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Like bees to honey, the sweet, smooth and addictive sound of Trina B aka Trina(Diamond Sidora)Sharron spurs passion for


music lovers. The bold, blond/auburn and ambitious Madame is polished with a unique sass, class and identifiable R&B spirit of her very own.  Relying on her alluring sound, vocal competence, relatable lyrics, stellar production and amazing stage presence, Trina is ready to once again show the world what she’s made of.

The Las Vegas/New York native has been singing since she could talk and was first ushered into the national spotlight as a member of the trio Lyric (formerly signed to J Records). The group released a few singles, did some touring and even had one of their songs featured onNBA Live games. However, the light dimmed quicker than expected when Lyric was released by the label.  Trina B aka Diamond Sidora determined to continue to shine with or without the help of a major label went back to the drawing board, reinventing herself and sharpening her skills. She ditched the “we” for an “I” and began making major moves as a solo artist to ensure that her moniker is on the lips of music lovers henceforth and forever more.


Well on her way and worked with Grammy Nominated Producer, Carlos “Da Mystro” McKinney,  responsible for several R&B hits includingJ. Holiday‘s ,“Bed,” Usher’s “Trading Places” and The Dream‘s “Shawty is a 10.” Not to mention is working with the lyrical Award winning Donell Jones, responsible for several R&B hits including 702‘s, “Get it together”, Usher‘s “Think Of You” wrote vocal arrangements forMadonna‘s “Bedtime Stories Album”, Drea‘s “Not Gonna Letcha”, Guru‘s Streetsoul album (“Hustlin’ Daze,” which he also contributed vocals to). Silk, Brownstone, and other major artist. This team articulate chemistry with a long famous musical history linked to Duke Ellington, John Coltrane and Count Basie to support their path.

Fast approaching with her first single “Goodbye” Which Features Donell himself on the song, co-written by Donell Jones,  is sure to become the hottest female club anthem with an infectious pulsating rhythm is set to drive audiences from club bar stools to the dance floor.  “I make music that is fun and relatable. I love songs that tell stories and speak about situations that most people have been through or know someone who has. My album will be full of songs that people can not only feel through instrumentation and lyrics but in their spirits,” says the 25-year-old.


“I just love everything about music. How it can evoke different emotions or take you back to a certain time and place in your life.  For me to be able to have that affect on people is a great thing. I love the rush I get from being on that stage. It’s truly one of the greatest feelings in the world,”


Trina B

Trina B

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