Flying Lotus – Never Catch Me ft. Kendrick Lamar (Music Video)

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Flying Lotus, ‘Never Catch Me feat. Kendrick Lamar’, a film by Hiro Murai. The song appears on ‘You’re Dead!’, preview the album and learn more at

NEW MUSIC ALERT: Snoop Lion Ft. Akon – Tired of Running [Music Video]

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Video: Red Cafe – His Story

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Red Cafe provides us with a set of visuals for ‘His Story’ off his most recent mixtape “Hell’s Kitchen”.

Rihanna Caught Smoking Weed?

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Pop superstar Rihanna was seen smoking on something that resembled a marijuana blunt while relaxing in Hawaii. The singer has never been shy about her affinity for ‘ganja’–she was involved in an incident two years ago when a hotel complained about marijuana smoke coming from her room. She confirmed via Twitter that she was indeed getting baked.
“Kush rolled, glass full…I prefer the better things!” she tweeted.

Jeevz Menon Gets On Board With The Global Attack!

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Jeevz Menon is a determined young artist and producer whose tremendous talent is matched only by his determination and work ethic. Jeevan is a Malaysian native who developed his love of music learning from his mother, an accomplished Indian singer in her own right, and listening to the greats including his all-time favorite: Michael Jackson. He now hails in Boston where he completed his Songwriting Degree from Berklee College of Music. Jeevz is quickly expanding an already impressive resume that includes performances in front of Malaysia’s King and former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohammad as well as Earth, Wind, and Fire. He has been the recipient of prestigious awards and accolades including several awards and nominations in the 2009 and 2010 AVIMA (Asia Voice Independent Music Awards).

Jeevan secured the position of official music composer for the Innovation and Knowledge (INK) Conference 2010 in conjunction with Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED). Confirmed speakers at this event include James Cameron, Deepak Chopra, Matt Groening, Derek Sivers, and many more. This year, with an equally accomplished lineup of speakers from across the world, he was once again their main music man. His compositions earned rave reviews at the conference.

“I’m constantly trying to grow in new directions, expanding my music universe to space unknown.” – Jeevz Menon

He is currently working on his debut album. JM will be working with talented songwriters and producers, including Grammy Award winning producer, Prince Charles Alexander from the United States, in which he believes will give the extra edge to his already unique sound.

Just press Play.

Quotes on Artist:

“Jeevan is a naturally gifted musician that makes musical magic effortlessly. He will deliver music in his lifetime that millions will hear.” – Prince Charles Alexander, Grammy Award winning American producer & audio engineer (P.Diddy, Usher, Beyonce, Notorious B.I.G, Mary J. Blige, Sting)

“JM’s talents as a musician and songwriter reflect the influences of an emerging hybrid culture that will take us beyond our narrow boundaries to a new cross cultural identity” – Deepak Chopra.

“Jeevz is a great writer, composer, and performer; A real rare talent with an incredible drive. My bet is he’ll continue up and up to incredible success.”
– Derek Sivers, founder, CD Baby

“Just wait and watch out for Jeevz, the sonic cyclone!” – Raghava KK, artist & TED Speaker

“There will be more to come from this enticing young man. He is well on his way there… and I know where the destination is.”
– Jon Aldrich, Associate Professor of Songwriting @ Berklee College of Music.

Jeevz Menon, Ace da Youngin & Flames Flow – Twistin’ My Mind-MP3

50 Cent On DJ Pauly D

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50 Cent talked about his signing of DJ Pauly D to G-Unit Records. Fif says that Pauly has the potential to be on the level of famous DJs like DJ Khaled or David Guetta, and he feels that Pauly could help expand the rapper’s G-Unit brand and identity.
“When Pauly came by to see me, they had options,” 50 says. “They had several places that they were going, and people that were interested in doing a deal with him. Obviously, the momentum from “Jersey Shore” was spun off into him being the first one to have his own independent series. They’re moving places and DJing in front of bigger audiences, and getting ready to make moves internationally, where the DJ is the star, overseas. When I sat with him, I saw the opportunities we could have moving forward, with brand extension and packaging the music…I look forward to it. I call him “the bridge.” He’s going to be something between what you would get from a DJ Khaled or a DJ Drama and what you would get from David Guetta.”

Snoop Dogg Debuts New Cigar Brand

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Rapper Snoop Dogg is launching of his own new cigar brand Executive Branch. Snoop was previously announced as the co-headliner for the upcoming Coachella festival this year alongside fellow West Coast legend Dr. Dre, and fans will have the opportunity to purchase cigarillos.
The Executive Branch Cigarillos will be sold for $0.99 a pouch with two cigars included.The Dominican tobacco was hand-picked by Snoop â??to ensure the highest quality,” according to a press release.

Mannie Fresh Wants His Money From Cash Money!

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Superproducer Mannie Fresh is still waiting on Cash Money to give him his money. Fresh was the man behind virtually all of the label’s early hits, but he and the label parted ways due to financial issues. According to Mannie, those issues haven’t been resolved. “We still have money issues. We will always have them, as long as Cash Money is selling anything that has Mannie Fresh on it. ‘Til this day, I’m like, ‘Dude, what’s going on? Where are the statements for this?’ There’s always some kind of complication, that’s all I can say,” Fresh said in an interview. “Everybody has to get paid. It would be something large if Cash Money did a tour with the first generation of artists, but with everything that’s happened, we need money upfront and on top of that we all need our own attorneys. You don’t get my money and pay me-I get my money directly.”

DJ Grind (UK) Interviews Marcus Paulk, talks his new movie (Red Tails) and his music career.

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Bow Wow Ft Lloyd Banks – Yeah Yeah (FREE DOWNLOAD)

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