VON-STELLA enters the Global Attack and puts his city on the map!

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Javon Mitchell A.K.A Mcee (Von-Stella) was born 15 February 1989 in Buffalo, New York, USA. Also  moved to


Columbus Ga.He began rhyming shortly after the passing of his father Dario Mitchell When He Was 5 years old, walking around the house venting to him self until at 10 years old he finally started a book.
After listening to rapper Heavy D. He decided to rap.Battleing in school during lunch in the bathroom, in transitions he finally decided to quit and record a mixtape, his 1st one which drop 2004 called Simply 26, which he just shortly released again on Datpiff.com.
Also performing at local cafe “The 2nd Cup Cafe”
performing “Knocking” and “Blushing Thoughts”.

Von is C.E.O of unsigned label Blue Akira, and partners With Also Unsigned Label Diffur E.N.T


Von’s style is completely lyrical always finding a topic creating it to a object and wisely explaining the in, outs and round abouts of it then comparing to anything off topic and finding the roots of the connection towards the 2.
Which such a jazz voice, he stills maintain the ability to make a hardcore track, or rock like to pop and even R&B.
But he has found a way to incorporate all at once to make a hip yet catchy and also gravitating sound.
He prefers too be called a MC rather then a rapper.

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