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J. Taylor has been creating music since he was 13. He fell in love with music over the years of hearing Marvin Gaye and other old school artist as his grandmother cleaned their home while his mother was away at work. Music was his escape from the harsh reality of a child growing up with Alopecia.

 Greatly influenced by fellow Illinois native, Kanye West, J. Taylor first leap into music was as a producer, until he was asked to feature on a song.

“As soon as I heard my voice from the speakers, I knew this was what I wanted to do forever,” he says.”I admit it took a while for me to get comfortable with my voice, but seeing how others reacted to my lyrics gave me a feeling that I would never forget.”

In all efforts to keep his image authentic, he chose to use his real name as his stage name; J for Julius and Taylor, which is his last name. His musical sound has been self defined as “Feel Music”, which is the art of freely expressing oneself through song. Many artists place themselves in an invisible box by sticking to one style of music or a particular genre. J. Taylor is not afraid to express himself or share his experiences through other genre other than Rap. He doesn’t settle for just creating club music or party songs, but he shares his feelings of love, lust, and his own struggles. Hip Hop is not just a form of expression to him, but it is his profession and religion.


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Contay is a lyrical genius and a musical entrepreneur! Born Dramaine Contay Smith in Greenville, MS and raised in Riverdale, Ga Contay started writing poetry at an early age in elementary and perfected his craft throughout high school. Now 24 years of age he seeks to revolutionize hip-hop and the way it is being viewed. Contay is an all around performer. A great dancer with immaculate stage presence he will blow your mind away performing his hits! Listen to the positive vibe and the natural feel his songs inspire. That feeling that will grab you and keep you through the whole song! Although Contay considers himself a lyrical genius on the mic he also seeks to build a relationship with the community. To truly more than a monetary value. He seeks to be the example of a true role model in hip hop for kids of all ages. Stay tuned ladies and gentleman because the best has yet to arrive!

RedFox Da Arsonist Burned Down the Underground

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RedFox with Da Salute

RedFox with Da Salute

In the music game, some were destined to play.  RedFox Da Arsonist (a.k.a “RF”) began his life as Edward Joseph Swaby in Brownsville Brooklyn, NY, USA.  He was one of eight siblings to his West Indian parents, Prudence Walters & Edward Leonard Swaby. Growing up with a broken home, money troubles, and a harsh environment, RF learned the hard life the hard way eventually turning his talents loose as an M.C.

RedFox Da Arsonist

RedFox Da Arsonist

Hip hop was all around him in Queens where he moved to, and he felt connected through the history of the land and the family of Hip Hop superstars such as Run DMC. Even when away from his family at a group home, a guard on duty let him meet his personal friends in the game: Pee Wee Kirkland and Vinnie from Naughty By Nature. RF listened to Snoop Dogg, Wu-Tang, Master Ace, Nas, Biggie, Da Brat, Tupac, & even The Fugees to which he pulled his inspiration and began free-styling.

RF at the Graffiti Wall

RF at the Graffiti Wall

After being encouraged by a few compliments by fellow dudes at the local basketball court, RF met up with rappers Teff and Warlock to form Desert Eagles. The producer of the Crystal Lake imprint hooked them up with shows with Jadakiss and Fabulous and backstage passes and met Lil Bow Wow, Lil Romeo, & Lil Zane. In 2001, the group split up.

2004 marked a rebirth for RedFox Da Arsonist with his first solo release, “Who GOD Bless, No Man Curse” selling independently 10,000 copies. 2005 he released “The Industrial Revolution” with somewhat lesser success. In 2006, RF began an onslaught of constant shows at various clubs and venues that all led up to his 2008 album, “IR2, Corporate Conglomerate”. Things started to really pick up, and RedFox has since appeared in magazine and print, got a ringtone deal, performed at the New Jersey Music Conference, performed at Get Your Buzz Up, appeared on WebTV’s 24/7 Grind with Frankie the Boss (which is about to get picked up by Direct TV).

Red Fox Da Arsonist’ latest project is the mixtape series “Welcome To Goonsville Enemy of the State” which can be heard on Dotpiff Links: Volume 2 | Volume 3 .


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Born Ruler is one of today’s reminders in Hip-Hop, letting us know that the conscious MC didn’t go anywhere.  Born


Alfred T. Farrar, 3RD, in 1977 in  Bronx, New York, his single parent environment was the perfect condition to form the MC that he is today.
Coming of age in a time when Hip-Hop was showing and proving its power to dominate the world.  Born has kept his fingers dusty digging in crates at a very early age.  As a child and young teen he experienced various musical talents while traveling up and down the East coast.
Located in Richmond, Va he dominates local MC’s in rhyme battles, Born has a gift for preserving the feeling that was once felt in the atmosphere of Hip-Hop.  He is what you would call MC/ Producer, choosing to have MC placed first.  Born Ruler has written, produced, recorded and mixed all of his own music and beats.   Born has produced albums for groups such as The A-Alikeminds, Project Feed the
Baby, and also a project called Dark Matter.
So when you hear any music done by Born Ruler, you leave knowing that the Bronx was here.  His beats are very universal and have a Boom Bap Hip-Hop foundation. He says, “He is here to bring the passion back to conscious rhyme”.  Many people who have heard Born’s work mostly reply with, “Hey, where can I find more Hip-Hop music that sounds like this”.
You can find Born every Friday from 9pm-11pm at the Richmond University Radio WDCE, on The Bumrush Show.  He is known as the resident MC.

Be The First To Find Out About Concerts

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Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simple and easy way to find out about concerts/performances when they are first announced?  Well there is….meet your new best friend.  Founded in 2007, Songkick is an incredibly useful tool that you will most certainly use from now on, if you have not done so already.  All you have to do is type the name of your favorite artist or what show you want to see in the search bar, then simply click track.  Songkick will then send personalized concert alerts to you when such artists announce a tour date in your city.  You can also track artists in bulk with the Songkick iTunes application or by importing via or your Facebook likes.  Songkick is the perfect way to learn about any sort of show happening at any type of venue worldwide.  And it doesn’t stop there, visit the Songkick website to learn what else this innovative tool can do for you.

Visit the following link to get started:


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From a less fortunate life all the way to a successful music career, the last few years have been an amazing adventure for IL mc professionally known as MAFF TEST. Maff always knew that the music business would make way in his life for as long as he could remember. Unlike many young adults growing up less fortunate in a single parent home, TEST would never allow this type of stigma to slow him up from what his ultimate goal was and that is to make a name for himself as a recording artist and songwriter.

When asked the details of the hood or city he was from, TEST simply states that he was from “Harvey” and then tells

Maff Test

reporters to do their own research and be the judge. We found Harvey to be a poverty stricken suburban city of 3 or 4 projects, corrupted law enforcement, complete with gang and drug pollution. Later in life, TEST’s would be nicknamed YOUNG HARVEY, since he is the first to represent their city by “putting it on the map.” While he doesn’t talk much about his painful early years, fans learn about his childhood as his struggles are often expressed through his songs.

In the early days of rap, TEST wrestled with the transition from the streets to the music industry, although it was obvious right from the start, he had a way with words. MAFF was not at first inclined to choose music, “its a gift i was chosen to be given”. Hustling simply to survive, he sought the few extras in other income producing forms that he believed he could not obtain working at a 9 to 5, hard work and risk here & there. Before long, he was addicted to the fast life, one that provided not only for himself, but for his family as well. But, his family and friends observed his incredible ability to create, not only a verse here and there, but richly filled complete songs with very little effort.

With critics saying his skills are beyond equal to many of today’s acts, he is a true lyricist delivering incredible narration of not only the streets but night life and plenny more. He combines pain and struggle through clever metaphors fueled by raw energy and confidence. To quote TEST: “I bring forth significant realism and add in a sense of security that demonstrates I’m not afraid to be myself. People accept you as you are, not some made up image that appears as something you’re not.

After moving to Atlanta a year ago and benefiting from the progressive flow of the rap scene with help from the likes of DJ Khaled on Big Bizness; Volume 1, Test is back adding and multiplying his buzz with his second mixtape, Big Bizness; Volume 2 and the message is clearly one that everyone can relate to: “It don’t come like that”.

Currently on tour with stops in The Bay Area, Ohio, Indiana, Jacksonville and New York, Maff Test is on a mission to make his sound known, which he describes as well rounded and versatile enough to reach a broad audience. “You may hear one song that sounds completely different than another song. My music is like gumbo,” a well rounded variety.

Learn more about Maff Test at

jon wain

The credits or lack thereof for producer John “Jon Wain” Frazier shed little to no light on what this creative genius is more than capable of. Born the oldest son to a mother struggling to find her way in a southern suburb of Chicago, Frazier was inspired by an uncle at an early age to explore the world of music. As he grew, he dedicated more and more time to the seriousness of his undiscovered talent. By his teens, he wanted to become a singer and decided to form a trio, which caught the attention of his close family and friends. His first attempt at a professional singing career didn’t come until after high school, when a local independent label signed John and his then group “Kwiet Storm” to a recording deal, during which time the group shot two music videos and recorded an album which was prepared for a national release. Aside getting radio play and national exposure for their music video, in 2001 Frazier served the label with his letter of resignation from any dealings with the trio for personal reasons. Shortly after regrouping from the breakup, Frazier decided to turn his musical creativity to the production side of the industry. It was 2-3 years of trial and error for the perfecting of his craft as a music producer when the name “Jon Wain” was given to him by one of his rap artists. He has since worked with countless local and professional acts (none to credit), none of which has had the consistency to take him to the next stage in his career. Realizing that there are more ways to break into the industry than through the “front door”, he decided to take the opportunity given to him by a former friend to compose music for the “Oprah Winfrey Show”. Frazier signed a deal with Harpo Productions in the Spring of 2005 and has had countless spins on the show. Today he’s being offered commercial spots for “Mc Donald’s” and the “Pillsbury” companies. At the age of 26, John is far beyond his talent years and on his way to becoming the production powerhouse he’s longed to be. With styles and inspirations coming from influences such as Rodney Jerkins, Dallas Austin, Warren Campbell, and Rich Harrison to name a few, Frazier is a force to be reckoned with and well deserving of his rightful place in the music industry.


Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists. For more information, visit or stay tuned in the music new



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With a unique and smooth delivery, G.R.’s new highly anticipated and hyped album, Biorhythm, brings a style that is


unique and fresh to the hip-hop world.

G.R., who has already taken the music world by storm, takes pride in his unique beats. He is a trendsetter and go-getter pursuing success with a ferocity that is rarely seen, even in the highly competitive music industry.

“I have no interest in being a run-of-the mill rap artist,” G.R. explains. “I feel that my music, and my artistic vision, will explain where I come from. I feel that music is a universal language, and I try to explain the way I see the world through my eyes so that everyone will easily understand it.”

G.R. expresses multiple layers of his personality by delivering several different types of messages and styles. His artistic vision is conveyed to the fullest when he steps behind the mike and drops a ‘hot verse’ with a high level of passion, energy, and emotion.

In addition to his unique delivery, G.R. takes pride in his ability to make and produce several unique beats that have turned the world of hip-hop upside down. Using a combination of sample beats and instrumentals, G.R. does several collaborations with

G.R., who was born and raised in the steely and industrial city of Peoria, Ill., talks about his experiences from a global perspective while still finding the delicate balance of maintaining his musical roots.

From writing music about the fast paced Hollywood lifestyles, to rapping about serious subjects about love and loss, there isn’t a subject that G.R. is afraid to tackle. The Biorhythm cd is highly autobiographical and revealing of the mysterious life and times of G.R.  It is presented and told with a unique sound and delivery only G.R. can attain.

Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists. For more information, visit or stay tuned in the music new



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For three weeks now every Wu related blog or forum has been discussing and posting opinions on Rae’s new album as if


their lives depended on it. Fans are going back and forth on topics such as the lyrics, the type of beats, song titles, the kung fu samples, the features, whether this album is better than OBFCL II or not, if Rae delivered as promised when he first mentioned this project after the 8 Diagrams dispute …

To be honest I’ve been keeping away from all of that since it started, to keep my view on “Shaolin vs Wu Tang” unaffected. Once the album arrived I grabbed some essential provisions, hung a “Do NOT disturb” sign at my Wu Cave, kissed the Mrs. and kids goodbye and went underground with it for about two weeks … to resurface this morning with the finished review ( and some strange rash on my back from sleeping on my “not-so-ergonomic-as-expected-pile of moss” ).

Where the new album stands in comparison to OBFCL I and whether “OBFCL II” or “Shaolin vs Wu tang” can now be labeled ‘best post OBFCL’ album from Raekwon are things that really have to wait to be answered fairly. The only question that I needed to get answered during my stay in Caveland was if Rae had managed to follow up his comeback album OBFCL II with another solid release …


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HipRoc-SoulRag: New Wave, New Genre 


Music’s new born genre, HipRoc-SoulRag, shows generations today, creativity at it’s’ best. For 2 years and counting, New Jersey artist, Jahn Q. Publaq compiles a collaboration of new age hits with old school classics, blending the familiar sounds of icons; Biggie Smalls, Jimmie Hendricks, Bob Marley, and Sam Cook paying homage to pioneers who inspire him to begin this new wave that supporters follow.
“I am paying my dues like any other artist only in a different way,” Jahn Q. Publaq said.

According to Publaq, the mixture of hip-hop, rock & roll, R&B/soul, and reggae, taps into the four main foundations of music, each exhibiting the makeup of today’s music. Music heads that tend to have an unsatisfying taste in search of a little more to fulfill a musical urge are now able to hear the familiar sounds under one category, all the while receiving a message many can relate to.


The title HipRoc-SoulRag is complex within itself, but gives vivid insight of the artist, Jahn Q. Publaq. Explaining how each genre is a part of who Publaq is as an artist expressing his understanding and passion of music.

“HipRoc-SoulRag explains who I am. I have a Hip-hop swagger, Rock star mentality, Soul in my blood, Reggae in my history,” Jahn Q. Publaq said.

While music constantly evolves, the message still remains the same. Publaq tells the only story he knows best by simply calling it as he lives it, translating his message into a universal language of music. Lyrically expressing his continuous internal and external growth through everyday issues can be witnessed. Publaq touches on topics far from your typical signed artist, portraying an image they really do not live. Focusing on ways to get signed is far from Publaq’s list of goals, but paving his own way to success is his only plan.
“Many artist feed into focusing on what gets them signed. Not me!” Publaq stated. “Looking at the top artist of today such as the Jay-Z’s and Kanye West’s and date back to their path of success, they made a path of their own,” Publaq added.

Now with the Internet as one of the top places to market, Publaq’s new genre can be heard on all popular sites, from Facebook to his own website titled,


. Publaq is now updating his supporters on the latest with Hiproc-soulrag and Pryde Landz.


youtube search MygrainMuzik


video interview

-Hiproc-Soulrag….Hip-hop swagger, Rockstar Mentality, Soul in my blood, Reggae in my history. The Genre. The Movement.The Future. Our Turn!–
Jahn Q. Publaq


Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists. For more information, visit or stay tuned in the music news.

Elevated Scott interviews one of the hottest up and coming artist in the WORLD… YUNG RO FROM ST LOUIS

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Yung Ro its such a pleasure to have the opportunity to have you build a relationship with our readers. Our site reaches 120 countries to date, we really want to give artist like yourself the ability to expand your fan base to our International audience. I know you have had great success in your back yard of St Louis, how has your city supported you thus far to elevated your career?

My love for my city runs deep.  BP Ent. is a karma movement.  I definitely believe that if I don’t give back to my community that I wont reap the benefits of success. That’s why I’m just not in the market to make good music I conduct good business.  I got support from young to old fans, and even city hall.  Now that’s what you call support.

I know you consider yourself a trendsetter and I must know what types are trends are you laying the foundation for?

Once a concept  is introduced  and your audience embrace it, then you’re a trendsetter.  It could be your lingo, your swag, your fashion or even your style of music.  Flat out I just like to be original. Why should someone be a fan of Yung Ro?   Cause I’m a fan of my fans! They make me who I am.

So you’re more than just a recording artist your also a community activist?

Most definitely.  Your community is your fan base.  The hip-hop game is exploitative. If you don’t have anything to offer, they will call you out. How long have you been involved in the community, what type of community outreach are you currently apart of and what have you done in the past?  You have to understand.  I’m heir to a 16 year company based in the downtown St. Louis area.  I’ve been surruonded by this type of operation since I was wearing 4T’s. However I got deep involved after my shooting incident.  Taking a stray bullet to the head , can be a wake up call to the individual.  My main focus is youth awareness.  I address the tragedies that plaque the teen community.  Currently St. Louis is the most violent city in the U.S.  Check me out at

Enough said. I understand that you are also a very talented tattoo artist. How did you get involved in doing tatts?


My pops is a national known tattoo artist.  He’s tattooed everybody from Nelly to A.I., shit even Spice 1.  I’m his first seed I had no choice in the matter.  The tatt gun was handed down to me. And I plan to be the best at what I do.

Your song “candy gurl” is starting to get some international buzz, I was listing to StreetVibes 92.5fm out in Germany and I heard your song in rotation which was pretty cool because I know you bee working hard to push your single. Can you tell us the story behind “candy gurl”, its such a catchy song and I can not believe you named just about EVERY candy in that song! What is the story behind the record?

I made Candy Gurl for all the different flavor of females in the world.  Rather your  Thicker than a snicker, spicyer than a, Hot Tamale, all women should feel good about themselves. I got the concept from a local hood candy store.  What some would call a bodega.  It’s so many different flavors of penny candy, that it remind  all the variety of women.  So I decided to fuse fashion and music by creating a trendy t-shirt line called Hood Classic . Check this out at Expect to see more from it this summer

I have had the chance to speak with your father on several different occasions and he seems like a very savvy businessman and he tells me that he really pushes you not only to be a rapper but to be educated on the roots of hip hop and really taking a positive approach to this over saturated hip hop world that is infested with rappers talking about drugs, guns and gang related issues. Its important in todays industry to take an outside the box approach to the industry, Has your father really helped you see the the bigger picture in the industry and if so how?

My pops is my biggest critic.  Like any father would be behind their child for a colloge education, I choose the hip-hop industry. He makes sure that I apply myself and that I’m on point. Right now I’m taking hip-hop 01.  He wants me to know the history from Kool Herc to the innovator Rakim. You got to under stand my pops is a New York cat.

I know you just started working with some International DJ’s having them spin some music and get some international rotation. Who are some of the DJ’s that you recently been connected with?

Man the list is massive.  My new promo team has injected my career with straight adrenalin.  All DJ,s are important to me but the ones that standout.  Dj GiGi Smart , DJ Bakspin ,DJ Divsa . Oh yeah you can’t forget the violator DJ, Jam-X.

I know that your on the Global Attack Mixtapes first Vol with some heavy hitters in the industry that include Wu-Tang/Harlem 6, Kid Capri, Gucci Mane, Styles P, JadaKiss. Can you tell us a bit about the Global Attack Mixtape Vol 1. ?

Global Attack Mixtape is like a Chinese buffet. You bound to find something you like.  For an independent artist, It’s a dream come true.

What can the world expect next from Yung Ro? Besides good music?

Just branded my movement.  Don’t be surprised if you see me in a movie.  Maybe even Supa Fly part 2.


Thanks again for taking the time to connect with our loyal readers from over 120 countries, where can we find out more about Yung Ro? Do you have a facebook, Myspace, Twitter  or website?

Of course my personal site is

and you can check my resume’ at
Black Pearl Entertainment.