RedFox Da Arsonist Burned Down the Underground

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RedFox with Da Salute

RedFox with Da Salute

In the music game, some were destined to play.  RedFox Da Arsonist (a.k.a “RF”) began his life as Edward Joseph Swaby in Brownsville Brooklyn, NY, USA.  He was one of eight siblings to his West Indian parents, Prudence Walters & Edward Leonard Swaby. Growing up with a broken home, money troubles, and a harsh environment, RF learned the hard life the hard way eventually turning his talents loose as an M.C.

RedFox Da Arsonist

RedFox Da Arsonist

Hip hop was all around him in Queens where he moved to, and he felt connected through the history of the land and the family of Hip Hop superstars such as Run DMC. Even when away from his family at a group home, a guard on duty let him meet his personal friends in the game: Pee Wee Kirkland and Vinnie from Naughty By Nature. RF listened to Snoop Dogg, Wu-Tang, Master Ace, Nas, Biggie, Da Brat, Tupac, & even The Fugees to which he pulled his inspiration and began free-styling.

RF at the Graffiti Wall

RF at the Graffiti Wall

After being encouraged by a few compliments by fellow dudes at the local basketball court, RF met up with rappers Teff and Warlock to form Desert Eagles. The producer of the Crystal Lake imprint hooked them up with shows with Jadakiss and Fabulous and backstage passes and met Lil Bow Wow, Lil Romeo, & Lil Zane. In 2001, the group split up.

2004 marked a rebirth for RedFox Da Arsonist with his first solo release, “Who GOD Bless, No Man Curse” selling independently 10,000 copies. 2005 he released “The Industrial Revolution” with somewhat lesser success. In 2006, RF began an onslaught of constant shows at various clubs and venues that all led up to his 2008 album, “IR2, Corporate Conglomerate”. Things started to really pick up, and RedFox has since appeared in magazine and print, got a ringtone deal, performed at the New Jersey Music Conference, performed at Get Your Buzz Up, appeared on WebTV’s 24/7 Grind with Frankie the Boss (which is about to get picked up by Direct TV).

Red Fox Da Arsonist’ latest project is the mixtape series “Welcome To Goonsville Enemy of the State” which can be heard on Dotpiff Links: Volume 2 | Volume 3 .


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For three weeks now every Wu related blog or forum has been discussing and posting opinions on Rae’s new album as if


their lives depended on it. Fans are going back and forth on topics such as the lyrics, the type of beats, song titles, the kung fu samples, the features, whether this album is better than OBFCL II or not, if Rae delivered as promised when he first mentioned this project after the 8 Diagrams dispute …

To be honest I’ve been keeping away from all of that since it started, to keep my view on “Shaolin vs Wu Tang” unaffected. Once the album arrived I grabbed some essential provisions, hung a “Do NOT disturb” sign at my Wu Cave, kissed the Mrs. and kids goodbye and went underground with it for about two weeks … to resurface this morning with the finished review ( and some strange rash on my back from sleeping on my “not-so-ergonomic-as-expected-pile of moss” ).

Where the new album stands in comparison to OBFCL I and whether “OBFCL II” or “Shaolin vs Wu tang” can now be labeled ‘best post OBFCL’ album from Raekwon are things that really have to wait to be answered fairly. The only question that I needed to get answered during my stay in Caveland was if Rae had managed to follow up his comeback album OBFCL II with another solid release …


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A Sneak peek of Vol 1. of the Global Attack Mixtape Series Cover!!!

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First off i want to start off by giving a big round of applause to all the people around the world that have been following our movement on, with out you guys we wouldnt be where we are now so give your selves a pat on the back and big ups for supporting a real movement and helping us to grow expotentially  in the first 5 months of launching.  So now we are at the Launching Stages of this project that youve been hearing about called the Global Attack Mixtape Series.  First let me introduce myself my name is GodRulAllah Harrison, aka AGR, Agr Harrison, The R&B God, Captain Hook of the Harlem 6 who is affiliated with Wu-tang Clan, and the C.E.O and Owner of Entaprise Entertaiment, the company that partnered with Elevated Entertainment Solutions to develop all the juicy content for you internet and web geeks, and get you ready for the Launching of the Global Attack Mixtape  Series, and also your BLOG POET and AUTHOR for 122 BLOGS on our site. (” And if there any good blog writers out there holla at me if your looking for work” ) As you know we are expanding the into a full fledge media outlet, which will have a 24/7  Live Radio Feed playing only todays and yesterdays hottest hits, a T.V. Segment with Exclusive Interviews on RED CARPET EVENTS , and also a FASHION BLOG for the Most Exclusive and Hottest news in the Fashion World,  and yall see we launched the official HUB of the Global Attack Mixtape Series, which by the way is seeing some pretty good numbers thanks to you guys again.




Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists. For more information, visit or stay tuned in the music news.



9th Prince – Concrete Jungle – Official Music Video

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9th Prince (born Terrance Hamlin) is a rapper and one of the founding members of rap group Killarmy.[1] He released his solo debut albumGranddaddy Flow in 2003. He is the younger brother of RZA.[2] Also goes by the alias Madman & Iron Fingers. 9th Prince gets his name from the kung-fu movie Shaolin Prince.


Wu-Tang Members Salute Raekwon

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Get In Tune With “Harmony Le’Fly Jones”

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Harmony Le'Fly Jones

Harmony Le’Fly Jones, was born in 1990 and at the age of ten, his mother and him moved to Richmond Virginia, then a year later they moved up to New Jersey and moved in a little city called Irvington, which is a urban town that borders other urban cities such as Newark and East Orange. Between elementary school, Harmony took up instruments like flute and trumpet classes in Madison Ave School.

Harmony Le'Fly Jones - Futuristic R&B

His middle school years, he went to Myrtle Ave in Irvington, then transferred to Walter.O. Krumbiegal (W.O.K) in Hillside NJ. When he got to Hillside High School he found the love of music and his passion for singing. His senior year he did his first concert and swept the ladies away, grasping the name “Harmony”. Now at the young age of 20, he is looking forward to hitting the R&B & POP scene hard with his music, lyrics, and harmonization.

"Harlem 6" Member A.G.R Harrison ,CEO/ Owner of Entaprise Entertainment.Also known as the R&B God

His main goal is to take R&B where it never has been before with a new R&B movement called “Futuristic R&B”. Now its soon to be global in The Global Attack Mixtape Series! He is currently signed to “Entaprise Entertainment” and managed by, “Entaprise Talent Agency” owned by “Harlem 6” member A.G.R Harrison.

To find more info on Harmony Le’Fly Jones and A.G.R’s Entaprise Entertainment visit:

Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists. For more information, visit or stay tuned in the music news.

Kese Soprano is Proclaimed as ” An Illmatic MC” by Lady Luck

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Kese Soprano

Change was something that Kese Soprano had to get used to at a young age. Growing up in Paterson, New Jersey, Kese started with a curious and mischievous attitude which often got him into tight situations. Due to his mother’s situation, Kese faced his first major change, in moving to Atlanta, Georgia. Maybe it was fate though, as it was here, he began writing daily.

His influences were Wu-Tang Clan, 2pac, Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Jay-Z, Redman, Big Pun, and Big L. When he moved back to New Jersey, Kese began to take writing lyrics seriously.

Kese Soprano Looking Back

He has always been diverse enough to rhyme about anything relevant in his life. From his love for sports, to girls, to the surrounding violence, to his family situation – the subject matter would change often, but his lyrical ability was always strongly present. Proclaimed by Lady Luck as “an illmatic MC”, the Paterson, NJ lyricist is ready to give hip hop the change it needs. Hand and hand with the mission of the Global Attack!

Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists. For more information, visit or stay tuned in the music news.


Life After Dusk Live – “Where There’s A (Ceddy) J, There’s A Way”

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“Where There’s A J, There’s A Way” is the famous signoff of Radio Personality

Ceddy J

and Promoter, Ceddy J. This inspiration phrase encourages listeners to make goals and train their minds to say they are possible. Ceddy J joins the wings of The Global Mixtape Series with his internet radio show Life After Dusk Live as well as his personal radio station Life After Dusk 24/7 Radio. The Global Attack Mixtape Series is definitely another great opportunity that has pushed Life After Dusk Radio to another level. His show has been known for it’s approach of having fun while getting the scoop on all of his guests.

Ceddy J’s niche for broadcasting and entertaining people was fueled more due to his start working on the newspaper staff back in high school. Ceddy began to establish himself in the entertainment industry as a host for exclusive parties in pursuit of his passion to land a career in entertainment. This lead to Ceddy begin hosting parties of his own at a few small local clubs, eventually out growing his environment and moving on to establish himself in the prestigious Dallas/ Fort Worth Club Scene. There he started his camping to become the most


sought after host in the entire North Texas Region by networking with some of the most prominent promotion teams in the area who have booked some of the hottest major record label artists and indie artists.

On March 24, 2009, Life After Dusk Live launched its first show, which focused on the state of the music industry. As the show moved forward the focus became providing an avenue for Indie/Upcoming Artists, as well as a place to discuss topics not focused on and to give a fresh insight about things of old in a constantly evolving industry. Since then Life After Dusk has worked with over 50 artists and has created a site to cater to those artists, models, and the radio show called The Dusk Spot at as well as the official model networking bio site

Some of The Promient Guests Include:
– Comedian Stevie Mack (Stevie Mack @Night Radio & TV)
– Bonnie Pointer (The Pointer Sisters)
– Curtis Young (Dr. Dre’s Son)
– Roxy Milan (XXL Web Eye Candy of June 2009)
– Qwes Kross (50/50 Konvict Muzik)
– Suga Bang Bang (WuTang Clan)
– Jungle Boogie Crew (MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew)
– Courtnee Mason (VH1’s You’re Cutoff)
– Charles Mattocks (TV’s Poor Chef)
– Nick Hogan (Son of Hulk Hogan/VH1’s Hogan Knows Best)
– Kel Mitchell (Nickelodeon’s All That/Kenan & Kel)
– And Many More

Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists. For more information, visit or stay tuned in the music news.

SON.B Takes on The Global Attack

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SON.B the Don

SON.B the Don

SON.B (Son Of No Betrayal),  also known as Crillz was born and raised in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Being no stranger to high crime rates, SON.B wanted to separate himself from the negativity that surrounded him. Crillz and his partner Michael “E-Sypha” Cuevas created the label Hood Pro Ent. SON.B is considered versatile and can cover genres of Soft Rock, R&B and Reggaeton. He’s also willing to take on new genres to further his career and touch new crowds.

SON.B Represents

SON.B Represents

Since starting the label SON.B has established a name for his self by opening up for acts such as Atlanta’s own Dj Unk, hip hop veteran Joell Ortiz and the infamous Wu – Tang Clan. SON B did not only open up for big acts. Crillz has collaborated with some of hip hop’s most compelling artist such as Ransom, Termanology, French Montana, Nature from The Firm and many more.

At the end of the day SON.B wants to be able to reach out to those who come from and is still dealing with the struggle of life and poverty. He hopes that his music shall be a scapegoat from the hardships of life. For the next step, SON.B takes on The Global Attack Mixtape Series.

Global Attack MixTape is the first mix tape series to bring urban music together from around the globe on one project – from both successful and up-and-coming artists.  For more information, visit or stay tuned in the music news.