Artist Spotlight: DeeNo Green (Brooklyn, NY)

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Raised in the last Golden Era of Music, DeeNo Green is a throwback artist… The Last of The Mohicans if you will. He’s driven by a unique passion and respect for his music. With over 20 years of musical experience under his belt, DeeNo is looking forward to turning that knowledge into his new R&B project entitled ‘LoveProjectReality’. DeeNo has performed both R&B and Hip-Hop for over half of his life and credits his development not just to hard work, but to the artists he’s had the honor of collaborating with over his career. DeeNo doesn’t just want his fans to listen to the music…. He wants them to LIVE the music as if it were a life experience. The truly unique part about DeeNo’s music is that it is almost always derived from personal experiences. Therefore, anytime you listen to one of his songs, youre in fact getting to know the artist himself. DeeNo has performed throughout the country alongside acts such as Busta Rhymes, Nas, The Fugees and Chaka Khan just to name a few. For DeeNo, this isn’t about fame or accolades. ” It’s all about maintaining musical integrity. I love this music so much I would never cut a corner or take a shortcut to make a song. The listener deserves better. Those of you who are discovering this art form for the first time deserve better. I want to bring the level of creative intensity in every song I’m involved in.” If you’re ready for authentic R&B music with just a hint of real Hip-Hop, you’ve come to the right place. DeeNo has arrived!

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Mello-Melodiez (Staten Island, NY)

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Check out our Artist Spotlight today Mello Melodiez from Staten Island NY. Keep up with him on twitter @mellomelodiez and check out some of his past mixtapes…

Artist Spotlight: Dula (Brooklyn, NY)

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Dula, short for Mamadou Adula, is a 18 year old hip-hip artist from East New York, Brooklyn. Over the past 8 months he’s worked on his first official mixtape dubbed 90.94.Ninety which is a 14 track project released by boutique management/label, Blank Label Records. The concept for tape speaks on his upbringing in East New York, his lifestyle as a teenager, women, and his aspirations for success. He collaborates on the tape with team members from his hip/production group called Life Style Good. The group includes Kenny Shuffle, Markie Jay, and Ezzy. Other artists featured on the tape include long time friends Paris Taurean and Naj Mahal from the hip hop duo called Eiffel Life. Production includes producers Kenny Shuffle and Markie Jay of LSG along with AnQ and Sir Khalifa of DK Studios.


Artist Spotlight: Sweaty Palms (Queens, NY)

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sweaty palms

SP Started singing in the 3rd Grade , Rapping in High School & never stopped doing both since . Sweaty Palms is Italian and 28 years old born in Brooklyn , And Now resides in Queens . Wondering where he got his name , He says every time he touches a women they are wet . He is a Rapper / Singer / Songwriter And Much More . Handing out over 15 Mixtapes in NYC in the Streets and Record Labels plenty of people know who he is . Along the years he has done Budget Films and Music Videos in the Entertainment Business , Sweaty Palms has had Mangers in the past and Recorded Singles in a few big NYC Studios . He still has advisers that help with his day to day Music activities . People he has met in the Music Industry so far has been LA Reid Jay Brown Jay – Z Lenny S Lyor Cohen Kanye West Lebron James LL Cool J Cam’Ron Big Joe Waka Flocka Jim Jones Universal Records / Def Jam . Plus Many Many Many More . He can do any kind of record in any Genre their is because of his singing ability . He is looking for a break in the Music Industry and definitly will work to receive it ! His inspirations coming up in the Industry has been N.W.A Michael Jackson Motown Artists Biggie Nas Jay – Z 50 Cent Diddy And Birdman . You can check out his Music below . Looking to learn more about him just ask I am sure he wouldn’t mind sharing his thoughts or time .

New York’s Next Big Thing In HipHop: Chris Jones (Queens, NY)

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Chris Jones.

Christopher (Chris) Jones ( is a Hip-Hop artist from Queensbridge, NY, a neighborhood known for producing some of the most famous artists in the world such as Nas, Mobb Deep and Tragedy.  In 2010, he successfully began his road to stardom by releasing his first mix tape, Creative Controlwhich was hosted by the acclaimed DJ Mick Boogie. It not only made a splash in the underground music world, thus surpassing industry expectations, but mainstream outlets such as Source Magazine also titled Chris as one of the top “hot up and coming rappers.”  Chris started his career at a young age by watching people from his famed neighborhood such as Nas and Mobb Deep reach global music success. Though he was still only listening and creating lyrics as a hobby at this time, he realized his “dream” of doing what he loved, sharing his life experiences but at the same time never forgetting his roots, could actually become a reality. He eventually developed his own signature style by combining and intermixing the sounds from his role models, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Kanye, Diddy and Fabolous, just to name a few. In fact, this is what sets him apart from other artist hopefuls. He is a lyricist who is able to switch styles like chameleons who changes colors.  His music has many faces where it appeals to all individuals, from strugglers to hustlers to playboys and even to women. And like his role models, instead of focusing his music on money, drugs and women, Chris aspires be a performer who tells his story through music. He stays true to his belief as his DJ Mick Boogie hosted mix tape, Creative Control, does just that. The title itself was created as a representation to hip-hop and its growth. Over time, he felt that hip-hop had been watered down to the point where artists were not talking about their true experiences. Therefore, Creative Control was a statement to the industry saying that he had complete power on what was on it.  Because at the end of the day, Chris will never forget where he came from and he will always appreciate his root

Chris Jones 2



Independent Artist Of The Week: V NOVA (Brooklyn, NY)

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Hailing from the Brownsville/East New York section of Brooklyn, meet V Nova; half of the underground veteran duo BOE and Villa. The artist/songwriter became addicted to hip-hop as a teen. With such influences as Kool G Rap, Rakim, and EPMD, V Nova was has studied many of the pioneers who paved the way for him. The BOE and Villa released an album in Japan titled “1019 Ex-Prez” receiving good reviews in Japan’s “Front magazine”. The duo then released an EP which featured there street single “Life Is Too Short” (the video is a NY underground classic). They also appeared on Erick Sermons Album “Erick Onasis” track titled “Van Gundy” and Funk Master Flex album “Flip Squad Allstars” track titled “Seriously” with Canibus. The duo received good reviews in the feb.99 issue of the source saying they were a force to be reckoned with. Since then, they have put out numerous street albums and recorded a number of songs with artists and producers such as Midi Mafia, Deemi, Marc G (Levert), Neff-U, Mario Winnans, Jack Knight, D.R Period, Monifa, Akenyeli, Sean Wallace, Spinderella and Wyclef to name a few. Building a catalogue of hits both as a duo and solo artists, V Nova now has taken the initiative to build his solo career. In October, his new mixtape, Hidden In Plain Sight, hosted by DJ Diggz, will be released. Be on the lookout for history in the making.

Artist Spotlight: Shaun Wynn (Brooklyn, NY)

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Brooklyn is known for birthing rap greats such as Biggie Smalls, Mos Def, Fabolous and Jay-Z. Shaun Wynn is soon to be among the talent that this popular borough produces. Born and raised, Shaun began rapping in the summer of 2006 after discovering his skill driving with a friend returning home from playing professional basketball in Germany. He decided that during his break from playing sports, which consumed his life for many years, he would turn his focus to music. In 2008, Shaun was involved in a near death accident, leading him to have facial reconstruction surgery and put his career on hold. He then came back with a vengeance and a passionate fire to create and develop his own style called Rap N’ Roll. Shaun discovered that he is a passionate storyteller with a wide arrange of different flows, that help him deliver music straight from the soul. He writes about ambition, sex, relationships, envy and desire as he aims for progression in this world. In January 2012, he released his first mixtape, Experience The Fly, on and The mixtape was recorded with K-Quick of Grand Staff Studios, NYC and it featured production from Joe Josh Beats. In July 2012, he independently released his EP, Sincerely, on iTunes. His second mixtape, Elevation, was released on and Elevation was recorded with Flames Flow at Daddy’s House and also at Grand Staff Studios with K-Quick. Shaun has also had the opportunity to perform for the Major Stage: Overtime Concert Series at the Bowery Poetry Club and Pyramid Night Club. He also has performed for the Faces In The Crowd Showcase at SOB’s, NYC.


MP3>>>> Runaway Angel

Artist Spotlight: COMET (Long Island, NY)

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Comet (R.Fernandez).was born & raised in the “KingsBridge & Jerome Avenue” Section of “The Bronx”. Comet was heavy into music since an early age seeing Hip Hop Legends like “FAT JOE, BIG PUN , Come through the neighborhood he was inspired to persue music but later moved to Long Island. COMET has been involved with music at a heavy pace since 2005 after a few legal troubles were set aside .The Music has always been his outlet from the street. He started his own label in 2011 “ MAD MEN ENTERTAINMENT” with long time friend and rhyme partner Emce Relic Since 2006 he has released a few mixtapes & A EP along the way “The Bronx to Long Island” (2006) “I GOT THIS” (2009).“Mad Men For The Hood pt1″ (2010) “Ground Zero” EP (2011) “Mad Men For The Hood pt2″ (2012).And is on MANY Mixtapes released by DJ: DJ KING FLOW , DJ ARAB of Mafia Mixtapes,
And is in the process of recording a couple project with wu-Tang’s Eternal of The West Coast Killer Beez & Chicago Producer Rediculous. Comet has worked with a few artist in the game such as : “Party Arty of G.D & D.I.T.C, Blaq Poet of Screwball, Big Noyd of Mobb Deep, Termanology , J-Hood, Ruste Juxx Shabaam Sahdeeq. ETC. And is currently featured on “Kyo Itachi & Ruste Juxx Project titled “HARDBODIE HIP HOP” which released this year (2012). “COMET IS THE TRUTH THAT REAL STREET LIFE MUSIC” -(Blaq Poet). “No One Grinds Like COMET” -(F.T) “Next thing coming out of New York besides me is my dog COMET”- (Ruste Juxx) Comet has also opened up for hip hop legend Shabaam Sahdeeq, Uzual Suspectz, For Media –

For booking info Contact- Comet @

Independent Artist Of The Week: VAIN (Queens, NY)

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Vain is an artist with over 2000 national broadcast radio spins in 26 markets. Vain’s songs and video catalog consist of songs featuring Jim Jones,Red Cafe,Slimm from112,and Lil Mo.Vain’s been profiled on BET,MTV.Com, FuseTV,Music Choice,as well as most of the top hip hop websites and blogs. Look for him on the cover of the next edition of Straight Stuntin Magazine. Here’s the link to his video EPK/Bio so you can get even more familiar with him and the above mentioned accolades

Independent artist of the week: Young Ego (Long Island, NY)

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Young Ego always had an ear for music when he was 3 he learned to play piano by ear and by 6 he could hear any song and learn it with in minutes. at 13 he started writing poetry and how he felt because he was going through a lot of problems back then, as he kept writing he started rhyming my poems and making a rhythm and in a months time he was writing full songs. But like most dreams people tried putting it down and he stopped for a year but one day he got back to it and showed his friends what he had and they loved it. they said Egos’ lyrics were on point and his flow was unique, after that big “ego” boost he decided to call himself Young Ego because music was the one thing he was confident about. he performed his senior year in front of the whole school and got the biggest applaud for it, it was a motivational song. after that he went to the recording engineers institute to cut the middle man of recording to do it himself he took such a huge interest in it that he graduated top of his class and made himself known through the school. Even with their crappy gear, because it was all garbage, he was able to make decent mixes that people loved and thats where Ego is now, a Recording engineer who raps and loves what he does. His Parents always told him to dream your dreams until they became reality and ever since then Young Ego worked his ass off to become what he wanted, and he will never let anyone else tell him he cant make it…

Twitter @TimetoMakeit
Instagram @Youngego

Lock And Load-mp3