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Gallery 69 (Tribeca, New York)

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Gallery 69 opened its art gallery doors with a successful grand opening weekend on January 23, 2010. Gallery 69 is a full-service fine art gallery located in the heart of Tribeca at 69 Leonard Street (off of Church Street). Gallery 69 offer custom framing and consultations through our in-house company, Tribeca Framing. Our other services include restoration, consultations, appraisals, custom-made mirrors and tabletops, art installation and an art transportation service. The Cornell Family has been involved with every aspect of the art world for over five decades. Cornell family has run more than seven art galleries in New York City, and has decided to re-enter the Manhattan market with our full-service fine art gallery, Gallery 69. We are focused on offering as many quality services as possible to make your visit the most pleasant and memorable experience. We guarantee to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. Please contact us to make an appointment. Visit

Ra Diggs, an aspiring rapper from Brooklyn, New York, has been charged with three murders.

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Ra Diggs, an aspiring rapper from Brooklyn, New York, has been charged with three murders, including one that the rapper bragged about on Twitter. The New York Daily News reports that Diggs was indicted today for murders that are connected to his Gowanus Houses drug ring. He could face the death penalty. The charges are for incidents as far back as 2001, when Frederick Brooks was murdered. Brooks was reportedly previously beaten by associates of Ra Diggs, born Ronald Herron. A later incident led to Herron reportedly bragging about a murder on Twitter, claiming that he ‘beat a body.’ “His Tweets were premature,” Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly added, “Ronald Herron and his gang terrorized a Brooklyn community for more than a decade and he temporarily got away with murder by threatening and intimidating witnesses only to return to the streets of Brooklyn to kill and kill again,â? said Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch

RedFox Da Arsonist Burned Down the Underground

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RedFox with Da Salute

RedFox with Da Salute

In the music game, some were destined to play.  RedFox Da Arsonist (a.k.a “RF”) began his life as Edward Joseph Swaby in Brownsville Brooklyn, NY, USA.  He was one of eight siblings to his West Indian parents, Prudence Walters & Edward Leonard Swaby. Growing up with a broken home, money troubles, and a harsh environment, RF learned the hard life the hard way eventually turning his talents loose as an M.C.

RedFox Da Arsonist

RedFox Da Arsonist

Hip hop was all around him in Queens where he moved to, and he felt connected through the history of the land and the family of Hip Hop superstars such as Run DMC. Even when away from his family at a group home, a guard on duty let him meet his personal friends in the game: Pee Wee Kirkland and Vinnie from Naughty By Nature. RF listened to Snoop Dogg, Wu-Tang, Master Ace, Nas, Biggie, Da Brat, Tupac, & even The Fugees to which he pulled his inspiration and began free-styling.

RF at the Graffiti Wall

RF at the Graffiti Wall

After being encouraged by a few compliments by fellow dudes at the local basketball court, RF met up with rappers Teff and Warlock to form Desert Eagles. The producer of the Crystal Lake imprint hooked them up with shows with Jadakiss and Fabulous and backstage passes and met Lil Bow Wow, Lil Romeo, & Lil Zane. In 2001, the group split up.

2004 marked a rebirth for RedFox Da Arsonist with his first solo release, “Who GOD Bless, No Man Curse” selling independently 10,000 copies. 2005 he released “The Industrial Revolution” with somewhat lesser success. In 2006, RF began an onslaught of constant shows at various clubs and venues that all led up to his 2008 album, “IR2, Corporate Conglomerate”. Things started to really pick up, and RedFox has since appeared in magazine and print, got a ringtone deal, performed at the New Jersey Music Conference, performed at Get Your Buzz Up, appeared on WebTV’s 24/7 Grind with Frankie the Boss (which is about to get picked up by Direct TV).

Red Fox Da Arsonist’ latest project is the mixtape series “Welcome To Goonsville Enemy of the State” which can be heard on Dotpiff Links: Volume 2 | Volume 3 .

Elevated Scott hosting International-HipHop TV at Vinnies Styles with Hustle Hard Entertainment

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Elevated Scott stopped by Vinnies Styles ( in Brooklyn, NY on Flatbush and Bergen, right up the street from the Atlantic center so you guys know its accessible from all trains and the Long Island railroad as Atlantic center is a major terminal just a few blocks away, so make an effort to stop


by Flatbush and Bergen and thank me later because if your in New York this placed is not meant to be missed!!!! If you are planning a trip to go shopping or just visiting NYC we at highly recommend you taking the trip out to BK to see some of the hottest trendsetting styles and always be a step ahead of pack…. Vinnies Styles has the most exclusive private labels and collaborations with some major fashion labels and the hottest designers like alexander Mcqueen and Puma, Adidas (Y-3) and of course the in house brand


“Paulies” to name just a few but they are stocked wall to wall with some of the hottest brands from around the world. Honestly this store is hands down one of the most exclusive fashion boutiques in the world. Our founder Elevated Scott stopped by to catch up with the guys from Hustle Hard Ent. for a booking singing with Mouse and of course his brother Manio stopped by and Push Montana ( an artist on manios label. Mouse just released a book through his own publishing company Hustle Hard publishing titled Gangstas Dont Die and its available worldwide but make sure you check out the website to see where you can pick up your copy today! Check out the video of the new location of Vinnies Styles and don’t forget to stop by 233 Flatbush ave. Brooklyn, NY 11217!!!!!




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“Born to make music” The Attics; Fueg and Niz have been creating music since the age of 12. Growing up as childhood


friends, Fueg and Niz developed a brotherly bond fused by the love of making music. Starting in high school with battle rapping and free styling, they later honed their skills which gave birth to their unique sound and style. Although very urban and “new school”, The Attics also have an old school edgy style which makes them stand out from other up and coming artists.

In 2009 Fueg and Niz established “Addictive Music Group”; an independent entity, to help transition their talent into a successful career. The Attics have a host of music on the internet and are currently performing shows in their hometown (Newburgh, NY) and surrounding cities where they are well known. They pride themselves on having a great live show and prove it by being electrifying performers. Currently released projects include; “The Overdose” hosted by DJ T-Nyce, “Likka Sweet Vol. Uno” hosted by DJ Kool Kid,  and “Severe Cold” hosted by DJ T-Nyce. Which all have gotten excellent feedback and is just the beginning of what is to come from The Attics and Addictive Music.


The Attics plan to heat up the music scene with the release of their first street album “Cold Turkey” projected for early June 2011. The LP is an epic adventure featuring brilliant instrumentation and clever, catchy lyrics with many interesting vocal collaborations. Any inquiries for The Attics can be sent to

Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists. For more information, visit or stay tuned in the music new




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Porsha and Mercedes are two sisters from Long Island, New York who collaborated together in November 2010 to


deliver their mark upon Hip Hop music. Their first single “In Love With Me” has been a huge success for the sisters from gaining tens of thousands of youtube fans (Youtube: to being featured in Hip Hop Issues magazine (, to being selected as song of the week by “Big Shotz Entertainment (”  Porsha and Mercedes’ have been interviewed on numerous radio stations from to 95.7 New Jersey where they have always held the record for the most fan calls.  Due to their growing buzz Porsha & Mercedes’ were chosen to be featured in “SPATE magazine (” These sisters are no strangers to autograph signings, booking requests, and collaboration offers.  Porsha and Mercedes have begun to embark on a long journey changing musical expression and artistic culture forever.


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The true and living result born from Hip-Hop parents with pioneer roots,


“D-MOST” displays an unequivocal talent of lyrical content and rap skill delivery which reveals a genuine substance of Contemporary & Classic Hip-Hop embodied within his DNA and Soul.

Straight and direct from the Motherland of Hip-Hop “D-MOST” profoundly represents The Boogie Down Bronx, New York City and the true art of rap. The appropriate tag line/slogan “Hip-Hop’s Best Kept Secret” & “The Kid With The Million Dollar Flow” truthfully and correctly describe and answer the marketability and void of True School Hip-Hop Artistry for the 21st Century.

The style, flow and showmanship of “D-MOST” has been compared to the combined sounds and works of Fabulous, 50 Cent and JAY-Z collectively, yet effortlessly, his demeanor and tenure of work proves to be originally creative and illustrates a deep rooted essence of three generations of Hip-Hop Greatness. D-Most conveys and displays a modern day masterfulness of today’s reputable pulse and fashionable vibe of Street-Hustler-Gangster-Thug-Glam-Life-Code respectfully. All while harboring a morale fiber and quality fabric of conscious humility for today’s Hip-Hop audiences and critics alike.


Simply put – “D-MOST”, has rhymed since he was five years old has been groomed since birth and is emphatically becoming a voice in the ranks of Hip-Hop.

Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists. For more information, visit or stay tuned in the music news.


D-MOST – “Gee’d Up” NOW available on iTunes and
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For three weeks now every Wu related blog or forum has been discussing and posting opinions on Rae’s new album as if


their lives depended on it. Fans are going back and forth on topics such as the lyrics, the type of beats, song titles, the kung fu samples, the features, whether this album is better than OBFCL II or not, if Rae delivered as promised when he first mentioned this project after the 8 Diagrams dispute …

To be honest I’ve been keeping away from all of that since it started, to keep my view on “Shaolin vs Wu Tang” unaffected. Once the album arrived I grabbed some essential provisions, hung a “Do NOT disturb” sign at my Wu Cave, kissed the Mrs. and kids goodbye and went underground with it for about two weeks … to resurface this morning with the finished review ( and some strange rash on my back from sleeping on my “not-so-ergonomic-as-expected-pile of moss” ).

Where the new album stands in comparison to OBFCL I and whether “OBFCL II” or “Shaolin vs Wu tang” can now be labeled ‘best post OBFCL’ album from Raekwon are things that really have to wait to be answered fairly. The only question that I needed to get answered during my stay in Caveland was if Rae had managed to follow up his comeback album OBFCL II with another solid release …

Rinaldo “Bannano” Moss also known as “KOSOVO BANNANO” is the Undertaker of the Global Attack Mixtape Series!

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Rinaldo Moss also known as “Kosovo Bannano” was born in Buffalo, New York but has been all over the world. He is a


30 year old Funeral Home Director that has made many accomplishments by the age of 25 like successfully owning his own funeral home, served in the U.S Army while handling mortuary affairs and more.


One of Bannao’s biggest accomplishments which led him to The Global Attack was the founding of his record label, “Mossburg Records”. Bannano had a roster of talent including the prep of his cousin/artist, Kenny Klassix from Buffalo New York. Before shutting down Mossburg Records, Bannano managed to release the label’s compilation album, “Lyrical Contenders” hosted by Mike Pratt with features including Ruff Ryders Drag-On and former D-Block member J-Hood.



Bannano has had features on substantial projects by Who Kidd, Craig G, Ed Nice and Cutmaster-C plus performances at Buffalo’s Summer Fest, clubs in Rochester, New York and man more. In the process of other business ventures he found stimulation to start the new business entity, “3rd World Promo”. Be sure to look out for Bannano’s single,”In My Sleep” featured in The Global Attack and more news on “3rd World Promo”.


For more info on Kosovo Bannano and 3rd World Promo visit:




3rd World Promo:

Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists. For more information, visit or stay tuned in the music news.