Producer Spotlight: Valley Guy

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valleyguy 2


“Valley Guy”

Mikhail Lamont Ramsey Born April 5, 1991 is a Songwriter, Instrumentalist, and Saxophonist. He was raised in Jacksonville NC. At the age of 8, he went to Radio Shack to get a remote control car, but his dad brought him a keyboard instead mysteriously realizing he held a Key in Music. His parents then forced him into Piano Lessons for 6 years and band throughout grade school which he hated, although found it interesting that his Piano Instructor was born in 1903. By the age of 12, Mikhail was introduced to FL studios 3 where he began to express his music. With the influence from his cousin’s he began creating hip-hop instrumentals for them, yet softer instrumentals for mom. Although Mikhail grew up in church as a kid, he never liked going. He liked to party, dance and hangout instead. But in 2008, at the age of 17 he and his family started to attend a smaller church. As soon as they sat down the Pastor’s wife came to his mom with a very worried look; saying that she feels a presence of music amongst the family and that she didn’t really know how to explain it. Mikhail then told her that he knew how to play the saxophone and instantly she and her husband went and purchased one for him to play. In 2010 Mikhail moved off to college and later pawned his sax for money. He gained recognition with his hip-hop instrumentals throughout campus where he then came up with the stage name Sick Beatz. In 2011he decided to drop out of College to pursue his free life with Music.


Artist Spotlight: D-Nutt (Detroit)

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D-Nutt is a new upcoming independent rap artist from Romulus, MI Jone Sub S.U.B. to be exact, he was also raised on the west-side of Detroit and Inkster, MI. He makes street music based off of reality in the streets , and low income communities. The only way to make it out is to hustle and grind his music generates that hustle work ethic, and motivation to get up and get it. His music reflects whats going on everyday in all hoods as we know it in America, and tjhe injustices for the poverty stricken neighbor hoods for the black race as we know it. He makes records for the club scene as well. D-Nutt makes music inspired by artist by artist like 2pac, Too Short, Spice 1, Snoop Dogg, Eight Ball & MJG. His music is original with a mid-west signature sound to it. He released out the trunk street mixtapes “The Neva Ending Hu$tle” “Murder Mitten Massacre” “Flowin Like Some Ceiling Fans”  and  “The Bag Just Dropped” Look out for more music coming from D-Nutt.


Artist Spotlight: Ace Town (Staten, Island NY)

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life to give

Born and raised in Staten Island New York 1 of 10 kids , he started writing music by the age of 9 to get away mentally. By 14 he was performing in school yards and back yards, hanging with the wrong crowd led him to serve in total of 7 years incarcerated, while away he graduated high school and continued to beat at his craft. Now 20 years later his dream still wakes him up in the middle of the night! My main goal is to save the youth before they get the chance to destroy themselves.

Flesh-N-Bone Is Home (Documentary)

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This film documents Bone Thugs-n-Harmony reuniting for the first time in over a decade. It tracks major events, beginning with Flesh-n-Bone’s release from prison while being met by the four other members of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. As we see the group on tour and in the studio, the film captures the essence of the group as a family while they become reacquainted with each other’s grown-up personalities. As they set about this new project, we follow the group as they plan a course of action to get a distribution deal with all five members on a major music label. During this process, as Flesh-n-Bone tries to readjust to society, he runs in to turmoil causing him to serve a short stint in LA County Jail for violation of parole. Along with Flesh-n-Bone, the group has also recently rejoined with Bizzy Bone, causing them to struggle with his alcohol problems and the impact it has on the group’s progress. Eventually, the group has an intervention, and although it doesn’t solve much, Bizzy Bone does manage to stay sober for the recoding of the UNI-5 Album. The film ultimately shows that Bone Thugs-n-Harmony are more than just a group, are a true family.

Link to the film:

Kanye West Goes on Apple/Tidal Rant: ‘This Tidal Apple Beef is F—ing Up the Music Game’

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Kanye West went on a Twitter rant about music streaming services Apple Music and Jay Z‘s Tidal Saturday morning (July 30), writing that the “beef” between the two digital companies is “f—ing up the music game.”

Apple in Talks to Acquire Jay Z’s Tidal: Report

“F–k all this dick swinging contest. We all gon be dead in 100 Years. Let the kids have the music,” the outspoken rapper wrote in a series of tweets. West insisted that Apple executives Tim Cook, Jimmy Iovine and Larry Jackson need to immediately have a meeting with himself, Jay Z, Drake and manager Scooter Braun.

Brand Spotlight: ELLY LINEN

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tan bucket hat elly linen
Elly Linen Brand started as a collection of drawings and ideas in 2009 by Kenny R. Fuller Jr. and was founded by Kenny and his company, Burries Brothers Productions, LLC, on March 11th 2015. It was created as an in house brand for the company and was released later in October of that year.

Kenny took a piece of his family story in building the brand to honor his grandmother Lucille, favorite aunt Cheryl and favorite cousin Melvin, all who share with him, the same interest in elephants. As a child, Kenny has fond memories of Lucille and Cheryl sharing how having elephant pictures or salutes in your home bring good fortune and blessings. Lucille and Cheryl both have breast cancer and to honor them through their healing journey the brand was debuted in October; breast cancer awareness month.

The word Elly, short for elephant, represents the logo and story behind the brand while Linen represents the meshing of the brand with originally made fashion. The brand logo and trademark is a red elephant wearing a tan bucket hat. Elly Linen has other designs and collections in the works; not all based on elephants. The brand’s slogan is “Impact the World” because that’s our mission and what we believe is possible!


Elly 6Elly 14 copy



Mac Vaughn – All I See (Video)

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Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 8.30.41 PM

Mac Vaughn born in Northern California but raised in the mile high city of Denver, Colorado. He started writing at age 16 and then started producing beats when he was 18. in 2016 Mac Vaughn started to release his own music and his first video “All I See”. Mac believes that HipHop is a lifestyle rather than just music and was exposed to the culture in diapers spending time with his uncle. He is inspired by Mac Dre, E40, Gucci Mane and Future. Mac is waking up everyday chasing his dreams and success is all he can see! Enjoy his new video below…

Peyton Glynn aka PG (New Music- WAY UP)

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Peyton Glynn (PG)

Peyton Glynn better known by his stage name P.G is ready to break into music industry! PG born in Louisiana recently finishing up high school in Kentucky. PG excelled in both football and track being offered several scholarships he turned them down to pursue his passion of a music career. PG first saw his talent come to life after free styling with friends they encouraged him to release a mixtape that he titled “HighSchool”. The mixtape received a great deal of hype from the local Kentucky music scene causing PG to create an independent label called Diamond Squad Music Empire. Since graduating high school in late 2016 PG has packed his bags and relocated to Denver, Colorado and just released his first single titled WAY UP. He is also finishing up a new mixtape “Notepad and a Dream” that will be hosted by the legendary DJ Ron G and released on Aug 27th.

PG-Way Up

Colorado HipHop Pioneer – Adam “Dent” Martinez

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Next Time you take a look at a Map of the U.S. point directly in the middle of it, and there is where you will find, Hometown hero, , Denver, Colorado wordsmith, DENT. Just Like His name, this charismatic freestyle fanatic has been paying dues and leaving marks in the Hip-Hop Indy Scene since the early 90’s. Carrying the traits of a true MC, this Hip-Hop advocate has traveled from London to Japan, leaving many DENT’s on the ears that have been listening and following his music movement. In 2005 he released a international EP Release on Vinyl ‘Platinum in the Shower’ , that got a good buzz in The U.K. DJ Market. He followed up with his first LP in March, in 2008 a five year music collection, he calls, ‘Confi’DENT’ the LP. In 2009,He pushed out a mix CD with DJ Unison called, ‘The Greatest Songs U Never Heard’. In 2011, DENT release a Funky LP Called ‘AL BASHU’ He is constantly staying involved with his Hip-Hop community, recording,traveling, booking & hosting events coast to coast. As well as being a father to 3 kids, chasing his B.A. in Marketing and carrying on tradition of the Classic traits of The Hip-Hop Culture to The Mile High City, this Professional Big Kid stays extra busy! The style of music he posses is a reflection of the golden age of Hip-Hop. Dope Beats, Dope Rhymes, and all around good vibes. He has graced many stages, with many Hip-Hop icons, from Nas, Mos Def, The Roots, KRSONE, Dela Soul, REDMAN, Common,MC Supernatural, and many others. He’s reached many plateaus of success throughout the years and continues to be passionate, humbly driven about his music. With so much love and respect for the culture, this party rocking MC can not be denied.. Always makin music, coordinating events, Makin’DENT’s in his Hip-Hop community!




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We all know that Wu-Tang is forever, and apparently Nike does too. That is why the sportswear giant tapped the legendary super group for inspiration on their latest Air Foamposite One. Although Nike is calling these the “Optic Yellow” foams, heads have fittingly dubbed these the “Wu-Tangs.” Whatever you choose to call them, the kicks feature a fluorescent yellow shell and black detailing throughout. That’s it. Oh, what we wouldn’t do to see a “W” on these joints in place of Penny Hardaway’s one-cent logo…

Nonetheless, the Nike Air Foamposite One “Optic Yellow” is slated to release on June 24 from Nike retailers and the brand’s online shop.



By Adren Nunez