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First off Id like to say thank you for taking the time to anwser a few questions. I know the Yums apparel and footwear is 



expanding rapidly throughout the world. Could you give us some history on the Yums Brand and how would you describe the Yums brand identity?   Yums is the vision of designer Big Tex . Tex was a member of an elite Dallas graffiti collective called Infinity Crew . His graffiti influence can be seen in most all of his designs, from the Face logo to the cap & tee designs as well. Yums has evolved into a street culture brand with roots in all the elements of hip hop.

The world has been under the impression that Yums was owned by rapper “SOULJA BOY”. Could you please clarify how is Soulja Boy is connected to the Yums brand, is he a partner or is that just a rumor?
Yums is not owned by Soulja Boy , he had a Signature Shoe deal with us . He repped it so hard on line and in videos that people thought it was his line . That was a great deal for us , Soulja Boy exposed Yums to alot of people.
I know that the Yums brand supports a wide range of celebrities, recording artist, DJ’s and Athletes. Who does the Yums team consist of and who would you guys like to work with in the future? The Yums team consists of Artists like Lil Jon & Tum Tum , our Skate Team , BMX rider Spencer Bass & Big Daddy, various Extreme sports cats , we have female snow skiers ,tattoo artists, MMA….basically all the facets of thestreet/hip hop lifestyle .In the future we want to align Yums with talent that represents the same essence of coolness as the Yums brand vision .


I noticed a recent change in the style of the original bright and loud colors and edgy designs to more of a urban street-wear that can be worn by any fashion couscous person. What is the reasoning behind the new look?

As far as the changes in the Yums designs , we have evolved and grown within the last couple if years . We are not trying to be in any box . We do trend research but we also believe in offering a fresh alternative to the trends as well. We have toned it down a little bit but we will always offer color in the line.
I must say Im very impressed with where the brand has come in such a short period of time. What can the world expect next from such a rapid growing footwear and apparel company? I think the world should expect continued growth with an increased presence on the East Coast and other previously under exposed markets . Also expect more looks from the Yums apparel side of things . You know the cap game is already crazy. I think we are poised for a strong run in 11′-12 and major success beyond that .


You know our website has penetrated 125 countries in the last 3 months and were growing daily! Now with that being said where can people find Yums? Is your product in stores worldwide or just internet or how can we get our hands on some of that fresh gear. We have about 120 independent retailers Nationwide and about 12 International accounts , from Zurich to the Ukraine , from Japan to France , from the French Carribean to the UK . We are extremely hot in Puerto Rico as well. We also do alot of on-line business at yumsshoes.com


What is the Global Attack Mixtapes Series in a Nut shell?

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The Global Attack Mixtapes Series is a newly launched music entrainment source destined to take compilation-style recordings to yet unseen worldwide heights – and beyond. The Series was created by entertainment and business impresario Elevated Scott (Scott McDowell); since its conception, Scott and his company Elevated Entertainment Solutions, LLC.

The creative direction and concept of Global Attack Mixtapes is a first of its kind, a pioneering effort for hip hop music worldwide. Scott wanted to take an outside the box approach to the traditional mixtape concept, which is exactly how this series came together. When one thinks of Mixtapes, they think of DJ’s dropping crazing sounds and voice drops, then mixing and scratching. Traditionally mixtapes of this design target an underground audience, not a mix of established Top 40 artists or unsigned indie up-and-comers from all over the world. Global Attack Mixtapes changes that landscape immediately.

Elevated Scott likes to call the series a “HYBRID” of 2 popular music brands: compilation series “NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL MUSIC”, and the most downloaded mixtapes in the world – Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes. Global Attack Mixtapes takes the international commercial appeal of “NOW THATS WHAT I CALL MUSIC” brand and blends it with the aggressive grassroots marketing of Coast to Coast. Both ideas together create an unmatched framework of sound, creativity, and global marketability.

The Global Attack Mixtapes Series prides itself on worldwide commercial appeal, which separates it from traditional mixtape outlets. Tracks within its catalog feature major American recording artist Rza, Jadakiss, Kid Capri, Gucci Mane, Styles P, Naughty by Nature, Wu-Tang Harlem 6, and Cory Gunz; they’re joined by various emerging artist from such locations around the globe as Belgium, Paris, Tokoyo, United Kingdom, Korea, and Kawait, with more from United States and beyond getting joining this series daily! It may only be a matter of time before the ambitious Global Attack series is comprised of at least 1 artist from every city in every country around the world.

The executives behind The Global Attack Mixtapes Series considers each contributing artist a partner with the project, for the viral marketing campaign to be successful it is imperative each artist uses all available tools to help build awareness of Global Attack Mixtapes.

Elevated Scott says, “I think to cover every surface of the universe, as we all know things always work better when we work together. Global Attack Mixtapes A&R and Account Executives are scouring the Internet through various social network sites and industry relevant sites – Reverb Nation, Sonic Bids, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter – looking for serious artists that are ready to take their music to the next level. When you treat the entertainment industry as a business you will get business results. It’s called show business, not show fun.”

The Global Attack Mixtapes Series will release a new volume the first Friday of each month, digitally distributed through Island Def Jam Digital; marketing and promotion for the release handled by Elevated Entertainment Solutions LLC and Entaprise Entertainment. The official blog site for Global Attack –  www.International-HipHop.com – reached over 110 countries the first two and half months after its initial launch, and growing rapidly daily.

The official website www.GlobalAttackMixtapes.com includes a built in social network for fans to become frequently-returning users. While there they can interact with one another, read monthly newsletters, post in Forums,  an exclusive mp3 player, all with instant Twitter and Facebook access for instant connection to their other favorite online social networks.

The Global Attack Mixtapes has already caught the attention of many notable industry heavyweights, and its rapid increase in press suggests it will not be long before this series becomes a household name around the world!

Global Attack Mixtapes pays each artist placement quarterly royalty payments through a wire transfer by means of a 60/40 split through a royalty and distribution agreement in favor of the artist. Each artist with a tracks placed will be paid a .60 percent of sales per track placed per unit sold. Global Attack Mixtapes is not only a way for artist to help build their online presence and bring a record to life but also a way for artists to profit from their music. Global Attack Mixtapes is a platform designed to align up-and-coming/lesser known artists with major recording artist; each take part in International marketing and promotions and worldwide distribution along with reception of quarterly royalty payments. Global Attack Mixtapes is a nonexclusive distribution and marketing outlet to help recording artists build their online presence and bring their records to consumers.

Current media affiliates for The Global Attack Mixtape Series: World News Network (wn.com),This Week In Music, TheIndependentMusicScene.com, StreetVibes 92.5fm (Germany), Blog Talk Radio (Life After Dusk), HipHopJunkiez.com, Emerging Music Coalition, DigitizedHipHop.com, XLurbanmedia.com, The Music Plug News Paper, MixTapeSeries.com, FathomWorld.com, Tapwire Magazine, HipHop Stardom 101 Magazine, No Rules Allowed on Street Market Radio, with more added daily. Global Attack Mixtapes service a large, expanding database of college radio, commercial radio and Internet radio stations; print media outlets and performance venues each artist involved with Global Attack Mixtapes will be provided once placed within the catalog.



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A Sneak peek of Vol 1. of the Global Attack Mixtape Series Cover!!!

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First off i want to start off by giving a big round of applause to all the people around the world that have been following our movement on international-hiphop.com, with out you guys we wouldnt be where we are now so give your selves a pat on the back and big ups for supporting a real movement and helping us to grow expotentially  in the first 5 months of launching.  So now we are at the Launching Stages of this project that youve been hearing about called the Global Attack Mixtape Series.  First let me introduce myself my name is GodRulAllah Harrison, aka AGR, Agr Harrison, The R&B God, Captain Hook of the Harlem 6 who is affiliated with Wu-tang Clan, and the C.E.O and Owner of Entaprise Entertaiment, the company that partnered with Elevated Entertainment Solutions to develop all the juicy content for you internet and web geeks, and get you ready for the Launching of the Global Attack Mixtape  Series, and also your BLOG POET and AUTHOR for 122 BLOGS on our site. (” And if there any good blog writers out there holla at me if your looking for work” ) As you know we are expanding the International-hiphop.com into a full fledge media outlet, which will have a 24/7  Live Radio Feed playing only todays and yesterdays hottest hits, a T.V. Segment with Exclusive Interviews on RED CARPET EVENTS , and also a FASHION BLOG for the Most Exclusive and Hottest news in the Fashion World,  and yall see we launched the official HUB of the Global Attack Mixtape Series www.globalattackmixtapeseries.com, which by the way is seeing some pretty good numbers thanks to you guys again.




Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists. For more information, visit www.GlobalAttackMixTapes.com or stay tuned in the music news.



Wes Michaels Is International With His Surfin’

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Wes Michaels

Wes Michaels is quickly becoming a household name throughout countries such as The UK, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Tenerife, Grand Canary and Japan. Wes Michaels has been performing weekly all over Southern California as he garners a huge fan base of dedicated followers. Wes is supported by international DJs. Wes has recorded and performed along side popular artists such as Cali Swag District, LMFAO, The Black Eyed Peas, The cataracts, Nicki Minaj, The New Boyz, YG, Jason Derulo, MANN, Ya Boy and Chris Brown.

Speaking from his heart and standing up for what he believes in, you can expect nothing but high driven, ground breaking, melodic chorus’s from this pop music revolutionary. Wes Michaels is taking Los Angeles by storm with his long hit list of hit single such as “BadBoyz”, “Kiss Kiss”, “Ill Be

Wes Michaels Poses

Your Boyfriend” and his latest smash hit for the night club scene, “Dance With Me” which are all in full rotation on most college radio stations in the Mid-West and all throughout Southern California. Wes Michaels isn’t only a musician. As a teen he grew up as a skateboarder traveling the US absorbing the various cultures he was introduced to along the way. Wes Michaels diversity helped to catapult him to where he is today, gaining respect of all nationalities throughout the US.

Wes Michaels With 2 Babes

It was in college when his love for music grew so large that he changed his Psychology major to Music Business and Theory in hopes to learn everything he needed to know to become successful throughout the music and entertainment industry. Earning a BA at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood CA, Wes Michaels set out and started a street team in 2007 to create a buzz for himself… and boy did he.

To find more on Wes Michaels visit:


Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists. For more information, visit www.GlobalAttackMixTapes.com or stay tuned in the music news.

Biggest Selling British Debut Act Of 2010, “Tinie Tempah”

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Tinie Tempah

Tinie has earned a lot of bragging rights in a short period of time. The 22 year old can boast that he is the best selling UK newcomer of 2010 and his debut album quickly went platinum and spawned two #1 hits and four Top 5 singles on the other side of the pond. His videos have over 40 million combined plays on YouTube and it was announced last week that he leads the Brit Awards, earning four nominations (British Male Solo Artist, British Breakthrough Act, British Single for Pass Out and British Album of the Year for Disc-Overy); the Brit Awards will take place on February 15th, where Tinie will also be performing.

Tinie Tempah "Disc-overy" Promo

Tinie has designated 2011 as the year he will duplicate his successes in America and he is already making waves. MTV recently named him an “Artist to Watch in 2011.” His latest single, “Written in the Stars,” is an addictive and message-driven song that will inspire listeners to stay in the positive and believe in themselves. Entertainment Weekly named the song the “next big hit of 2011.” The song will be available on iTunes on January 25th with the accompanying video making its debut the same day on Vevo.com.

The New Clothing and Accessories Line “LXF” from Brussels, Belgium

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LXF Family Portrait of Belgian Artist

LXF(Now You Wear) is a new streetwear and accessories line in Brussels, Belgium. LXF has 5 banging logos which has been incorporated into a feature.

LXF Logo

You can now select clothing and accessories with a blend of your own choice of logos, switch it up with your choice of colors and even include a dedication.

Charlie B and Kool Herc

The team has been very active not only with the clothing line but organizing Soul, Hip-Hop and Jazz events also in Brussels including the next event on March 5th, 2011 featuring Caneo from Brooklyn.

LXF are sponsors of Belgian and American artists as Sensey Shogun, Remedy scratch team with Dee-f and Kartez, John Biggz, Karma, CaneO from NYC, Charlie Balducci founder of the NYCarts cypher, Deejay Dysquo from Miami and even Elevated Scott, the creator/founder of Global Attack Mixtape Series and International-Hiphop.com!

Fore more info on LXF, sponsored artist and events by the team visit:



Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists. For more information, visit www.GlobalAttackMixTapes.com or stay tuned in the music news.

“Sham Pain” Pops In The Global Attack London (UK) Style

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Sham Pain

Femi Olu aka Sham Pain is a hard hitting hustler. The buzz surrounding the album “Recession Proof II (Cocked & Reloaded)” and the first single “Sexy Black Chocolate” has created a big following on all his social networking sites (facebook, myspace, youtube etc).

Sham Pain Cover Front

Sham Pain is CEO of his label “Grock Records”, a singer, producer, rapper and songwriter. Sham Pain was born and raised in the harsh surroundings in Peckham SE15, London (UK) and the name was giving to him for his swagg by a teacher. He was birthed to Nigerian parents, with his dad being a doctor and has also lived years in Nigeria. Coming from a great deal of unbelievable poverty, Sham Pain managed to reach heights in music.


Sham Pain has voiced several mixtape remixes with top acts such as Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, Fabolous, T-Pain and Omarion just to name a few. Digging deep to release the pain, Sham is fire and will be aboard in The Global Attack. UK stand up!

To find more info on Sham Pain visit:

Official Website:



Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists. For more information, visit www.GlobalAttackMixTapes.com or stay tuned in the music news.

Creator of Global Attack Mixtapes/Founder of International-HipHop.com -Elevated Scott

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Scott E. McDowell with Lil Steves (Dipset West)

Elavated Scott, owner of “ELV8 Solutions” hails from Baltimore , Maryland. Since, he has lived all around the country. North Carolina, Florida, California, New Mexico and is currently living in New York City. Scott has worked tenaciously to create and seize every opportunity that has come his way. Scott’s grind has allowed him to prove his abilities and strong work ethics to clients. He left a mark on the industry and put himself in the position of high demand.

Scott career began in advertising where he worked with some of the biggest media outlets in the world, including CBS Sports Radio. Scott then went on to pursue a career as a booking agent/entertainment consultant where he has come to work with some of the biggest acts in the history of the music business. Amongst his roster are Colby Odonis and Ya Boy, two of AKON’s artist signed to Konvict Muzik, as well as Dr. Dre’s son and west coast prince Curtis Young. Also Dj Rocky Rock of Black Eye Peas, T-Lopez from Cash Money Records, Bonnie Pointer from Pointer Sisters and Suga Bang from Wu-Tang Clan.

Scott has also been hired as the music and marketing supervisor for the Xbox Live video game College Lacrosse, collaborating with XBOX as well as Crosse studios to produce and promote this series of games. Some ventures he’s been working on consist of international compilation cd’s bringing together tracks by artist’ from all regions of the world including Africa, Germany, Spain, France, London and of course the U.S. The first several volumes of this global mix tape series are set for release in early 2011 through Island Def Jam Digital.

Scott plans to make a global impact with everything he is affiliated with. Focusing mainly on brand development through sponsorship and product placement as well as the promotion and growth of the Global attack mix tape, Scott and Elevated Solutions will continue gaining notoriety and an international presence.

Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists. For more information, visit www.GlobalAttackMixTapes.com or stay tuned in the music news.

ASHA K Was Named International-HipHop TV Show Host of The Year 2010 by International-hiphop.com

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Asha K

Asha K

INTERNATIONAL HIP-HOP TV show host of the year for 2010, Asha K is on borad with International-Hiphop.com. Asha K is 27 and was born in Birmingham, UK. She moved to Sunny Brisbrane, Australia when she was 8.Completed school and a University Degree (BA maj. in Film and Media from Griffith University) by the age of 21.

Asha K

Asha K

Asha K started her first full time TV hosting gig straight out of University, on a national daily kids show in Australia, ‘Hot Source’. After 2 years  she moved to Sydney, and became the host of the Disney Channel.

Asha K

Asha K

While working for Disney Asha K traveled the world, interviewed lots of celebrities and interesting people, performed at live events, and was even nominated for a TV award by her industry peers! She believes it enabled her to not only continue working hard, but open up amazing doors of opportunity around the world.

Asha K is currently hosting ‘This Week in Music’, and just started a Tech series for Mahalo.com. She will be  “BIG” in the International-HipHop.com and Global Attack Mixtape Series movement.

Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists.  For more information, visit www.GlobalAttackMixTapes.com or stay tuned in the music news.