale) passed away at the age of 41.

No exact cause of death was immediately released when the family announced his death to the Long Beach Press Telegram, though the rapper suffered two massive strokes in recent years, one in 2007 which left him partially paralyzed, and another in 2008.

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Nate Dogg was a four-time Grammy nominee and a major participant in the West Coast G-Funk sound, contributing memorable and chart-topping hooks to hits spanning the past two decades, starting with his heavy featuring on Dr. Dre‘s The Chronic. He went on to add his smooth, laid-back sound to Warren G‘s “Regulate,” Dre and Snoop Dogg‘s “The Next Episode,” Ludacris‘ “Area Codes” and Eminem‘s “Shake That.” His most recent solo album, Nate Dogg, was released in 2008.

Frequent collaborator and longtime friend Snoop (back in 1991, then unknown pals Snoop, Nate and Warren G formed a rap group called 213) was the first to publicly mourn the loss.

“We lost a true legend n hip hop n rnb,” he tweeted last night. “One of my best friends n a brother to me since 1986 when I was a sophomore at poly high where we met.

Nate Dogg



Digitized Hip Hop “The worlds #1 Hip hop Blog Magazine!

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Shawn Perry is an edgy blogger who created Digitized Hip Hop The Worlds #1

Digitized Hip Hop Logo

Hip-Hop Magazine Blog that has attracted nearly 6,000 regular followers in just under two years. He reaches out with information on creating music and earning money. His special interest is marketing dope music. He tells it like it is without any sugar coating. A Internet entrepreneur, Shawn shares his secrets.

Shawn’s special philosophy is to “embrace your differences, make the best original content and leverage it online. Being different not only helps you stand out from the noise, but it gives you competitive edge. It is easy to copy, but it is impossible fully mimic the strengths of an original person. Everyone can stand out and be great at least for 5 minutes online, that is all it takes for one idea to spread like wild fire.”

You can follow and contact Shawn @

Digitized Hip Hop Fan Page


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Bobby V. – Words

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Born in Mississippi but raised in Atlanta, smooth R&B crooner Bobby Wilson (also known as Bobby V) had a hard time convincing his skeptical parents that the music business was the place for him. When the 16-year-old Wilson hooked up with the Organized Noize Productions team, his parents knew he was serious and that his dream of a record deal was entirely possible.

With a group of friends, he formed Mista, a Boyz II Men-styled singing group that made some waves with their single “Blackberry Molasses.” The group’s self-titled album appeared in 1996 but failed to match the single’s success. A second, unreleased album was recorded with producer Timbaland’s help but management problems split the group and Wilson decided to focus on college. After earning his degree in 2003, he returned to demo work. One of his demos ended up in the hands of Ludacris, who made Wilson the first R&B singer in the rapper’s DTP (Disturbing tha Peace) crew. The sultry “Slow Down” announced the singer’s rebirth as a DTP member in early 2005 and soon became a BET and radio favorite. As the ballad was landing on numerous schools’ prom ballots, Def Jam/DTP released his self-titled debut, a Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart-topper. Special Occasion equaled that success in 2007, yet Wilson left his label on good terms and aligned with EMI. His first album with EMI, titled The Rebirth and released through his boutique label, Blu Kolla Dreams, was released in February 2009 and featured productions from longtime collaborators Tim & Bob, as well as Carlos McKinney and Raphael Saadiq. Wilson was known as Bobby Valentino until a legal settlement was reached with a British Bobby Valentino.

DIZZY DIZASTA AND HECTIC from W.O.L.V.E.S are in it to win it!

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David formally known as “Dizzy Mutha F*ckin Dizasta” noted as being a versitile artist was born to Hip-hop. Dizzy started off his rap career by doing little battles here and there eventually giving him the name as a battle MC. Dizasta has worked with many artist such as Saigon, Sean Price,Termanology, PF Cuttin, Beanie Siegel, Canibus, Keith Murray, Redman, Eric Sermon, Buddha Monk, Capadonna, Prospect and Armageddon(Terror Squad), Lord Jamar(Brand Nubian), Special Teamz, Krumbsnatcha, M-Dot, Mr.Cheeks & The Lost Boys, Red Cafe, Jr Writer, Edo.G, Larry Cheeba, NitePeople Prod. and many others. Without yet putting out his own peace of work he’s featured on many ill projects such as Ariez’ first mixtape”Expect the Unexpected”, Larry Cheeba’s “Ice Pick Vol.2”, the up and coming “Mass Movements” by Leedz Edutainment, Nine Millz “Got Yo Peace Album”, & Harlem 6’s “Ode to The Wu” album. The launch-pad for promotions came with my introduction to Str8 Up Ent back in October of 2003 for the Redman, Kieth Murray, and Erick Sermon followed by a series of his own productions under ZP Ent. Now apart of the first O.D.B tribute group(Dirty Clanzmen) and with Jimmy Kang CEO of Str8 Up Ent. now taking this young artist under his wing, who knows what can be accomplished. Integrity is said be obvious to the masses by a mans actions, Then through the course of this artists lyrical delivery let it be seen. Although his “Step ya game up” swagger may be noticable upon meeting this artist. So will his humbility as an MC. Ladies and Gentle men dis is The Official Dizasta!


For any one who dont know HECTIC,here you go.I was born in WORCESTER,ma(WORTOWN) and raised in the streets of the LAW(LAWTOWN),while growing up in law,i went out to murda millz(LOWELL) and started living there with my aunt.where i started working on my craft,building a buzz and earning the respect of the local og rappers around my way,i then became a member of the lawtown super collective “MISSING ELEMENTS” who at the time was under the tutelage of the GANGSTARR foundation and BLESS ONE,but like with any other group we lost contact with each other as a unit, but with no love lost,at the same time I had always maintained a tight relationship with DRAMATIK who along with 360′ infinite(LUNOX and ASTRO),brought me to the attention of KRUMBSNATCHA(KRUMB) who then put me on his W.O.L.V.E.S project.While under KRUMB’S wing I learned alot about the industry,and met alot of industry people.One of those people was TERMANOLOGY(TERM),Who I had already known from a couple of local battles,and from my missing element days when I started hollering at him and his partner ED-ROCK(EASY MONEY) about appearing on a local hip hop radio station WERS 88.9,ed and term came along and somehow we got the dj to play one of thier tracks for the first time EVER on the radio.So on that note check the breakdown.I AM a member of W.O.L.V.E.S,and I AM a member of ST.da SQUAD,thus the name,”ST.REET WOLF”,I am the c.e.o of “ROB-A-FELLA ENT.”and i am managed by MAGNETIC MOVEMENT AND MARKETING(SNG ENT),



Black- Steele lays down the Iron fist on the Global Attack Mixtape Series!

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Black- Steele

Clyde Black and D. Steele are the next generation of Hip-hop who are about to change the game with a Nu flava in ya ear – hitting the industry with a power punch.  And if you don’t know just like the late great lyricist Biggie Smalls made noise about, now you know.  A chance meeting at a local studio, Clyde Black and D. Steele met when Black ran over studio time as most artists do.  The two hadn’t seen each other in years.  Both had been grinding as solo artists, creating underground music but after a few years of knocking on the closed doors of Hip-Hop as soloists, they decided to kick it in as a group.  Backed by amazing production skills and sharpened lyrical abilities, “most sought after” is their current rating in the industry – but a thousand miles begin with a step – check out how the dream started.

After Clyde Black had hustled on the show circuit for a few years on his own, he tried to collaborate with childhood friends Byrd and Hank. Byrd aka The Terminator, Hank aka the Destroyer and Black aka The Enforcer seemed like I good plan, but it didn’t last long and Black moved on.  He also tried rhyming at small functions with other different groups including his cousins from the Bronx called, East Side Rush, and finally with a clique ran by a cat named Kobe from Harlem.   Black, living in Harlem, had heard about Kobe through his school mate and was told he had to audition for Kobe’s clique.  Black’s first time auditioning, he rhymed over the phone at work and after he was done spitting 3 hot sixteen’s, Kobe said, “Yo dogs, you in. Call me after work”.   Black rocked with them for about a year and felt like he’d found a home until Kobe fell on hard times – the studio got shut down.


Yet life must go on and Black began vibing with another group – S.L.A.M., through his friend Dandy Don.  He’d attend group meetings and absorbed all that he could about being in a HipHop group. They were able to open up a show for Ms. Jones (a hook up through D.J. Chill Will from Dougie Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew); but the group broke up, and once again things were up in the air.  Life started getting in the way; there were brushes with the law, baby momma drama and no hip-hop.   A few years later, Black’s boy Big Bear hooked him up with a local producer and engineer, Lord Itill.   Itill created a small home studio in the Bronx where Black came to record song after song, perfecting his craft as a soloist and being featured on other tracks with underground artist like Lady Mahogany (I Love U), Silky (Hurry Home) and Reservoir Dogs (Black Queens).  It was at this studio where Black hooked up with Steele.  After he heard Steele put some beats down; he knew that together, they could put down something special.
Hailing from the infamous Soundview Projects in the Bronx, Steele followed in the footsteps of the legendary Mr. Freeze (of the Jazzy Five Mc’s) and Mc Sundance, both from Soundview; he started out doing the beat box and writing rhymes.   Sundance was the first MC for Africa Bam Bata and the Zulu Nation.  Steele got his first studio experience rhyming with the original Jazzy J and Mr. Freeze and also learned to produce – they were blown away by his talent at such a young age.  Word got out and he began producing records for neighborhood friends, but the sudden passing of his beloved mother brought things to an abrupt halt.  Steele had to drop out of high school to take care of himself and his little brother. In the rat race, he struggled to survive and sometimes worked two jobs to put food on the table, but his hip-hop dreams would never fade. Over the years, he was able to purchase an MPC 60 and start a home studio – but the need to make ends meet was stronger and soon, he had to sell his equipment in order to do so.

> As Steele continued to persist, he got the chance to work as an A and R for Radical Records. His burning desire for the stage was so overwhelming that he networked several connections and then left to start his own thing. Steele produced records for underground groups and performed with Radical Records artists; Prince Dominique, Stress-Out and Crossfire. He then started producing music for his own songs putting out the underground classic, “Bronx Encore”, which was the number 1 record in the S.U.R.E. record pool.  His projects were created at Lord Itill’s studio where he would bang out beats at an obscene rate.  Steele was working with one of his groups when he bumped into Clyde Black.  Black heard the track they were doing and immediately wanted to work with Steele.  Steele heard a few of Black’s rhymes and Black-Steele was born.
Starting with the single “I Got Ya”, they broke into the S.U.R.E. record pool as the greatest gainer and number 15 on the charts. As of late, they’ve been making noise with the street anthem, ” Gangsta Lean”. Black and Steele managed to put together the album, Hustle Musik: Journey to my Destiny, Out in 2010, the lead single “Get Back” showcases Clyde Black’s superior wordplay and D. Steele’s raspy voice, dope lyrics and unmatched production style.

WATSON the GREAT Ent. and family enters the Global Attack Mixtape Series!!!

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CEO of Watson the Great Ent.

Leslie Watson was born in East Baton Rouge Parish,  Louisiana  on October 16, 1979 . He was an athlete from an early age. His first sport was basketball then baseball then boxing, then football. He also was an outdoors men. As Watson would quote it in his deep southern drawl “I love to hunt and fishand I shot my first deer at the age of 8.” From then he went from shooting shotguns and rifles to bows and arrows . His  love for hunting kept him in the swamps and the woods but as he got older football became his main sport. After high school I went straight to college to began a short career as a student .After a few semesters of college I stepped out in the business  world and became a Master Barber. Later I opened my on business an became an entrepreneur. On my free time I began getting  back in shape for boxing. After training for years, I started competing on a Professional level in 2005. In 2006 my manager died and I took a little time away from competition.After taking time away from boxing I invested in flight school and became a Private Pilot.Later began to study body art.I became a tattooist in 2009. In later 2009 I started my record label called Watson The Great Ent. My label consist of Gutta , Lil Juice and Watson The Great.I am the CEO and Gutta is the President and what we are bringing to the industry is that Southern Hospitality Music that comes from the soul.  Watson the Great Ent. and his roster of artists are a new force to be reckoned with point, blank, period.

Watson the Great Ent. ARTISTS

Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists. For more information, visit or stay tuned in the music news.

Gutta an Artist and president

Young Lean the DREAM, proves that dreams come true with his debut on the Global Attack Mixtape!

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Young the Dream

Young The Dream started rapping seriously about the age of 18 I grew up in Oakland,CA in the heart of the Bay Area. As a kid I used to watch MTV and CMC all the time all I ever wanted to be was a famous rapper,so I invested in my own studio equipment from then on its been nonstop for me I’m talking about late nights in the studio almost everyday whenever I have a chance to make music I made sure I stayed working. Threw this long road I’ve dealt with my shady labels and shady folks so I feel like that made me a really experienced young hiphop artist with a lot of good music to give,there’s not too many Latin artist who rap the way I do I feel like I can be a good role model for young musicians who have the same ambitions


Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists. For more information, visit or stay tuned in the music news.